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57. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life
Tue Aug 20, 2019, 11:05 AM
Aug 2019

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As one of the fifty-somethings pushed out of the job market by the previous recession, I had to live on, and consequently lost, my private pensions (got evicted, too -- but thanks to generous DU-ers, endured only one night of homlesseness). Fortunately, I had earned enough during my working years to make the social security clerk's eyes pop when I filed for early retirement. But rather than taking up knitting and chair-rocking, I invested one of my checks into turning what I had enjoyed doing when not working into a permanent part-time venture -- and adventure.

So congratulations on crossing the rat race finish line with the ability to determine how to live out the rest of your life on YOUR terms (very wise of you to not stop working "cold turkey"). Now the only "investing" left to be done is in enjoying yourself as long as your health (and wealth) permits!

((PC)) blm Aug 2019 #1
Congratulations! spanone Aug 2019 #2
Good Luck snowybirdie Aug 2019 #3
I want to echo this NJCher Aug 2019 #58
Congratulations! Mike 03 Aug 2019 #4
+1 grantcart Aug 2019 #63
Congratulations! Ohiogal Aug 2019 #5
Good call, PCIntern PJMcK Aug 2019 #6
The yoga and dance breaks will increase your wellness level, too. Hugin Aug 2019 #7
Good for you! peacefreak2.0 Aug 2019 #8
Congratulation PC, sounds as if you have made the right decision and as an old "friend" I am so monmouth4 Aug 2019 #9
Good Luck PC and Zoonart Aug 2019 #10
Congratulations! True Blue American Aug 2019 #11
That sounds like good planning. dawg day Aug 2019 #12
I hear you mercuryblues Aug 2019 #13
Good luck to you. You're doing the right thing. Enjoy! Nay Aug 2019 #14
I am so happy for you, PCIntern UpInArms Aug 2019 #15
Good decision! Now, get ready for your second career... Raven Aug 2019 #16
Be prepared to be busier than ever! mainer Aug 2019 #17
Good luck underpants Aug 2019 #18
Seems like a sound business and life decision. I'm sure it was the right one. CousinIT Aug 2019 #19
Congratulations on a great career and good luck! Off to your next adventure! Mister K Aug 2019 #20
Prescient malaise Aug 2019 #21
Have fun and enjoy life. safeinOhio Aug 2019 #22
Ya gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em rurallib Aug 2019 #23
Congratulations on the sale of your practice. Fla Dem Aug 2019 #24
Congratulations, PCIntern! Glorfindel Aug 2019 #25
I think you're making the right decision FakeNoose Aug 2019 #26
Congratulations on making the best decision for you & your family onetexan Aug 2019 #27
Good decision. You have to know when to hold them, and when to fold them. Firestorm49 Aug 2019 #28
Congratulations and kudos! Sound thinking. nolabear Aug 2019 #29
Excellent decision PC CanonRay Aug 2019 #30
Congratulations Cirque du So-What Aug 2019 #31
Congrats! Now, write your story! B Stieg Aug 2019 #32
It's in the works. Nt PCIntern Aug 2019 #82
It takes vision to do the right thing at the right time, and you have taken the right decision Perseus Aug 2019 #33
I'm sorry about the circumstances but congratulations spooky3 Aug 2019 #34
This message was self-deleted by its author rocktivity Aug 2019 #35
sounds like you got a good deal JI7 Aug 2019 #36
Congratulations rufus dog Aug 2019 #37
Good for you. A wise decision. All the best. panader0 Aug 2019 #38
I wish I was in your situation LeFortIII Aug 2019 #39
PM me anytime. nt PCIntern Aug 2019 #64
Congrats on making the deal you need, PCIntern, and thanks for the Hortensis Aug 2019 #40
Good luck LittleGirl Aug 2019 #41
A perfect and timely move. Mira Aug 2019 #42
My dentist sold his practice a few months ago ms liberty Aug 2019 #43
Thank you for this extended update. And congrats! calimary Aug 2019 #44
Good for you! LiberalLoner Aug 2019 #45
