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welcome to the "liberal" media Hermit-The-Prog Nov 2019 #1
Talking heads IcyPeas Nov 2019 #2
actually there's been a good bit of commentary stopdiggin Nov 2019 #18
Mirror mirror, on the wall, NCLefty Nov 2019 #3
Their marching orders are to advocate for someone who won't Bettie Nov 2019 #4
Seems like the "messaging" on impeachment is pitch-perfect... regnaD kciN Nov 2019 #5
Eyeroll. Your post is a mischaracterization. greyl Nov 2019 #6
What you heard is what I heard tirebiter Nov 2019 #12
Strategy is important, and we must not allow the best to be the enemy of the good. elleng Nov 2019 #7
The Overton window has shifted too far to the right over the last 40 years Poiuyt Nov 2019 #8
It's not a matter of left or right tirebiter Nov 2019 #14
These TV millionaires get their big fat paychecks from Billionaires ritapria Nov 2019 #9
I'm sick of Brian damning Democrats with various kinds of faint praise. Grasswire2 Nov 2019 #10
Shecky Williams never fails to go for the cheap laugh, that's his schtick sop Nov 2019 #17
The MSM wants drumpf for another 4 years so their coverage democratisphere Nov 2019 #11
Democrats have to be twice as good to be considered half as good Skittles Nov 2019 #13
You know what I find interesting. I do not ever recall the MSM discussing that vsrazdem Nov 2019 #15
The point about using terms like extortion/bribery instead of focusing on "quid pro quo" is valid. Garrett78 Nov 2019 #16
couldn't agree more stopdiggin Nov 2019 #19
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