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Response to XemaSab (Original post)

I know Apollo landing deniers twice my age. Plenty of stupid to distribute across the spectrum. (nt) Posteritatis Aug 2012 #1
NOT quite the same thing as complete ignorance of a PRESIDENT. WinkyDink Aug 2012 #97
Why would a sermon be mentioned in a public school? a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #2
... I'd kind of expect an HS graduate to be aware of things that aren't just on the curriculum. (nt) Posteritatis Aug 2012 #5
What? with the No Child Left beind rules in place... a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #7
Well, it's a fairly common word in the English language Chorophyll Aug 2012 #13
"The Scarlet Letter" would be another place XemaSab Aug 2012 #20
Sermon would be a word learned in English class. Lint Head Aug 2012 #15
I've taught for 23 years a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #75
My had several excellent English teachers. The use of the dictionary and thesaurus was primary. Lint Head Aug 2012 #99
On that, I would agree... a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #124
OFGS. I taught English. We, you know, read STORIES and BOOKS, not just "lists." WinkyDink Aug 2012 #100
Okay... a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #126
no Moby Dick, then? eShirl Aug 2012 #299
I asked my incoming students about that, about three years back a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #338
Thank you. That was what I and others were thinking. It's a general word used commonly... Honeycombe8 Aug 2012 #302
Are you really trying to defend this? enlightenment Aug 2012 #122
oh boy a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #131
Where was the 'looking down'? enlightenment Aug 2012 #198
Because it is often used in other than literal contexts? . . .n/t annabanana Aug 2012 #204
I don't think it is very common at all Marrah_G Aug 2012 #211
Did you have to look it up? enlightenment Aug 2012 #239
Well considering I was raised a catholic household, I did not have to look it up Marrah_G Aug 2012 #244
If you insist, I'll take your word for it. enlightenment Aug 2012 #246
Vocabulary is ever changing Marrah_G Aug 2012 #247
Without intending to look down at or argue with anyone here OriginalGeek Aug 2012 #250
I don't recall saying anything about intelligence. enlightenment Aug 2012 #254
LOL- I love to read but hated shakespeare with a passion Marrah_G Aug 2012 #365
The problem with Shakespeare is that enlightenment Aug 2012 #370
Awww thanks! Marrah_G Aug 2012 #372
But most people if they have read something - Hawthorne, Mark Twain treestar Aug 2012 #269
Do you read books & watch movies, too? Honeycombe8 Aug 2012 #306
We actually live in Salem, MA Marrah_G Aug 2012 #366
Some of the responses are in a tone of astonishment, because it's like saying you haven't heard Honeycombe8 Aug 2012 #368
A WORD list? Pardon me, but all the vocab kids need to learn are on word lists? I beg to differ. Nay Aug 2012 #127
Dude... a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #136
That's not what "Separation of Church and State" means. Add Constitutional Scholar to the things Romulox Aug 2012 #146
You sound like a great teacher. eShirl Aug 2012 #303
"That word" as you call it, is integral to learning about history and English lit. Honeycombe8 Aug 2012 #310
Honeycombe8, a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #339
Not hearing a word often is no reason for kids not to know what it means. Reverend Wright... Honeycombe8 Aug 2012 #369
I've used a word list for sixty years. It's called a dictionary. spayneuter Aug 2012 #164
Word list? What word list? We're talking general reading, English lit & grammar. Honeycombe8 Aug 2012 #301
spelling and vocabulary, i imagine. what kids do thru out their school years. weekly word lists. seabeyond Aug 2012 #311
I think I had lists I had to learn in elementary school. They were for spelling tests, I think. nt Honeycombe8 Aug 2012 #317
well... son in AP courses in high school and i still hear he does vocabulary. awesome words seabeyond Aug 2012 #318
