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129. Whenever the US wants to rid itself of a pesky but likable and outspoken
Mon Aug 20, 2012, 03:18 AM
Aug 2012

individual who is involved in liberal politics, they feign outrage about the person's sex life -- an affair, nude pictures on the internet, something, always something sexual.

\I think it is a psy-ops technique. They don't have to kill the person. They just destroy the willingness of people to say that they think highly of him (or her).

People are taught as small children to be very ashamed of sexual matters. Only very mature people overcome that shame and accept themselves.

I have been watching this. Face it. Sex is all over TV, the movies, the internet. It is something we hate and enjoy, fear and cannot resist all our lives. Sex and love are closely intertwined. We humans need physical contact. And there is a thin line between asexual and sexual contact.

Therefore, on a deep, emotional, psychological level, we all have a lot of conflicts about the behavior of others and of ourselves in this area. We hide things about our sexual feelings even from ourselves. That makes us vulnerable. And when we feel vulnerable we are weak and lack courage. That is why it was torture for the American soldiers at Abu Ghraib to ridicule the prisoners about their sexuality.

One way to destroy the willingness of people to stand up for an underdog or to admit to liking a person who may be your political or social rival is to associate shameful sexual behavior with that person. Kids in early adolescence, for example, will tease a bright kid about "liking" the class nerd or the ugly girl. And the classic case is picking on the effeminate boy or the masculine girl or even accusing someone of being a sissy or a lesbian for a cruel laugh. Takes courage and unusual self-confidence on the part of another teenager to defend the kid being taunted about his or her sexuality. Same for adults.

As a woman, I am particularly aware of this. When I reached the age of 50 and began to "lose my looks," or at least feel that I did, I had a sense on the one hand of liberation and on the other of sadness for the loss of a youthful appearance.

The liberation was the interesting emotion and the wonderful gift. It was the result of no longer being viewed primarily as a sex object by half of the human race.

So, the "shame on you" for being a sexually attractive/attracted person card no longer is played against me or other women of my age. That is why I am so interested in what I think may be the either instinctive or strategic and purposeful use of sex scandals to cause us to feel revulsion about certain people who are prominent in politics.

I think that the Swedish sex charges against Assange are rather contrived. Technically there may have been a rape. But it would be very difficult to prove that rape occurred. I think this is an attempt to destroy Assange by shaming him and anyone who defends his publication of information embarrassing to our government. It is psy-ops in my opinion.

Sorry this is long-winded, but I am just now figuring out this psy-ops angle. It is what has been bothering me about a number of situations like this from Spitzer to Edwards to Wiener to some of the hypocritical Republicans.

Oddly enough, behavior that damages millions of people, behavior like war and all the killings it involves, like depriving people of healthcare, like permitting people to subsist without a roof over their heads, like the horrible conduct of the bankers (MF Global comes to mind) does not reach that deep psychological nerve in us that causes us to look at it again and again and feel revulsion. But a juicy sex scandal -- every time. It's like a conditioned reflex.

