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109. Roberts will lead the Senate trial. Mitch gets one vote.
Sun Sep 22, 2019, 03:03 AM
Sep 2019

The country will already know the charges and will hear the evidence at trial. Republican Senators, some facing reelection, will be forced to say publicly that high crimes are not impeachable, that clear violations of the Constitution are just fine, and to vote against what they said they stood for: the rule of law.

Granted, most elected Republicans are rank hypocrites and comfortable with duplicity. We may peel away a few brave ones, probably not 20, but that is not for Congress to second guess. The House has its own duty to defend the Constitution from this outrageous daily assault, damn the consequences.

Why are we allowing a criminal traitor to finish his term(s) without even a blemish on his record? dalton99a Sep 2019 #1
+1 c-rational Sep 2019 #31
His record IS the blemish. oldsoftie Sep 2019 #51
Plus, what about this scenario: no_hypocrisy Sep 2019 #2
If the fix is in, it doesn't matter if Democrats impeach or not. bearsfootball516 Sep 2019 #5
Yes- get the Republicans ON RECORD sharedvalues Sep 2019 #47
You know if he wins again.... yuiyoshida Sep 2019 #108
tRump enid602 Sep 2019 #133
He will probably go to Russia yuiyoshida Sep 2019 #135
I'm good with that as long as they're not allowed back... DeeNice Sep 2019 #152
In that scenario, 2020 is our last election. Mr.Bill Sep 2019 #70
There will be an election in 2020 Falcata Sep 2019 #72
They still have elections in Russia too standingtall Sep 2019 #83
And our last Supreme Court. zentrum Sep 2019 #100
What about DownriverDem Sep 2019 #114
Worse case, no impeachment, tRump wins, says democrats are weak and ineffective and could RKP5637 Sep 2019 #3
I agree that is where we are headed.... pangaia Sep 2019 #28
shut down of independent news media.. mountain grammy Sep 2019 #96
Need to drive a stake into the ground and say this is is, impeach. We know the Senate will not RKP5637 Sep 2019 #98
You don't know what people are thinking. wasupaloopa Sep 2019 #4
Pelosi can get the votes if she wants to. shockey80 Sep 2019 #7
Precisely. dalton99a Sep 2019 #9
Exactly. The future of our nation is at stake. Liberty Belle Sep 2019 #39
To what end? Jakes Progress Sep 2019 #67
Roberts will lead the Senate trial. Mitch gets one vote. Qutzupalotl Sep 2019 #109
+100000 Pachamama Sep 2019 #123
roberts will preside. mitch will run the show. Jakes Progress Sep 2019 #137
Republican Senators fear Trump Qutzupalotl Sep 2019 #138
Losing the House is a high price to pay Jakes Progress Sep 2019 #139
or following the Constitution, YMMV. Qutzupalotl Sep 2019 #141
I don't want him to squirm. Jakes Progress Sep 2019 #146
It is naive to expect the next election will be fair Qutzupalotl Sep 2019 #145
I never said to leave him unchecked. Jakes Progress Sep 2019 #147
I never said it would be easy. Qutzupalotl Sep 2019 #148
I wear my D hat because I'm an American. Jakes Progress Sep 2019 #150
I'm thinking of the nation, not of myself. Qutzupalotl Sep 2019 #153
You should read the posts to which you reply. Jakes Progress Oct 2019 #154
You should try argument instead of insult. Qutzupalotl Oct 2019 #155
highly doubtful. and an effort to strong arm stopdiggin Sep 2019 #79
Yup. The OP is correct. This is all about fear KPN Sep 2019 #84
So you want Nancy Pelosi to strong-arm support for impeachment? dansolo Sep 2019 #111
How many votes would we have if the speaker of the house came out in favor of it? Maraya1969 Sep 2019 #8
the witnesses are the news reports since 2016 Hermit-The-Prog Sep 2019 #12
...and the mueller report. spanone Sep 2019 #54
yup. ITTMFA! Hermit-The-Prog Sep 2019 #81
this has got to end. spanone Sep 2019 #91