I don't ever remember seeing the word anywhere but in relation to church Marrah_G Aug 2012 #207
Why not? FrodosPet Aug 2012 #281
that is how i see it. i prefer to know everything i can, so i better understand for a number of seabeyond Aug 2012 #285
I asked my son and his girlfriend today Marrah_G Aug 2012 #363
A big part of my original point is that not only are the schools failing XemaSab Aug 2012 #367
Do your kids not go to the movies? Ever read books? Honeycombe8 Aug 2012 #312
I asked them today Marrah_G Aug 2012 #364
FAIL. Religion has played a major role in world and American history. kestrel91316 Aug 2012 #23
It's just that we don't talk about it anymore customerserviceguy Aug 2012 #62
it's called vocabulary. They used to teach it. TeamPooka Aug 2012 #46
In the schools where I've taught a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #71
I'm beginning to understand the complaints about public education. Honeycombe8 Aug 2012 #313
that's another one a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #337
That's an amazing statement lunatica Aug 2012 #53
Okay... a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #70
Oh please! lunatica Aug 2012 #72
Really? a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #74
As a teacher then you know it's your and your colleagues fault then lunatica Aug 2012 #96
Bring it... a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #120
sermon can be used in other manners, that is not about religion per se. seabeyond Aug 2012 #121
Really... madmom Aug 2012 #141
Bob! Back up a bit. pscot Aug 2012 #194
Fair point. a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #195
Uh....IT'S A COMMON WORD, maybe?! Jeez. WinkyDink Aug 2012 #98
Up here in Connecticut... a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #123
You are calling other people names--because of YOUR students ignorance? Stunning logic. nt Romulox Aug 2012 #128
I lived in rural maryland for a while a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #134
Oh dear. Now you don't know the definition of "ignorance"? It means not knowing something. Romulox Aug 2012 #137
okay... a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #138
LOL. Keep being proud of your ignorance! nt Romulox Aug 2012 #143
Right a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #147
Again, that's what "ignorance" means. Maybe put that on a word list for your kids? Romulox Aug 2012 #150
It's Not Superfluous RobinA Aug 2012 #186
sigh a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #189
Post removed Post removed Aug 2012 #219
Language is all about communication Marrah_G Aug 2012 #248
In linguistics a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #251
we should all learn about religion whether we subscribe to one or not. iemitsu Aug 2012 #202
Yes, we should! FrodosPet Aug 2012 #283
Bob- I think you just figured it out Marrah_G Aug 2012 #212
All of this exchange I've had here a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #214
it never was ONE culture justabob Aug 2012 #220
there was agreat book that talked about this a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #223
america is less dominated by one culture today than it was in the past. iemitsu Aug 2012 #229
One of my students pointed out in a paper that the main thing uniting the USA right now a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #231
sadly, your student might be right. iemitsu Aug 2012 #232
sigh... that student may be all too prophetic... a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #233
sounds like a dynamic thinker. iemitsu Aug 2012 #236
errr... sort of a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #237
I thought it was a standard term for a protestant minister's address to his congregation treestar Aug 2012 #297
Treestar... a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #335
To the extent you've never heard the word "sermon?' treestar Aug 2012 #355
Okay... a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #358
Yeah, it's not exactly an archaic word n/t deutsey Aug 2012 #340