Eight myths about Assange [View all] struggle4progress Aug 2012 OP
This looks like the Swedish version of Fox News... n/t backscatter712 Aug 2012 #1
Yep. And OP has been their mouthpiece. nt HooptieWagon Aug 2012 #5
+1 alittlelark Aug 2012 #29
I don't remember any Fox segments called "Marx lives" but I don't watch Fox struggle4progress Aug 2012 #50
So much so, that they hired Julian Assange in 2010 muriel_volestrangler Aug 2012 #63
it's all greek to me egduj Aug 2012 #2
Technically, it's Swedish. That's why there's Google Translate. backscatter712 Aug 2012 #3
Well, well... *bated breath* What did it say? Don't leave us hangin', brah! freshwest Aug 2012 #17
It gave a Swedish view of the weird hallucinations Assange supporters have about Sweden struggle4progress Aug 2012 #19
Looked like a meatball recipe to me. HooptieWagon Aug 2012 #22
I had Swedish meatballs last time I visited IKEA. Nothing to write home about there. Thanks. freshwest Aug 2012 #31
You shoulda had my late Aunt Edna's swedish meatballs hifiguy Aug 2012 #89
I thought Sweden was the place that hosted Wikileaks in the first place, as in this video: freshwest Aug 2012 #25
Yes, IIRC Assange went to Sweden in 2010 to talk about staging Wikileaks from there struggle4progress Aug 2012 #28
Really? and you know this how? grantcart Aug 2012 #49
I had to look it over to select and post the translated excerpt, didn't I? struggle4progress Aug 2012 #51
Right now, the site is down. backscatter712 Aug 2012 #21
Here's an excerpt - copyright policies prevent me from posting the whole thing. backscatter712 Aug 2012 #24
I don't see any hallucinaions mentioned. It seems rather bland. TY for the info! freshwest Aug 2012 #30
OK, I'm running Chrome too so I went there. TheManInTheMac Aug 2012 #79
The paternalistic GALL of the Swedish state bringing this case on, against the wishes of the women riderinthestorm Aug 2012 #4
Excellent post. And when you consider that the lawyer who inserted himself sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #47
Yeah, and the sheer gall of the police in America who bring assault charges against men who beat MADem Aug 2012 #73
Really? So now you are comparing consensual sex to beating up your spouse? riderinthestorm Aug 2012 #86
Really? So now you're saying if one consents to sex once, then what? MADem Aug 2012 #136
i'd say if one consents to sex 3 times on the same night, once with the condom placed only HiPointDem Aug 2012 #140
"Grounds to assume...?" MADem Aug 2012 #144
yes, grounds to assume. she didn't understand she'd been 'victim of a crime' until after HiPointDem Aug 2012 #150
Go read up on PTSD. Your continued "blame the victim" harping is offensive and MADem Aug 2012 #152
All caps isn't helping your argument. No means no. That's quite a simple concept. NT MADem Aug 2012 #157
anna ardin, intern with swedish embassy in buenos aires 2005. HiPointDem Aug 2012 #159
Your link is not in English. You're arguing about something she supposedly said SEVEN YEARS AGO MADem Aug 2012 #160
no, it's in swedish, an evaluation of her praktik at the embassy. because she's swedish, you know, HiPointDem Aug 2012 #161
If you want to make your case, and not just pretend at cleverness, you'd provide a verifiable MADem Aug 2012 #162
Is that what is in the US too when the prosecution won't drop a case treestar Aug 2012 #74
The women didn't go to the police to press charges. Ever. riderinthestorm Aug 2012 #87
So how did these charges come about? treestar Aug 2012 #94
The Swedish state brought them, after Wikileaks exposed war crimes and diplomatic cables riderinthestorm Aug 2012 #95
The women's own attorney says they still want these allegations to be investigated. pnwmom Aug 2012 #110
The facts on this are unclear, but Assange apparently offered to allow the JDPriestly Aug 2012 #126
If the facts are as Ms. W. claimed, he penetrated her while she was sleeping. She couldn't pnwmom Aug 2012 #130
Ordinarily I would agree with you, but there is such a political and international JDPriestly Aug 2012 #132
It wasn't "the previous night," it was the *same* night. She'd already had sex with him HiPointDem Aug 2012 #138
Why did they go to the police if they didn't want him charged? n/t pnwmom Aug 2012 #78
They went to the police to get him to take an HIV test. That's it. nt riderinthestorm Aug 2012 #85
Because he forced himself on at least one of them without using a condom. pnwmom Aug 2012 #97
She doesn't use that word so you have no right to assign it to her sexual experience riderinthestorm Aug 2012 #98
Sweden's laws determine what is rape according to the precise circumstances; not, apparently, pnwmom Aug 2012 #99
