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She is a nasty thug. dalton99a Oct 2019 #1
Isn't she from a mafia family? smirkymonkey Oct 2019 #23
Her grandfather Jimmy "The Brute" DiNatale was a member of the Philadelphia crime family. dalton99a Oct 2019 #24
Wow....click the link. OAITW r.2.0 Oct 2019 #2
Would love to hear George Conway's comment on that. nt SunSeeker Oct 2019 #5
Here's something that might shed some light. TheBlackAdder Oct 2019 #16
So he thinks his wife is a narcissist like Trump? SunSeeker Oct 2019 #21
I made me wonder. TheBlackAdder Oct 2019 #22
The "Wah!!!!! This was off the record! WAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!" crying has already been delicious. RockRaven Oct 2019 #3
Kellyanne, a little advice..... concreteblue Oct 2019 #4
The call was from Egypt? crazytown Oct 2019 #6
There's an image for that. NCLefty Oct 2019 #7
Evil eyes :( crazytown Oct 2019 #8
Scary Stargazer09 Oct 2019 #9
Kellyanne Conway is as bad as I have assumed she must be Pachamama Oct 2019 #10
This sounds rather threatening UpInArms Oct 2019 #11
I don't even know what that means.... Dorian Gray Oct 2019 #13
She's doing exactly Dorian Gray Oct 2019 #12
Video RandiFan1290 Oct 2019 #14
Kelly Ann sound like a tweaker canetoad Oct 2019 #15
I don't see any way in hell Kellyanne is the Anonymous author. tanyev Oct 2019 #17
No wonder that asshole works for Trump! jcgoldie Oct 2019 #18
Conway: When I was young and starting in my career, I was in the friend-making business muriel_volestrangler Oct 2019 #19
that's a lot of nuts. she's crazy. nt Javaman Oct 2019 #20
Ugly souls. maxsolomon Oct 2019 #25
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