You have to read books in public school gollygee Aug 2012 #119
From Tom Sawyer: "They had been hid in the unused gallery listening to their own funeral sermon!" Romulox Aug 2012 #135
Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn aren't much these days a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #226
MArtin Luther King Jr JI7 Aug 2012 #222
You'd learn about it in history and English literature treestar Aug 2012 #268
treestar a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #277
You managed to get an English degree with no mention of Jonathan Edwards or John Donne? sweetloukillbot Aug 2012 #327
"Sinners in the hands of an angry God" was taught as literature when I was in high school. sweetloukillbot Aug 2012 #276
nope, not on any of the syllabi a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #278
Where are you getting your degree from? XemaSab Aug 2012 #284
i hope you have not just read what is on the syllabi. iemitsu Aug 2012 #330
I read a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #336
ok, seems odd to me that anyone with a college degree iemitsu Aug 2012 #361
Nonsense. We studied early American literature, including such tblue37 Aug 2012 #331
To understanding American history deutsey Aug 2012 #342
I know you guys aren't going to believe this a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #343
And one wonders why, beyond the "presentism" that seems to define everything deutsey Aug 2012 #345
Never heard that one either a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #349
I think an extreme example of "presentism" is "That's so five minutes ago" deutsey Aug 2012 #351
ah. Okay a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #352
That's fine with me deutsey Aug 2012 #357
I have witnessed the same kind of abysmal ignorance in young people. Speck Tater Aug 2012 #3
Why on earth would you need to identify them as "white"? frazzled Aug 2012 #4
You're right to call me out on that XemaSab Aug 2012 #10
You are never ever supposed to mention race here on DU. Manifestor_of_Light Aug 2012 #238
Who's That? otohara Aug 2012 #6
There are plenty of people my age who are dumber than a bag of hair. Ikonoklast Aug 2012 #8
Does Colorado have a Beach ? JI7 Aug 2012 #9
My sister thought all states had beaches (ocean/sea beaches)... a la izquierda Aug 2012 #47
"The main part of what?" Gormy Cuss Aug 2012 #199
I had a person at work tell me that they knew it was the "End Times" because..... alphafemale Aug 2012 #255
Oh, I know how to react. a la izquierda Aug 2012 #263
Young people today aren't taught any meaningful history TheDebbieDee Aug 2012 #11
I remember that from Project Runway XemaSab Aug 2012 #25
Anyone who watches 'Project Runway' should not be casting stones about one's education. randome Aug 2012 #64
Oh for heaven's sake. Aren't you the lofty one. Demit Aug 2012 #83
Proust? Who's that? randome Aug 2012 #87
While I usually skip age bashing posts, I can't resist posting my fav Proust quote: FSogol Aug 2012 #95
Wise words. randome Aug 2012 #184
Well, la-di-da to ignorance! I watch PR and have a Master's-plus and am a world traveller. WinkyDink Aug 2012 #107
Well, if you're only talking about soldiers 20-24 is right Confusious Aug 2012 #45
Your kid not knowing who they are... YellowRubberDuckie Aug 2012 #66
But don't forget the yellow rubber duckies, too! randome Aug 2012 #69
You know, I've been thinking about that alot since I posted yesterday........... TheDebbieDee Aug 2012 #267
Never learned how to tell time? YellowRubberDuckie Aug 2012 #272
i disagree. if a kid is willing to take the opportunity, it is there. amazed the classes in the HS seabeyond Aug 2012 #77
I'm under 40 Aerows Aug 2012 #104
My son's 5th grade teacher last year... cyberswede Aug 2012 #157
history teachers love kids like yours, if they will talk in class. seabeyond Aug 2012 #165
I don't mind the ignorance so much... bhikkhu Aug 2012 #12
After I got out of vet school and 8 straight years of college, kestrel91316 Aug 2012 #22
Every day. Lint Head Aug 2012 #14
No. darkstar Aug 2012 #16
