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In a separate butt-dial call: fleur-de-lisa Oct 2019 #1
"So the big turning point in your screen play is one of the bad guys butt-dials a reporter?" gratuitous Oct 2019 #2
No wonder Rudy works 'for free' . . . who would pay him? fleur-de-lisa Oct 2019 #4
So, he runs a security consulting company; repeatedly butt-dials reporters and blabs god-knows-what flibbitygiblets Oct 2019 #12
My filmmaker friend and I were just discussing that no one would ever buy this script. Too crazy! OMGWTF Oct 2019 #19
hahahahahahahahahaha TeamPooka Oct 2019 #22
:D :D :D NCLefty Oct 2019 #50
Yeah, it's clear that the writers for the prestige drama that we're all living in... Salviati Oct 2019 #51
And in the center ring...Inept Sidekick Man!!! ret5hd Oct 2019 #3
this AllaN01Bear Oct 2019 #44
What an idiot - no wonder he is the butt of so many jokes! FM123 Oct 2019 #5
good thing DENVERPOPS Oct 2019 #27
I would imagine that we have the technology to decipher the entire conversation? Native Oct 2019 #6
I'm willing to bet on it. But it has to be iron clad. nolabear Oct 2019 #7
Greatest headline of my entire life??! Leghorn21 Oct 2019 #8
Recommended. H2O Man Oct 2019 #9
He butt dialed not ONCE, Kitchari Oct 2019 #10
Ali Velshi just had the reporter on his MSNBC show and played part of the call Rhiannon12866 Oct 2019 #11
I was gonna turn on the TV BumRushDaShow Oct 2019 #13
Nicolle Wallace is on now and she's always great and has a good panel too Rhiannon12866 Oct 2019 #17
I record it every day now renate Oct 2019 #18
Yes, hers is my favorite in the afternoons now. Rhiannon12866 Oct 2019 #30
If I am going to turn it on, BumRushDaShow Oct 2019 #21
Ari is another favorite of mine Rhiannon12866 Oct 2019 #33
I do like Maya BumRushDaShow Oct 2019 #34
They used to show a second repeat of Rachel, which made sense Rhiannon12866 Oct 2019 #45
LOL BumRushDaShow Oct 2019 #47
Even Chuck Todd is showing signs of life lately not fooled Oct 2019 #39
I agree, he's definitely improved, he pretty much lost it with that Republican senator recently Rhiannon12866 Oct 2019 #40
What kind of world do these people inhabit Skidmore Oct 2019 #14
The Twilight Zone. triron Oct 2019 #15
Perfect description DENVERPOPS Oct 2019 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author geralmar Oct 2019 #16
Releasing it to the public without corroborating what it means? jayschool2013 Oct 2019 #24
This message was self-deleted by its author geralmar Oct 2019 #32
So if Joe Bloe gets a VM from some idiot, can't he disseminate it? erronis Oct 2019 #28
#1 The journo did not ask for this #2 It's on his answering machine & not just notes ... Hekate Oct 2019 #41
I can't wait for the SNL skit on this. The writers have never had it so easy. OMGWTF Oct 2019 #20
Perhaps it's just a coincidence Major Nikon Oct 2019 #23
Doesn't this trendline start back in the 70's? Or before counting mean old daddy. erronis Oct 2019 #31
Looks like the Honorable Elijah Cummings has already gone to work in heaven. ancianita Oct 2019 #26
My thoughts EXACTLY. MFGsunny Oct 2019 #55
Sounds like disinfo intrepidity Oct 2019 #29
"We need a few hundred thousand" kentuck Oct 2019 #35
This really doesn't sound like a guy who.... getagrip_already Oct 2019 #36
My gods: he's the court jester for the Mad King Hekate Oct 2019 #37
I must be getting punch-drunk- The title of this post sent me into fits of tears-down-face laughter. NBachers Oct 2019 #38
Holy Cow. This could be of interest to prosecutors. Giuliani destroys himself with a butt dial. yellowcanine Oct 2019 #42
NOT the Onion! yellowcanine Oct 2019 #43
Guliani talking out of his ass again. Historic NY Oct 2019 #46
Bwahahaha! Blue Owl Oct 2019 #48
As a complete ass, warmfeet Oct 2019 #49
Giuliani has claimed to be a "security consultant," but he doesn't have a lock screen on his phone? CaptainTruth Oct 2019 #52
Sounds like nothing to me. doc03 Oct 2019 #53
Why is it that these clowns remind me more and more of the Keystone Kops? Frustratedlady Oct 2019 #54
#ButtHisVoicemails is trending on twitter DesertRat Oct 2019 #56
Kick! Cha Oct 2019 #57
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