Impossible to bring a case to successful resolution when the women don't participate riderinthestorm Aug 2012 #101
Do you believe the state gets to determine if you've had consensual sex or been raped? riderinthestorm Aug 2012 #103
At least one of the women described a set of circumstances which, if true, pnwmom Aug 2012 #104
SHE says no rape. So you believe the state gets to decide for her?? Really? riderinthestorm Aug 2012 #105
Show me, please, where she said the sex that morning was consensual. pnwmom Aug 2012 #106
he seems to be of the mind that Bodhi BloodWave Aug 2012 #109
I do, too. And you might be interested in this. pnwmom Aug 2012 #111
The lawyer does not say they want justice, it says they want the thing to end riderinthestorm Aug 2012 #115
The lawyer says they want the alleged crimes investigated. pnwmom Aug 2012 #118
I don't know how much further you can twist that thing... Chan790 Aug 2012 #120
I trust what the women themselves say riderinthestorm Aug 2012 #114
That woman cannot speak for the other one. But she is certainly right that Assange, pnwmom Aug 2012 #119
From your link: "The other woman wanted to report rape. I gave my testimony to support her story" struggle4progress Aug 2012 #135
except that the night before she'd allowed sex with a condom placed only on the head, not the HiPointDem Aug 2012 #143
you guys all have the same talking points. she didn't refuse consent. read her testimony. HiPointDem Aug 2012 #139
Whenever the US wants to rid itself of a pesky but likable and outspoken JDPriestly Aug 2012 #129
The women's lawyer says they're "frustrated and disappointed" by Assange seeking asylum. pnwmom Aug 2012 #107
The lawyer does not say they want justice, it says they want the thing to end riderinthestorm Aug 2012 #116
Wrong. The lawyer says they want him to face criminal investigation, pnwmom Aug 2012 #117
The lawyer says a lot of things. He's under investigation himself, and it's not clear that he is HiPointDem Aug 2012 #137
Gee, that was a helpful link n/t lordsummerisle Aug 2012 #6
Only 8? Sadly disappointed with the Swedish version of Fox News. Luminous Animal Aug 2012 #7
... Aftonbladet is owned by the Swedish Trade Union Confederation ... and its editorial page struggle4progress Aug 2012 #34
"repeatedly cited for poor journalistic standards" HooptieWagon Aug 2012 #36
The Social-Democrats aren't from the Fox side of the spectrum struggle4progress Aug 2012 #37
Shit journalism is shit journalism Scootaloo Aug 2012 #58
It's Swedish opinion on Assange. We've all heard Assange's supporters explain that struggle4progress Aug 2012 #60
I don't see a recipe for crullers. Scootaloo Aug 2012 #64
Klenšter struggle4progress Aug 2012 #72
Noooooo!!!!!!!! Le Taz Hot Aug 2012 #102
Sweden's case sure looks shakey. HooptieWagon Aug 2012 #8
I'll make a wild ass guess here and say that I don't think russspeakeasy Aug 2012 #9
Very obsessed, and very persistent... backscatter712 Aug 2012 #10
I noticed.. russspeakeasy Aug 2012 #11
No, he's doing PsyOps for some org. HooptieWagon Aug 2012 #12
Tsk tsk, it's against DU rules to accuse a fellow poster of astroturfing... backscatter712 Aug 2012 #13
I didn't know there were no astroturfers on DU. HooptieWagon Aug 2012 #18
That's right. There are no astroturfers on DU. backscatter712 Aug 2012 #20
Are we supposed to click our heels or something when we repeat that? HooptieWagon Aug 2012 #26
Something like that... backscatter712 Aug 2012 #27
There Are Posters Here With 7000 posts In Less Than 6 Months HangOnKids Aug 2012 #41
That would involve a lot of posting during normal working hours HooptieWagon Aug 2012 #46
Some claim to be small business owners HangOnKids Aug 2012 #69
Not necessarily. HooptieWagon Aug 2012 #90
^^^^Exactly What I Was Getting At^^^^ HangOnKids Aug 2012 #92
Bored, retired folks like me. JDPriestly Aug 2012 #131
IDK what that opinion really is. I'm an avid Obama supporter also. freshwest Aug 2012 #56
You linked to a foriegn language article? really? Are you kidding? grantcart Aug 2012 #14
I read it using Google Translate. backscatter712 Aug 2012 #15
DU rec...nt SidDithers Aug 2012 #16
Wow. You just keep pushing this site no matter how often it is exposed. n/t Egalitarian Thug Aug 2012 #23
... Aftonbladet is owned by the Swedish Trade Union Confederation ... and its editorial page struggle4progress Aug 2012 #35
None of which is relevant, nor lends any credence to your transparent and clumsy agenda. Next! Egalitarian Thug Aug 2012 #38
It has also been described as a tabloid 'with a Right Wing ideological agenda' sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #39
I don't remember any Fox segments called "Marx lives" but I don't watch Fox struggle4progress Aug 2012 #52
