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16. These people been full of shit for my entire lifetime. "Moral majority" in the 80's...
Sun Oct 13, 2019, 04:18 AM
Oct 2019

They never quit. And Donald Trump has empowered MANY of them, real power given to bigots in exchange for blind loyalty.

I know now that I'll be voting against these people until the day I die.

Trump cannnot betray them. Turbineguy Oct 2019 #1
He validates their own hate and racism. eom guillaumeb Oct 2019 #3
Indeed ck4829 Oct 2019 #23
Anti-choice. It's all they've got but they think it trumps lying, stealing, adultery & everything el Shrike47 Oct 2019 #2
True for many. guillaumeb Oct 2019 #4
They want forced birth. I_UndergroundPanther Oct 2019 #28
And no access to contraception. guillaumeb Oct 2019 #32
Just imagine BigMin28 Oct 2019 #5
Especially if that female candidate was a Democrat. eom guillaumeb Oct 2019 #9
Nothing new! Paka Oct 2019 #14
Hahaha. Yeah. ck4829 Oct 2019 #22
Foreign campaign Help proud patriot Oct 2019 #6
And openly asking for it. guillaumeb Oct 2019 #10
arm twisting for it scarytomcat Oct 2019 #29
It's all about fiscal values RainCaster Oct 2019 #7
Fiscal values like a balanced budget? guillaumeb Oct 2019 #11
Nope ck4829 Oct 2019 #24
They share "his" values world wide wally Oct 2019 #8
And his values are... guillaumeb Oct 2019 #12
Don't forget the racism world wide wally Oct 2019 #13
Whatever values they had, they sold them out. mwooldri Oct 2019 #15
Indeed ck4829 Oct 2019 #25
These people been full of shit for my entire lifetime. "Moral majority" in the 80's... NCLefty Oct 2019 #16
It is now as it has always been. smirkymonkey Oct 2019 #17
+1 ck4829 Oct 2019 #21
can you imagine what they'd all be saying if Obama used the language malaise Oct 2019 #18
Oh my... ck4829 Oct 2019 #20
Racism is a key GOP strategy. guillaumeb Oct 2019 #30
K&R ck4829 Oct 2019 #19
they know the VALUE of appointing for life, batshit crazy federal judges beachbumbob Oct 2019 #26
They call him an "imperfect vessel chosen by God". Seriously, they do. Funtatlaguy Oct 2019 #27
I understand that. We are all imperfect. guillaumeb Oct 2019 #31
I watched a series on Christian Dominionists Funtatlaguy Oct 2019 #33
Thus their support for the Jews returning to Israel. guillaumeb Oct 2019 #34
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