And the witnesses in the Mueller grand juriesss KPN Sep 2019 #85
Right. Gotta protect the emperor. Sinistrous Sep 2019 #14
once impeachment is started we get access TO those witnesses and documents not_the_one Sep 2019 #20
+100000 Pachamama Sep 2019 #124
How does that work? StarfishSaver Sep 2019 #130
Rhetorically are you saying that Democrats that are for impeachment are libtards? PufPuf23 Sep 2019 #41
i'm thinking the really stupid part is how much of the reluctance is based on certainot Sep 2019 #50
Then let everybody defend their votes Ztolkins Sep 2019 #56
+1! KPN Sep 2019 #86
My greatest fear is we will not win in 2020. AllyCat Sep 2019 #65
Exactly. We are fiddling while Rome burns unless KPN Sep 2019 #87
And it isn't like we are making a case for using power. Gore1FL Sep 2019 #103
Certainly no witnesses in the tri-state area JonAndKatePlusABird Sep 2019 #105
What can we, as regular citizens do to make sure that doesn't happen? Maraya1969 Sep 2019 #6
Pelosi can't do it alone; call Reps, educate your neighbors Hermit-The-Prog Sep 2019 #11
Agree!!! "The closest thing that I can think of to what is happening to us now is Nazi Germany. RKP5637 Sep 2019 #15
"Voting Trump out of office" may be... SMC22307 Sep 2019 #10
The Cretin will lie and bullshit no matter what is tried. Make the jerk... Guilded Lilly Sep 2019 #13
It's REPUBLICANS who need to be hit. NOTHING will harm trump.. pangaia Sep 2019 #29
Hit them all! The Cretin responds to any slight to his ego. Batter it! Guilded Lilly Sep 2019 #53
Don't know ArcticFox Sep 2019 #16
List all his crimes. Scarsdale Sep 2019 #17
After watching the performance of Democratic legislators COLGATE4 Sep 2019 #18
You make some very good points. The democrats basically follow the rules and expect the system to RKP5637 Sep 2019 #44
I couldn't agree with you more. As you very succinctly put it COLGATE4 Sep 2019 #92
Unpresidented lawlessness. Ligyron Sep 2019 #104
Well said. COLGATE4 Sep 2019 #112
I far more afraid of what will happen if we don't. paleotn Sep 2019 #19
Similar to what happened with Chamberlain. triron Sep 2019 #21
Exactly. shockey80 Sep 2019 #23
Amen! The worst part is trump *knows* they're afraid! ecstatic Sep 2019 #22
What if they impeach but fail to convict? Will the talking point be that Trump was exonerated? still_one Sep 2019 #24
Fear! shockey80 Sep 2019 #26
FIRST, thanks for NOT answering my question? I will ask it again. If they fail to convict WILL IT still_one Sep 2019 #35
Nixon was never impeached, he resigned when it look certain he would be impeached PufPuf23 Sep 2019 #48
Thanks, and appreciate the correction on Nixon still_one Sep 2019 #49
I am glad to be able to occasionally add something to DU PufPuf23 Sep 2019 #52
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, still_one Sep 2019 #68
If we don't impeach Trump could that also be viewd as exonating him? standingtall Sep 2019 #74
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Sep 2019 #128
WTF? That's already the frigging talking point! KPN Sep 2019 #88
There are two ways Trump handles it: TCJ70 Sep 2019 #117
we are 100 percent sure that the senate will not follow through and we aren't 100 percent sure yaesu Sep 2019 #25
Well stated. I can think of other reasons to Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2019 #27
I think they're more afraid of what his radicalized white supremacist base would do... Saint PeLSU Sep 2019 #30
This administration breaks the law everyday mountain grammy Sep 2019 #32
K&R!!! n/t RKP5637 Sep 2019 #45
There's a duty to impeach at this point. Just like a firefighter has a duty to run into a burning NightWatcher Sep 2019 #33
You really nailed it, thank you. shockey80 Sep 2019 #38
This. cwydro Sep 2019 #71
+100000 Pachamama Sep 2019 #125