The extreme left and the extreme right are often hard to tell apart sometimes. sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #53
The extreme left & right of the political spectrum is like the Pacman tunnel. backscatter712 Aug 2012 #54
Exactly. Reading about Sweden's extreme left showed me that we have to be sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #55
Agreed. For me. the sensible place to be on the political spectrum hifiguy Aug 2012 #88
Nah. Fox just says he's running for re-election for President. Hassin Bin Sober Aug 2012 #70
Described by whom? muriel_volestrangler Aug 2012 #61
It has been described that way by many people. I actually sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #91
Really? No shit! Hey...I got one...did you know that the moon is made of cream cheese? Zorra Aug 2012 #32
Thanks For The Chuckle HangOnKids Aug 2012 #43
So... Is It NSA, CIA, or GOP ??? WillyT Aug 2012 #33
Why it's against the rules to insinuate that a DUer is astroturfing or conducting psy-ops. backscatter712 Aug 2012 #40
Yeah.. sendero Aug 2012 #67
Is what NSA CIA or GOP struggle4progress Aug 2012 #44
I haven't the slightest idea... backscatter712 Aug 2012 #48
The Transparency Is Sublime... WillyT Aug 2012 #42
Your desperation to discredit Assange is approaching hifiguy Aug 2012 #45
I think it's fun treestar Aug 2012 #76
I can read Swedish. Can you? Quantess Aug 2012 #57
Thank goodness my translator is over for dinner. Union Scribe Aug 2012 #59
Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! dogknob Aug 2012 #124
For those unable to use Google translate, another Sweden opinion, already translated muriel_volestrangler Aug 2012 #62
Kooky article. girl gone mad Aug 2012 #65
Don't bother clicking the link. sendero Aug 2012 #66
It is far-fetched to suggest Vattel Aug 2012 #68
It's your theory, perhaps, that Sweden should drop an extradition request whenever the subject struggle4progress Aug 2012 #71
An extradition request when there are no criminal charges is already unusual. Vattel Aug 2012 #80
The UK courts have dealt with that issue and have concluded: that the Swedish process is not struggle4progress Aug 2012 #81
That doesn't negate my point. Vattel Aug 2012 #83
It would be interesting to get views on this from Sweden and Britain treestar Aug 2012 #75
See the comments in the OP article. backscatter712 Aug 2012 #77
Do you read Swedish? treestar Aug 2012 #93
According to The Guardian, the women's attorney says they are disappointed pnwmom Aug 2012 #108
Oh haha - if you put "myth" in the subject line we might believe you Matariki Aug 2012 #82
A myth's a good as a smile, eh? struggle4progress Aug 2012 #84
Again? Isn't there someone else's character you can disparage? 20score Aug 2012 #96
You just keep on struggling don't you? GoneOffShore Aug 2012 #100
Did you see this in the NYTimes? pnwmom Aug 2012 #112
Thanks. I hadn't seen that. struggle4progress Aug 2012 #113
Oh, my. Indisputable proof! The lawyer called Julian a coward!!! Zorra Aug 2012 #121
There are many DUers claiming that the women don't want to press charges pnwmom Aug 2012 #122
This is the lawyer that represented a guy with mental who was confessing to 8 murders for HiPointDem Aug 2012 #141
And that brings up another angle in this whole sordid mess. cemaphonic Aug 2012 #125
lol. You've earned your dollar for the day. Marr Aug 2012 #123
Welcome to my Ignore list! Most idiotic OP ever - n/t coalition_unwilling Aug 2012 #127
Sometimes that can be cute struggle4progress Aug 2012 #133
strawman Why Syzygy Aug 2012 #128
It's opinion from a Swedish paper struggle4progress Aug 2012 #134
why do you say they were "just two chicks walking down the street"? HiPointDem Aug 2012 #142
You didn't go there--evil CIA Jew hating anti-communist lesbian? Really? MADem Aug 2012 #145
oh, get a grip. HiPointDem Aug 2012 #149
I'm not the one with my hands around a bucketload of stinking tripe--you are! nt MADem Aug 2012 #153
lol. that's the ticket. keep defending that crap. HiPointDem Aug 2012 #155
I'm not the one doing the "defending" of the accused, here--you are. NT MADem Aug 2012 #158
We are Women Against Rape but we do not want Julian Assange extradited redqueen Aug 2012 #146
Katrin Axelsson was outraged back in December 2010 when Assange was denied bail: struggle4progress Aug 2012 #147
The Assange affair is not just about WikiLeaks, stupid (The Irish Times | Friday, August 24, 2012) struggle4progress Aug 2012 #148
You won't sway many converts by calling the readers stupid, Ms. McKay. Same to you, S4P leveymg Aug 2012 #151
It is the title of the piece--don't blame the poster, now. nt MADem Aug 2012 #154
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