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"If I can't buy something the poors can't, how will I know I'm better than them!?" tenderfoot Nov 2019 #1
Yes, that's exactly the point. malthaussen Nov 2019 #57
Well said, sir. blm Nov 2019 #2
Great reply malaise Nov 2019 #3
Great country Roy Rolling Nov 2019 #18
Those I know are wonderful people malaise Nov 2019 #40
Jeg elsker f***ing Danmark! Fritz Walter Nov 2019 #45
I married one! Roy Rolling Nov 2019 #69
Donny Deutsch only gets credit for being a critic of Trump PJMcK Nov 2019 #4
+1000 tenderfoot Nov 2019 #7
✔️ blm Nov 2019 #8
"Never forget where they really come from" and where they will return when opportune erronis Nov 2019 #20
THIS! NRaleighLiberal Nov 2019 #25
+1, and they'll go right back to it once Trump is out of office uponit7771 Nov 2019 #43
Exactly. They've all spent their careers turning the GOP into what it is today. JHB Nov 2019 #63
Abso-fuckin'-lutely. ancianita Nov 2019 #66
I could not agree more. Douchebag Donnie is another that didn't make his money.... Raster Nov 2019 #73
"My parents worked really hard for their fortune...eff the rest of you lazy people" Docreed2003 Nov 2019 #5
Yup. KPN Nov 2019 #62
K & R...to infinity... dhill926 Nov 2019 #6
Deutsch should know better. Most people don't buy their own... brush Nov 2019 #9
Donnie "I Inherited My Money & Business Just Like The Traitor Did" Deutch Me. Nov 2019 #10
Denmark would be OK with me. Hoyt Nov 2019 #11
I think that's f**king Denmark. trof Nov 2019 #78
I'd be happy with the US Bettie Nov 2019 #12
OMG becoming more like Denmark sounds like heaven! renate Nov 2019 #13
The "America first'' crowd could Harker Nov 2019 #15
Anyone not wanting to join Scarsdale Nov 2019 #31
that increases the overall health care costs Hermit-The-Prog Nov 2019 #48
I think that could be said about any topic in any context nt renate Nov 2019 #38
Banality Harker Nov 2019 #64
F***ing A man, f***ing A!!! Martin Eden Nov 2019 #14
Most severe burn I've seen in a while Dirty Socialist Nov 2019 #16
I agree - you Dirty Socialist! Wawannabe Nov 2019 #24
Shut Faux pas Nov 2019 #17
Denmark is the happiest country on Earth. OliverQ Nov 2019 #19
I think most here would prefer Sweden, Denmark is far more nationalist and is really cracking down Celerity Nov 2019 #28
Thanks for your post. BlueMTexpat Nov 2019 #39
Nationalism is not too terrible as long as it's limited soldierant Nov 2019 #81
Sweden's hate crimes are rising dramatically, unfortunately. JudyM Nov 2019 #53
yes, including anti-Semitic hate crimes, which is linked to a large degree with the massive Celerity Nov 2019 #68
Interesting, Celerity! JudyM Nov 2019 #83
Meh still preferable to this shitbox BannonsLiver Nov 2019 #80
They use the power of government to make life better for all. Kid Berwyn Nov 2019 #21
OMG! warmfeet Nov 2019 #22
Wow Wawannabe Nov 2019 #23
Quite a clear picture there. Aussie105 Nov 2019 #26
Does he want "F***ing Honduras" instead? DBoon Nov 2019 #27
Really! oldsoftie Nov 2019 #51
No, he really wants fucking Haiti... malthaussen Nov 2019 #59
You got me at "We're fucking Denmark" IronLionZion Nov 2019 #29
Douchebag Deutsch and his opinions can go pound salt. NoMoreRepugs Nov 2019 #30
what an arrogant asshole Skittles Nov 2019 #32
OMG! This guy rocks it. Joinfortmill Nov 2019 #33
i knew an older danish man. he gotcar + he had asthma + pneumonia. spent weeks in inesive pansypoo53219 Nov 2019 #34
Well yeah. moondust Nov 2019 #35
Denmark is the home of Lundbeck. roamer65 Nov 2019 #36
This is the mindset of the ruling class ritapria Nov 2019 #37
It's odd, yortsed snacilbuper Nov 2019 #41
Recommended democrank Nov 2019 #42
He's a total deutsch bag. NCLefty Nov 2019 #44
Perfect example of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" HAB911 Nov 2019 #46
A million recs and copies special delivered BlancheSplanchnik Nov 2019 #47
And Denmark is more "business friendly" than the US Recursion Nov 2019 #49
I can think of a lot WORSE things than being like Denmark. oldsoftie Nov 2019 #50
And for all those cheering Denmark, they also have a 25% VAT. You're welcome. oldsoftie Nov 2019 #52
For a relatively contented population, such as Denmark, the VAT is worth it. Eyeball_Kid Nov 2019 #55
And the poor would be covered under a new healthcare system. oldsoftie Nov 2019 #56
"Our tax revenues give everyone health care, education and a strong social support system, ... JudyM Nov 2019 #54
Would that the US would turn into "fucking Denmark." malthaussen Nov 2019 #58
I f***ing love his response Mersky Nov 2019 #60
Hoo boy. I need to move to Denmark. Texin Nov 2019 #61
Bravo. area51 Nov 2019 #65
No doubt, Donny considers himself sammythecat Nov 2019 #67
Born on third base and thinks he hit a triple to get there. Raster Nov 2019 #74
As if turning America into Denmark is a bad thing Glaisne Nov 2019 #70
Dems better get to work and produce a bumpersticker Sogo Nov 2019 #71
The botom line is The Wizard Nov 2019 #72
K&R Sherman A1 Nov 2019 #75
Some data from Denmark ministry of health Progressive dog Nov 2019 #76
Investing in the people is what real governments do. But not kakistocracies & kleptocracies Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2019 #77
Donny Douche is NOT ON OUR SIDE. BannonsLiver Nov 2019 #79
Truth colsohlibgal Nov 2019 #82
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