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17. Yellow belly coward. Impeachment to good.Bastard needs to pay, not be sent to live out his days
Fri Dec 21, 2018, 12:43 PM
Dec 2018

playing golf. He needs to be humiliated, perp walked out of the White House. Jr. Jared, Eric and Ivanka need to be prosecuted. His wealth needs to be forfeited as ill-gotten gains. The tub of lard needs to be deprived of KFC and McDonalds. When he appears in court he should be deprived of his hair products, makeup and tanning beds so the world can see what a truly freaky creature he is. Now I just got a notification that RBH had surgery so it is all the more important that we on the left start putting heat I The Trump enablers like Fox. No Murdoch should walk the streets or eat at a restaurant in peace. No violence but let them know erbally how much they have harmed and divided the country. For that matter, Bo Fox host should live in peace. Picket their homes, places of work. We are in a crisis yet the country seems to be in a a slumber, paralyzed by division and apathy. We are in real trouble.

Impeachment. [View all] milestogo Dec 2018 OP
Recommended. H2O Man Dec 2018 #1
You make s strong case JDC Dec 2018 #2
+1 Crutchez_CuiBono Dec 2018 #3
NOW! democratisphere Dec 2018 #4
I'd hate to be stuck with Pence, but he wouldn't be that much worse than W. milestogo Dec 2018 #5
I believe Pence will be involuntarily removed from office in 2019. democratisphere Dec 2018 #8
Pence wouldn't be able to do much FakeNoose Dec 2018 #14
you want pence? AlexSFCA Dec 2018 #6
The problem with that is that he may very well destroy all of us before then. llmart Dec 2018 #30
Kick. Impeach or commit to a padded cell. Squinch Dec 2018 #7
Why not both? EOM TruckFump Dec 2018 #25
Damn! Why didn't I think of that?? Squinch Dec 2018 #29
Yes. EricMaundry Dec 2018 #9
stop beating around the bush and just say what you want Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2018 #10
That might not be clear enough to Individual-1's loyalists. ffr Dec 2018 #11
This. Absolutely THIS. calimary Dec 2018 #12
Impeach AND Indict! B Stieg Dec 2018 #13
Tell that to the Republicans. Kablooie Dec 2018 #15
Looks to be unanimous... griloco Dec 2018 #16
Yellow belly coward. Impeachment to good.Bastard needs to pay, not be sent to live out his days Pepsidog Dec 2018 #17
I tidied it up for you: George II Dec 2018 #18
I gave it more flavor. milestogo Dec 2018 #23
Impeachment does not remove a president from office, but you already know that. elocs Dec 2018 #19
Mass protests maltzmax Dec 2018 #20
May GOP eyes open and protect the nation. PufPuf23 Dec 2018 #21
Either the 25th Ammendment enforced or he will resign INdemo Dec 2018 #22
Acquittal brooklynite Dec 2018 #24
K&R for clarity of intent. WheelWalker Dec 2018 #26
Cool. Now where are you getting 20 Republican senators to convict? bearsfootball516 Dec 2018 #27
He the sebaceous cyst of presidents Generic Brad Dec 2018 #28
What are you trying to say? lame54 Dec 2018 #31
LOCK HIM UP. onecaliberal Dec 2018 #32
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