You must not know any republicans. Jakes Progress Aug 2012 #17
Shasta County is really red XemaSab Aug 2012 #27
My point is that ignorance isn't just for the young. Jakes Progress Aug 2012 #209
I thought young people were only that stupid here in SoCal......... kestrel91316 Aug 2012 #18
I'm SHOCKED by how butt-ignorant they are of the proliferation problems of nuclear energy bananas Aug 2012 #19
Why can't they be like we were Hey Jude Aug 2012 #21
Or as Socrates said 1monster Aug 2012 #59
I played Harvey something OriginalGeek Aug 2012 #257
Someone very wise... 99Forever Aug 2012 #24
Might have been this guy... Ikonoklast Aug 2012 #28
When I was in high school about 15 years ago XemaSab Aug 2012 #29
At vitually every ... 99Forever Aug 2012 #102
ya... i am thinking the scorn seabeyond Aug 2012 #105
I'm a she XemaSab Aug 2012 #151
ah... you are one of the ones seabeyond Aug 2012 #155
We had a history teacher (back in the early 80s) who showed us FSogol Aug 2012 #125
My third grade teacher told the class that the Pilgrims landed in Virginia sweetloukillbot Aug 2012 #328
What a great way to win over any young people who might read this! Sick of the GOP Aug 2012 #26
why do you think she is trying to win over anyone, and it's very unlikely people like that JI7 Aug 2012 #35
since when do elders need "to win over" the young? Let the young LEARN SOMETHING. WinkyDink Aug 2012 #106
I'm glad kids are staying out of church these days. Manifestor_of_Light Aug 2012 #240
She explained it upthread, she's doing research for a book about an obscure religious movement. LeftyMom Aug 2012 #296
we were all young and dumb at some point liberal_at_heart Aug 2012 #30
who LBJ was is considered "latest world news" ? JI7 Aug 2012 #36
I was just giving some examples liberal_at_heart Aug 2012 #38
They're so addicted to those electronic devices... a la izquierda Aug 2012 #48
and you have every right to kick them out liberal_at_heart Aug 2012 #190
Oh, don't get me wrong... a la izquierda Aug 2012 #242
Oh please laundry_queen Aug 2012 #191
My students cannot use laptops either a la izquierda Aug 2012 #241
My program requires laptops. laundry_queen Aug 2012 #273
Ahh, not worth my time. a la izquierda Aug 2012 #275
Did you forget people can see edits? laundry_queen Aug 2012 #326
I wouldn't know, because I thankfully have no children,... a la izquierda Aug 2012 #333
No, it's different. Igel Aug 2012 #290
How old are the students in your class? laundry_queen Aug 2012 #325
Nope, no can "cut." I had heard of ALL the presidents preceding my own 17 years. WinkyDink Aug 2012 #103
Bashing and potentially alienating young people...? WHY??? Zalatix Aug 2012 #31
Clarified XemaSab Aug 2012 #34
People have been complaining about the ignorance SheilaT Aug 2012 #32
So you told a young person you spent "most of the weekend" listening to sermons... DontTreadOnMe Aug 2012 #33
I'm taking one for the team XemaSab Aug 2012 #37
Oh thank God you aren't one of the crazy nutjobs... DontTreadOnMe Aug 2012 #40
Depends on who you ask XemaSab Aug 2012 #42
Ignorance lives in every age. sakabatou Aug 2012 #39
That's my take on it deutsey Aug 2012 #344
I'm more shocked by remembering how ignorant I was when I was young. nt jobycom Aug 2012 #41
my husband likes to point out to me liberal_at_heart Aug 2012 #43
I took a political science class and I was the only one who knew the significance of Nov. 22, 1963. Initech Aug 2012 #44
How long ago was that? Brigid Aug 2012 #215
About 2005 - 2006. Initech Aug 2012 #227
49 years Capt. Obvious Aug 2012 #356
Wise guy. Brigid Aug 2012 #362
Unless you're old enough to have lived through it, the date itself is unimportant, cemaphonic Aug 2012 #216
Yeah true but my mom's side is very liberal. Initech Aug 2012 #230
Who cares about the date? joeglow3 Aug 2012 #221
College students once told me the Supreme Court was elected mainer Aug 2012 #49
I have a niece who was an honor student at her high school... theHandpuppet Aug 2012 #50
we live in texas. i had a niece not able to identify and differentiate new mexico from mexico seabeyond Aug 2012 #80