Just what you wrote there Bettie Sep 2019 #136
So perfectly stated! +∞ nt ecstatic Sep 2019 #140
Bravo! BlueWI Sep 2019 #142
The game of "What if?" and the danger of counting the votes....... BarbD Sep 2019 #34
Good post. shockey80 Sep 2019 #37
He's a criminal and should be nailed for his crimes. Odoreida Sep 2019 #36
The Senate won't convict so there won't be a Pres. Pence, but we should still impeach. Liberty Belle Sep 2019 #40
A president Pence would be like a church picnic compared to Trump. shockey80 Sep 2019 #42
Exactly!!! n/t RKP5637 Sep 2019 #46
Pence may pose a threat if he injects himself with rabies and meth dalton99a Sep 2019 #55
Thank you! mysteryowl Sep 2019 #43
No impeachemnt we lose our Democracy,that is whats left of it INdemo Sep 2019 #57
Times like these clearly separate cowards from patriots nt Fiendish Thingy Sep 2019 #58
Yeah. Just like the "patriots" who gave us nixon. Jakes Progress Sep 2019 #63
Patriots are those who stand for, speak out and act on Constitutional principals Fiendish Thingy Sep 2019 #93
Is there not fear in the "impeach now" folks too? Baked Potato Sep 2019 #59
No, I do not fear impeachment at all. shockey80 Sep 2019 #60
Trump would welcome impeachment, it's WIN WIN Baked Potato Sep 2019 #69
No. shockey80 Sep 2019 #75
No. It's about accountability and making use of power while you have it. TCJ70 Sep 2019 #118
I agree he has earned impeachment Baked Potato Sep 2019 #121
He will try to make impeachment work for him...and he will definitely... TCJ70 Sep 2019 #122
Fear! Or Maybe... reACTIONary Sep 2019 #61
A unfied Democratic leadership would help. We see Nadler and Schiff speaking out making the case CentralMass Sep 2019 #89
KnR MustBeTheBooz Sep 2019 #62
I agree absolutely and totally. n/t. NNadir Sep 2019 #64
Ironically, it's putting party before country by NOT impeaching that monster. VOX Sep 2019 #66
Retweeted by Sally Albright: Hortensis Sep 2019 #73
Thank you. empedocles Sep 2019 #127
:), TY. Repubs-Russia can't have it all their own way. Hortensis Sep 2019 #129
Anybody against impeachment does not care about the Constitution or the present. LonePirate Sep 2019 #76
people here were freaking out during the Lewandowski hearings JI7 Sep 2019 #77
Agreed. Snackshack Sep 2019 #78
What will then qualify for impeachment? Pachamama Sep 2019 #126
Your guess is as good... Snackshack Sep 2019 #134
While this observation and interpretation melm00se Sep 2019 #80
This is why... Catch2.2 Sep 2019 #82
Don't care if... Lady Freedom Returns Sep 2019 #90
Fear can be rational - like fear of a second term of his treestar Sep 2019 #94
I am starting to put them on Ignore Skittles Sep 2019 #95
Bull. Speak for yourself. pwb Sep 2019 #97
Bingo Ponietz Sep 2019 #99
It seems that when Democrats Sudsy Sep 2019 #101
It is the Fear of a Battered Wife McKim Sep 2019 #102
History will judge us for our inaction. Joe941 Sep 2019 #106
This. cwydro Sep 2019 #110
i'm just gonna leave this here ... dweller Sep 2019 #107
Same group that said we had to support the Iraq invasion RandiFan1290 Sep 2019 #113
And I would say that all those who argue for impeachment tavernier Sep 2019 #115
Yeah, This RobinA Sep 2019 #143
But I support Nancy and if she thinks it's time to shoot tavernier Sep 2019 #144
I like the idea of impeaching in the House and never sending it to the Senate Arazi Sep 2019 #116
K&R BlueJac Sep 2019 #119
I still believe frump loses voters if we impeach. lindysalsagal Sep 2019 #120
Same mindset as obsessing over "electability." Jirel Sep 2019 #131
May i share this? HelpImSurrounded Sep 2019 #132
A question about State charges: Lock him up. Sep 2019 #149
It's not about left & right it's about right & wrong DeeNice Sep 2019 #151
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