Congratulations, PCIntern gademocrat7 Aug 2019 #46
Congratulations. I'm sure you've made the right and best decision. I wish you many more happy years mulsh Aug 2019 #47
Sounds like a good plan. My dentist of many years just did basically the same thing. Liberal In Texas Aug 2019 #48
It sounds like you've got a handle on it. defacto7 Aug 2019 #49
May the retirement road rise to meet you every day you tread upon it! Moostache Aug 2019 #50
You are wise. CommonSenseMom Aug 2019 #51
Congrats and good luck to a fellow DU old-timer. Paladin Aug 2019 #52
Congrats and thank you for sharing! BadGimp Aug 2019 #53
Sounds like you'll be getting rid of a lot of stress. Enjoy! SunSeeker Aug 2019 #54
Congratulations. Lots of physicians have made similar decisions in the last decade or so. Hoyt Aug 2019 #55
A measured decision. Cracklin Charlie Aug 2019 #56
Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life rocktivity Aug 2019 #57
What types of new equipment are available? 3Hotdogs Aug 2019 #59
I was in your place a while back. Then all kinds of bad things happened to me dentally... CTyankee Aug 2019 #68
Glad you feel solid about this decision, and best wishes for a smoother phase of life. ancianita Aug 2019 #60
Congratulations! JohnnyLib2 Aug 2019 #61
Congratulations and best wishes! I look forward to many more conversations! Hekate Aug 2019 #62
Congrats on the retirement and at the right moment of "selling high" BumRushDaShow Aug 2019 #65
i'm very happy for you orleans Aug 2019 #66
Congrats! catchnrelease Aug 2019 #67
Congrats!! KT2000 Aug 2019 #69
Congratulations on selling and retiring! Rabrrrrrr Aug 2019 #70
Great deal PC... N_E_1 for Tennis Aug 2019 #71
Congratulations and the very best to you going forward... Raster Aug 2019 #72
Did your employees keep their jobs? cwydro Aug 2019 #73
I saw to it as part of the deal. Nt PCIntern Aug 2019 #81
Even the Trump supporters you posted about here? cwydro Aug 2019 #84
They both had quit a few weeks before PCIntern Aug 2019 #85
My favorite dentist; A HERETIC I AM Aug 2019 #74
Good Luck and Best Wishes. yonder Aug 2019 #75
Congraulations! WinstonSmith4740 Aug 2019 #76
Congratulations! redstatebluegirl Aug 2019 #77
That's a very rational decision. At 66, I'm 61 myself, feeling financial secure is important. AJT Aug 2019 #78
AMEN!!!! samnsara Aug 2019 #79
Congratulations. That's what my dentist did a couple of years ago. She since decided to retire Vinca Aug 2019 #80
Fantastic news, PCIntern. Mazel Tov!! hedda_foil Aug 2019 #83
I too stuck my finger in the air to see what and whence the winds were blowing lunatica Aug 2019 #86
Congratulations Doctor. Well played. You can be free Maru Kitteh Aug 2019 #87
Congrats! sellitman Aug 2019 #88
It sounds like a wise decision, PCIntern. BlancheSplanchnik Aug 2019 #89
Congratulations on your successful sale! Sogo Aug 2019 #90
Congratulations, sounds like a wise capstone to a career of helping people. JudyM Aug 2019 #91
Congratulations, you've made wise choices for you & yours. appalachiablue Aug 2019 #92
Welcome to retirement! peggysue2 Aug 2019 #93
Congrats! Great news for you! obamanut2012 Aug 2019 #94
I wish you a long and happy retirement. trof Aug 2019 #95
congrats. Seems the right choice for you Demovictory9 Aug 2019 #96
Recommended. H2O Man Aug 2019 #97
You made it! Congrats! PatrickforO Aug 2019 #98
Thank you to everyone PCIntern Aug 2019 #99
Godspeed, PCIntern.... Talitha Aug 2019 #100
Thank you for sharing PNW-Dem Aug 2019 #101
Good luck to you. Glad you got your price don't have the worries anymore... brush Aug 2019 #102
You sound very happy. I'm a bit envious. 3catwoman3 Aug 2019 #103
I'm a few years ahead of you. I totally understand and applaud your decision. Stinky The Clown Aug 2019 #104
Good for you! UniqueUserName Aug 2019 #105
Enjoy retirement. They don't sell time at the corner store. The Wizard Aug 2019 #106
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