An adult at my workplace did not know there was a difference between NM and Mexico. Mr Nay and Nay Aug 2012 #145
omfg.... see, that was the conversation i had. lol. and we live in fuckin texas. seabeyond Aug 2012 #154
Too many star students have zero retention ProudToBeBlueInRhody Aug 2012 #210
... geckosfeet Aug 2012 #51
A few years ago a test for graduation from a nineteenth century farming community school was 1monster Aug 2012 #52
And history itself has expanded not just time-wise, KitSileya Aug 2012 #86
Children learn from their elders. kentuck Aug 2012 #54
It sounds like you're blaming the girls for being ignorant lunatica Aug 2012 #55
There's blame to go around here XemaSab Aug 2012 #163
no more than I am shocked by some butt-ignorant old timers. Fla_Democrat Aug 2012 #56
they were probably whining about the black socialist communist president graham4anything Aug 2012 #57
You Know, it Never Really Occurred to Me On the Road Aug 2012 #116
if the 99% of republicans were smart... graham4anything Aug 2012 #174
Not suprising flobee1 Aug 2012 #58
The Internet is changing the way we learn and store information. In the bad old days, 1monster Aug 2012 #65
That's foolishness. Igel Aug 2012 #292
Unless you know that in 1963 people were killed in the US for registering black people XemaSab Aug 2012 #295
No. That's science. 1monster Aug 2012 #332
Shocked? no, because I remember how dumb I was intaglio Aug 2012 #60
I mentioned the death of Neil Armstrong customerserviceguy Aug 2012 #61
OMG did they take Neil Armstrong's medals away before he died? JustABozoOnThisBus Aug 2012 #113
Most people know only what they have to know. SmileyRose Aug 2012 #63
Not nearly as much as how butt-ignorant some older people are... JHB Aug 2012 #67
My God, they'll all Bristol Palin. no_hypocrisy Aug 2012 #68
Oh boy Shankapotomus Aug 2012 #73
I wouldn't say that XemaSab Aug 2012 #166
lol. nt seabeyond Aug 2012 #167
I don't want to be difficult, we all have personal moments of thoughtlessness Shankapotomus Aug 2012 #176
I'm not wrong here XemaSab Aug 2012 #177
Aww crap Shankapotomus Aug 2012 #179
some kids like to play stupid. they think cute and sexy. i know stupid adults, too. i know some seabeyond Aug 2012 #76
Lots of kids have been given grief for acting smart. Mariana Aug 2012 #144
And that's the truth. nt laundry_queen Aug 2012 #192
so true. my oldest was so very fuckin perceptive and so very nice. seabeyond Aug 2012 #193
If you watch those segments by Leno and other comedians, it isn't just the young.... hlthe2b Aug 2012 #78
Forget knowledge of history, check this out: OneGrassRoot Aug 2012 #79
truly laughing out lout. lordy. nt seabeyond Aug 2012 #82
LMAO Aerows Aug 2012 #115
Mr Nay and I are on the floor laughing. Christ on a crutch, that's funny. Nay Aug 2012 #153
Here comes the shrimp story Amerigo Vespucci Aug 2012 #81
He could have set the damn house on fire Aerows Aug 2012 #117
One time he was making some kind of Rice-A-Roni "creation"... Amerigo Vespucci Aug 2012 #132
Maybe it's the kid spray shitting and peeing ProudToBeBlueInRhody Aug 2012 #206
The thing is, being 21 isn't what's made this son an idiot. Mariana Aug 2012 #148
I'm a pretty direct person, and that can be a good thing, or a bad thing. Depends... Amerigo Vespucci Aug 2012 #170
If students graduate ignorant, AnnaLee Aug 2012 #84
I agree with you, both of those examples are shocking. Waiting For Everyman Aug 2012 #85
my 14 yr old says... ya, that would be the "grown up" discussing honest, legitimate, forcible rape? seabeyond Aug 2012 #88
NO DonCoquixote Aug 2012 #89
This! So much this! Hydra Aug 2012 #288
My point exactly XemaSab Aug 2012 #289
i am far more hopeful with the youth of this country than the collection off asshats we've assembled piratefish08 Aug 2012 #90
The girl who asked what a sermon was reflection Aug 2012 #91
No, no, she must be an ignoramus Mariana Aug 2012 #152
No, she heard me XemaSab Aug 2012 #168
not really... ropi Aug 2012 #92
yeah... but 70% of them will vote Obama while a majority of geezers wont scheming daemons Aug 2012 #93
