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It's the unrelenting heat! Scurrilous Oct 2019 #1
That guy sounds like he was youthful and full of spunk. TheBlackAdder Oct 2019 #30
"Full of spunk" Haggis for Breakfast Oct 2019 #32
It sounds like he was in his own unrelenting heat. :p NCLefty Oct 2019 #34
Abominable jberryhill Oct 2019 #2
Another type of ASYLUM seeker? Brainfodder Oct 2019 #3
Their beanie baby will grow up without a father. Sad. Beakybird Oct 2019 #4
Bahaha! NCLefty Oct 2019 #35
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww lillypaddle Oct 2019 #5
My reaction too sakabatou Oct 2019 #26
I think this belongs in the Democratic Primaries (Forum). Florida being a battle ground state. Kaleva Oct 2019 #6
And then repeated the performance with a unicorn. I hope he gets help. Arkansas Granny Oct 2019 #7
THAT is how Florida Man is done jpak Oct 2019 #8
Oh, FL man paleotn Oct 2019 #9
My feelings exactly. LisaL Oct 2019 #10
New York man would have shown some sense and bought it first. Take it home, dude! Shrike47 Oct 2019 #11
Or at least taken it out to a nice place for dinner. nt Buns_of_Fire Oct 2019 #16
Activities such as this really shouldn't be called "having sex." 3catwoman3 Oct 2019 #12
The definition of "dry hump" needs to be reviewed, as well. Midnight Writer Oct 2019 #13
Ya think? Nothing "dry" about that. yellowcanine Oct 2019 #15
Yeah, apparently he minsunderstood Elsa's advice Dagstead Bumwood Oct 2019 #25
I just assumed it was Matt Gaetz. 11 Bravo Oct 2019 #14
That was my first thought Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2019 #31
Christmas starts earlier each year jberryhill Oct 2019 #17
Pottery Barn rules TheFarseer Oct 2019 #18
My My what a guy MagickMuffin Oct 2019 #19
There's a face that screams 'Incel'. Aristus Oct 2019 #22
He already has that special someone, a stuffed Olaf snowman. LisaL Oct 2019 #23
he was too poor to buy Olaf's silence Hermit-The-Prog Oct 2019 #20
At least he shot out something that didn't kill anyone. Talitha Oct 2019 #21
The Target pharmacy immediately offered Olaf the "day after" pill.... Sancho Oct 2019 #24
That's ONE way to get clicks Ferrets are Cool Oct 2019 #27
My wife complained that our Olaf toy smelt like marzipan. Doodley Oct 2019 #28
They kept yelling stop at me Midnightwalk Oct 2019 #29
Do you wanna AnnieBW Oct 2019 #33
Imagine having to explain that one to your kids. roamer65 Oct 2019 #36
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