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97. I like how skeptical many of you are. That gives me hope... for the future...
Wed Oct 9, 2019, 02:44 AM
Oct 2019


! Kali Oct 2019 #1
Link, somebody? I can't find a link on a news search engine to anything resembling the OP. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2019 #79
Still can't find a link n/t malaise Oct 2019 #89
Redacted, or unredacted? Mister Ed Oct 2019 #2
Thanks Mr Ed malaise Oct 2019 #4
Thanks for the edit, and for this early alert. Mister Ed Oct 2019 #8
Unredacted or unedited? getagrip_already Oct 2019 #64
My thoughts too Johnny2X2X Oct 2019 #5
"Redacted," forsooth? malthaussen Oct 2019 #3
Unredacted - corrected and I agree with you re malaise Oct 2019 #6
The devil is in the redactions. dchill Oct 2019 #32
And this is why Trump has been sending people like Barr, Pompeo, Giuliani, and others all ... Botany Oct 2019 #7
+1,000 malaise Oct 2019 #18
The Mueller Report (which we have not seen) is going to be devastating for Trump and company. Botany Oct 2019 #22
I can't wait malaise Oct 2019 #26
Would have been less risky to make up fake shit. This 3 Stooges diplomacy is just nuts. lagomorph777 Oct 2019 #58
Yeah but they drink their own koolade & swim in swamp full of conspiracy theories Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2019 #75
Maybe some believe that. I'm sure most know better. lagomorph777 Oct 2019 #76
Excellent post. And love me some Carl Sandburg. emmaverybo Oct 2019 #30
And how many will die because of Barr's illegal stall tactics? dchill Oct 2019 #33
Not only Barr's tactics but Trump and Putin too Botany Oct 2019 #47
Agreed. They all assumed their offices with... dchill Oct 2019 #60
Vlad and Russia have been working "the long game" with Trump for 20+ years Botany Oct 2019 #65
I know - I thought enough people knew this... dchill Oct 2019 #66
I think Trump lost by a much bigger margin then 3,000,000 votes Botany Oct 2019 #73
They preload the narrative to make their cheating... dchill Oct 2019 #74
He won by 80K voters in the rust belt. nt Doremus Oct 2019 #77
And 200,000 voters were removed in Wisconsin, 80,000 voters in the Flint/Detroit area showed up .... Botany Oct 2019 #82
Exactly. If you remember, at the end of the night, those states were initially in the Clinton amywalk Oct 2019 #99
Again, I do not trust these Republicans . . . Iliyah Oct 2019 #9
I agree. This is a full blown conspiracy to obstruct justice. CentralMass Oct 2019 #101
I believe you Bettie Oct 2019 #10
Heard it on Miami Local 10 at noon from their DC reporter - looking for a link malaise Oct 2019 #20
OK. Bettie Oct 2019 #24
I'm having trouble finding a link. And this sort of says the opposite. pnwmom Oct 2019 #45
The End is in sight. MarkmBha1 Oct 2019 #11
Enfin! Mme. Defarge Oct 2019 #12
The House Dems really need to see the Grand Jury materials, but there's a Nixon angle Dennis Donovan Oct 2019 #13
They can ask, tavalon Oct 2019 #16
I really like Matt Miller renate Oct 2019 #28
Wow, talk about a slap in the face to the current SC! Heck, even 1-2 conservatives may vote.... machoneman Oct 2019 #41
Glad they're doing it, elleng Oct 2019 #14
I want many more things, actually tavalon Oct 2019 #17
Yes it's both. elleng Oct 2019 #19
Our rallying cry?: sprinkleeninow Oct 2019 #38
Me too. kag Oct 2019 #86
And Kavanaugh impeached and getting to the bottom of the Kennedy buy out amywalk Oct 2019 #100
I hope they didn't offer a quid pro quo tavalon Oct 2019 #15
Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah malaise Oct 2019 #21
Where are you seeing this? W_HAMILTON Oct 2019 #23
Heard it on Local 10 Miami malaise Oct 2019 #25
You'd think that after four (4) hours, the OP would have admitted to a mistake. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2019 #83