Not with the OP's attitude they won't Liber T. Anjustis Aug 2012 #188
50% of them won't vote at all XemaSab Aug 2012 #266
I have had collage aged students tell me that oneshooter Aug 2012 #94
I am a substitute teacher and most kids I come in contact with are very intelligent. Jennicut Aug 2012 #101
The young are our future NNN0LHI Aug 2012 #108
It is precisely "knowledge of history" that makes sense of current events. WinkyDink Aug 2012 #109
My 8 year old knows who George W. Bush is. Jennicut Aug 2012 #111
the expectation that a kid will learn all things in school is foolish. i never expected the schools seabeyond Aug 2012 #110
Of course, this is true (I once shocked a class by informing them thusly). HOWEVER, WinkyDink Aug 2012 #112
i havent seen it. and as i said in another post, both sons have a passion for history and have had seabeyond Aug 2012 #114
Shocked? tama Aug 2012 #118
I was perfectly patient and kind XemaSab Aug 2012 #172
I would have asked what a sermons was too at that age Ter Aug 2012 #129
She's a grocery cart pusher, not a computer engineer. Because she's ignorant or worse. nt Bernardo de La Paz Aug 2012 #130
I'm happy to say my 16 year old son is not one of them steve2470 Aug 2012 #133
yea... good for you. seabeyond Aug 2012 #159
To be fair I am shocked by how butt-ignorant some old people are. Just yesterday doc03 Aug 2012 #139
That's sad. n/t Bertha Venation Aug 2012 #225
I was shocked when I mentioned David Bowie to one of my young co-workers Pool Hall Ace Aug 2012 #140
He's a pop star whose popularity peaked ~15 years before she was born? cemaphonic Aug 2012 #228
Had a thought: did she recognize Johnson's name after you answered her? JHB Aug 2012 #142
i was wondering too. i learned johnson. lbj later in life. nt seabeyond Aug 2012 #160
To be fair, there are things I learned from DU and still don't know... steve2470 Aug 2012 #149
Reading is the best way to gain general knowledge, IMO. It's never too late to read. nt Honeycombe8 Aug 2012 #314
Aw I was just as pig ignorant when I was 18 Warpy Aug 2012 #156
excellent points nt steve2470 Aug 2012 #158
The person in the OP has to go through all of that TOO. And still doesn't know the definition Romulox Aug 2012 #162
While "sermon" is not an incredibly esoteric word, this thread is the first I can recall ... ieoeja Aug 2012 #180
This is actually a favorite sermon topic of the people I am researching XemaSab Aug 2012 #234
Now "quarter" and "half" are too difficult for a *tenth grader*? You can't make this stuff up. nt Romulox Aug 2012 #249
Butt-ignorance is not limited to the young. The Velveteen Ocelot Aug 2012 #161
constantly shocked by young people BOG PERSON Aug 2012 #169
And the lawns - the *lawns*! (nt) Posteritatis Aug 2012 #187
One more point about ignorance.... steve2470 Aug 2012 #171
NO abelenkpe Aug 2012 #173
Human knowledge has expanded somewhat since we were young. ieoeja Aug 2012 #175
Good, we are progressing, as soon as no young folks know what a sermon is snooper2 Aug 2012 #178
Hah! I admit that was my first thought as well. Arugula Latte Aug 2012 #197
Wasn't Sermon on the Mound when Casey was at the Bat? PufPuf23 Aug 2012 #181
It's totally true XemaSab Aug 2012 #182
my favorite statement (and i've heard it from several students) iemitsu Aug 2012 #183
Young people 4-1 support Obama over romney. Zax2me Aug 2012 #185
So I just asked my 12 year old if she knew those things laundry_queen Aug 2012 #196
I'm actually more shocked by how ignorant an older white dude I know is. Arugula Latte Aug 2012 #200
I have met plenty of dumb middle age and old people johnd83 Aug 2012 #201
good point about the employment - smarts connection. iemitsu Aug 2012 #217
Yep, your generation really did a shitty job educating the next one. jeff47 Aug 2012 #203
They could probably talk for hours about things that you would have no idea about but Drale Aug 2012 #205
"Young people are getting stupider" is a millenia-old claim. (nt) Posteritatis Aug 2012 #224
The stupid goes long and deep across the nation... rasputin1952 Aug 2012 #208
In their defense........ Smilo Aug 2012 #213
I find ignorant, and informed, people of all ages jberryhill Aug 2012 #218
From two twentysomethings: "who is Bob Hope?" Liberal_in_LA Aug 2012 #235
Butt-ignorant young people usually have one or both butt-ignorant parents. haele Aug 2012 #243
14 yr old. sermon. what preacher does. lbj. lyndon b johnson. seabeyond Aug 2012 #245
What is lacking is common sense sometimes. texanwitch Aug 2012 #252
That's OK. Some of your elders probably didn't think very highly of your teen self either. alphafemale Aug 2012 #253
I find it more shocking how butt-ignorant SOME old people are... DFab420 Aug 2012 #256
Ageism in reverse. randome Aug 2012 #260
In Time Magazine, for example, 'sermon' was almost 10 times more common in the 50s than it is today. Prometheus Bound Aug 2012 #258
I was born in the late 70's XemaSab Aug 2012 #261
I'm kind of interested in this stuff. Here's 'sermon' in Time through the decades. Prometheus Bound Aug 2012 #264
Interesting that there was a double peak in the 30s and the 50s XemaSab Aug 2012 #265
You think that's bad, I know people half my age (between 30 and 40) Cleita Aug 2012 #259
Earlier this summer, Brigid Aug 2012 #262
+1 nt steve2470 Aug 2012 #271
No... actually, I'm not. The System works against them, so why should I expect different? fascisthunter Aug 2012 #270
Exactly XemaSab Aug 2012 #286
Yeah, not really. jp11 Aug 2012 #274
Nope...I work in healthcare. ileus Aug 2012 #279
Mere ignorance is curable and excusable Lydia Leftcoast Aug 2012 #280
Even I know more about the Kardashians than I ever cared to. Cleita Aug 2012 #282
I've gone to the tea party meetings three times (because it's good to know the enemy) XemaSab Aug 2012 #291
That's a bit harsh Whisp Aug 2012 #287
They've seen the words and the names. Igel Aug 2012 #293
I don't know if it's a result of dumbed down education or that their parents aren't too swift AND... MrMickeysMom Aug 2012 #294
no. but then i'm not surprised by how butt-ignorant people are in general to things i care about. NuttyFluffers Aug 2012 #298
In defense of the LBJ person treestar Aug 2012 #300
That's what I did XemaSab Aug 2012 #305
The problem with teaching recent history is that it's so politically charged. eppur_se_muova Aug 2012 #359
all of the time Third Doctor Aug 2012 #304
You think the average Boomer is any more knowledgeable??? Odin2005 Aug 2012 #307
I think you're jumping to a conclusion. LeftyMom Aug 2012 #308
In a word, yes. When I was a kid, we were required to read. Honeycombe8 Aug 2012 #315
i cannot even begin to list the books the boys have read in school. seabeyond Aug 2012 #321
Yes. kiva Aug 2012 #353
It's a result of a decade of NCLB GaYellowDawg Aug 2012 #309
Do kids read any more? We read a lot of books, when I was in school (long long ago). nt Honeycombe8 Aug 2012 #316
some do, but justabob Aug 2012 #320
i have been surprised the number of books and variety my boys have read over the years seabeyond Aug 2012 #323
this is our first year in the big public system here justabob Aug 2012 #324
but they have terrific cross country teams, .... lol seabeyond Aug 2012 #334
thanks justabob Aug 2012 #346
A couple years ago, I overheard two kids talking about reading deutsey Aug 2012 #348
my kids are big readers. when they were young, i was told by brother that i did not "let" seabeyond Aug 2012 #350
Post removed Post removed Aug 2012 #319
Honestly I'm frequently shocked by how ignorant some *adults* are, never mind young people. Spider Jerusalem Aug 2012 #322
Adults are so much wiser. Just ask 43-year-old Christine O'Donnell about the First Amendment NYC Liberal Aug 2012 #329
Ignorant motherfuckers come in every age range. Codeine Aug 2012 #341
I work at a university...Why don't you tell me ALL about it? Blue_Tires Aug 2012 #347
Since neither of those topics involve butts, I don't think calling them butt-ignorant is fair. ZombieHorde Aug 2012 #354
"STUPIDITY is the disease of America" Iggy Aug 2012 #360
I'll bet one could grow up to be a rocket scientist hughee99 Aug 2012 #371
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