Barr must have shat his pants I guess. No deals for him I hope. BSdetect Oct 2019 #27
Forsooth! Newest Reality Oct 2019 #29
Yes, because courts love to hear that they were wrong. That will really help them. vsrazdem Oct 2019 #31
This message was self-deleted by its author Leghorn21 Oct 2019 #34
There's nothing in it that hasn't been seen superpatriotman Oct 2019 #35
Tend to agree. We get excited about every new bombshell, then it fizzles. Hoyt Oct 2019 #37
Source? StarfishSaver Oct 2019 #36
That is the main Mueller info that the Democrats are after this morning. TidalWave46 Oct 2019 #44
Barr may yet up serving time like Mitchell Gothmog Oct 2019 #39
The pending DC bar complaint may have had an impact dlk Oct 2019 #40
2 complaints now! True Blue American Oct 2019 #69
Even better! dlk Oct 2019 #72
That's a bit of fresh air this morning... hlthe2b Oct 2019 #42
This mornings negotiations have been interesting to watch. TidalWave46 Oct 2019 #43
When your only argument ScratchCat Oct 2019 #48
This is the "aiding and abetting" evidence for a Treason charge. ancianita Oct 2019 #46
Maybe you misheard? blogslut Oct 2019 #49
Yes. That seems to be the case. hlthe2b Oct 2019 #51
THAT is their argument???? Takket Oct 2019 #91
How do we know it's unredacted? Do we have Barr's word? Jim__ Oct 2019 #50
I will never believe this until after it is done and Schiff confirms it. EveHammond13 Oct 2019 #52
How will we know Peace06 Oct 2019 #53
first thing that popped into my head rurallib Oct 2019 #55
U.S. Chief District Judge Howell's ruling predicted to go against Trump and the DOJ pecosbob Oct 2019 #54
When I saw the first part of your headline I was afraid it was "to the Senate Committee".... George II Oct 2019 #56
Barr is not afraid of anything except failing to own the libs EveHammond13 Oct 2019 #57
Is this to get them to focus their energy on the Mueller report and slow the I.I? ffr Oct 2019 #59
Barr gave Trump bad legal advice and owes him an explanation. Should be exciting NCjack Oct 2019 #61
Trump sounds like a 2 year old, True Blue American Oct 2019 #70
Or is it that Mitch zentrum Oct 2019 #62
I hope the chairman remembers to check for sharpie edits 0rganism Oct 2019 #63
Why?? kentuck Oct 2019 #67
I wish Barr feared Mitchell's fate. BadgerMom Oct 2019 #68
YES!!! liberalla Oct 2019 #71
Link, somebody? I'm not finding any link to this story on news search engine. Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2019 #78
If it wasn't you posting I'd think it was a spoof eleny Oct 2019 #80
This has been up for hours now without a source. Is this accurate or not? nt Guy Whitey Corngood Oct 2019 #81
Not sure but the judge has made some interesting comments n/t malaise Oct 2019 #85
Ok, but the OP is not accurate then? Because as of right now they're not handing these out. Am I Guy Whitey Corngood Oct 2019 #88
Until I find a link you are right but there is this malaise Oct 2019 #90
Thx. nt Guy Whitey Corngood Oct 2019 #92
I wasted my time reading this entire thread... 40RatRod Oct 2019 #84
I like to think it happened, so I enjoyed it. Bonx Oct 2019 #93
Yes! justie18 Oct 2019 #102
I'll believe it when I see it n/t dajoki Oct 2019 #87
He'll end up like Mitchell anyway dhol82 Oct 2019 #94
Please hand it over to the NYTimes and Washington Post. milestogo Oct 2019 #95
i heard that on hartmann's show tuesday orleans Oct 2019 #96
I like how skeptical many of you are. That gives me hope... for the future... NCLefty Oct 2019 #97
OP is premature speculation since Judge Howell has not yet ruled on Congress' request wishstar Oct 2019 #98
Where is a link? dajoki Oct 2019 #103
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