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Wed Nov 6, 2019, 03:26 PM Nov 2019

25-year-old politician shuts down heckler with viral phrase 'OK Boomer' [View all]

The latest viral generational clap back phrase has moved from the court of public opinion to parliament.

A young member of New Zealand parliament quickly dismissed a member of the opposition with a viral internet phrase that calls out people from the baby boomer generation with two simple words.

The generational divide in the room became clear when Chlöe Swarbrick, 25, said "OK Boomer," during her speech on climate change for the Zero Carbon Bill."

In the year 2050 I will be 56 years old. Yet right now the average age of this 52nd Parliament is 49 years old," Swarbrick said as someone off camera was heard heckling her.

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Don't trust anyone over 30 Cartoonist Nov 2019 #1
And how did that work out? misanthrope Nov 2019 #8
That slogan came from a cheesy late 60's "youth subculture" exploitation film. Triloon Nov 2019 #14
Ok, boomer Cartoonist Nov 2019 #19
A virtuous plan. Triloon Nov 2019 #25
that's cool, man eShirl Nov 2019 #82
Most Late Boomers grew up watching Logan's Run, and we all thought 30 was freakin old. TheBlackAdder Nov 2019 #33
I agree with it in principle, but I would say drop the zero..... lastlib Nov 2019 #70
I know it's fashionable to shit on boomers right now but remember comradebillyboy Nov 2019 #2
This woman was responding to a heckler Mariana Nov 2019 #17
Perhaps customerserviceguy Nov 2019 #31
I never heard this board complain about ageism JonLP24 Nov 2019 #35
Well, that's just completely different. Right? Mariana Nov 2019 #40
From what I've observed Bettie Nov 2019 #88
Who can forget all those threads maligning Rep. Occasio-Cortez Mariana Nov 2019 #91
Yep, they still come up from time to time Bettie Nov 2019 #92
Eh I'm not as excited about that as you are BannonsLiver Nov 2019 #24
Which reinforces her point that Boomers gave a shit economy to them and continue to do so. TheBlackAdder Nov 2019 #34
I'm not a big fan of idea that an entire generation carries some collective guilt comradebillyboy Nov 2019 #36
No, it's more the ones who were in power from the 80s to the 2010s extracting the wealth. TheBlackAdder Nov 2019 #49
+1 treestar Nov 2019 #85
The early boomers have been some of the most disappointing people in world history. Blue_true Nov 2019 #57
Damn straight! Metatron Nov 2019 #81
Well, I Just Laugh RobinA Nov 2019 #67
Indeed they will get old too... comradebillyboy Nov 2019 #74
The millennial in this story Mariana Nov 2019 #77
Heh. WhiskeyGrinder Nov 2019 #3
This message was self-deleted by its author redstatebluegirl Nov 2019 #4
Sometimes you just gotta take the reins. lunatica Nov 2019 #5
I laughed. Older folks need to get their shit together regarding climate change. n/t demmiblue Nov 2019 #6
She single?? Blue_Tires Nov 2019 #7
Homophobia, racism, sexism are not allowed, but ageism is OK? tinrobot Nov 2019 #9
No it's not. nt Dr Hobbitstein Nov 2019 #11
Being offended that boomers get called boomer is the most boomer thing ever tishaLA Nov 2019 #13
Because no other group has ever been offended ever? tinrobot Nov 2019 #23
Honestly, it's like this tishaLA Nov 2019 #28
Because all people born between 1945 and 1963 are privileged? tinrobot Nov 2019 #44
That's not even a good strawman tishaLA Nov 2019 #46
I'm a Boomer, and I'm fine with that 11 Bravo Nov 2019 #48
That's funny BeyondGeography Nov 2019 #51
BOOM! mitch96 Nov 2019 #54
LOL, yes that's pretty pathetic. nt. Mariana Nov 2019 #63
How do you think she should have responded Mariana Nov 2019 #18
I would have gone with 'OK, asshole' tinrobot Nov 2019 #22
This was pretty effective. Mariana Nov 2019 #27
You should hear what people said about millenials over turnout gaps JonLP24 Nov 2019 #30
I agree customerserviceguy Nov 2019 #32
Ok, Boomer. nt Dr Hobbitstein Nov 2019 #37
I fart in your general direction. n/t customerserviceguy Nov 2019 #39
Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries. nt Dr Hobbitstein Nov 2019 #41
Ok, that was funny! customerserviceguy Nov 2019 #73
Monty Python Buckeye_Democrat Nov 2019 #79
Sounds like a very Shakespearian retort!! nt mitch96 Nov 2019 #86
That's more of a position that the people on the right claim to suppress the liberal millennials. TheBlackAdder Nov 2019 #50
She was being heckled about her young age. Heckling her about her age is not ageism? nt Blue_true Nov 2019 #58
It absolutely is ageism. tinrobot Nov 2019 #62
Its not about age. Its about a clash of generational philosophies and ideologies. phleshdef Nov 2019 #64
I'm a boomer, and sensitive-- dawg day Nov 2019 #10
DU boomers aren't the problem BannonsLiver Nov 2019 #26
And combined with the previous generation aged-- dawg day Nov 2019 #38
I agree generally speaking BannonsLiver Nov 2019 #43
Ha! Dr Hobbitstein Nov 2019 #12
BOOM Floyd R. Turbo Nov 2019 #15
-ER! VOX Nov 2019 #66
Every generation trashes the previous one and places their hopes on the next one. LanternWaste Nov 2019 #16
This woman was being heckled about her age while she spoke. Mariana Nov 2019 #21
You don't have to worry about these boomers heckling anyone DBoon Nov 2019 #20
Boomers created the modern environmental movement DBoon Nov 2019 #29
During the 1960s, environmentalism became a mass social movement. Mariana Nov 2019 #42
The majority of white millennials also preferred Chump. Hassler Nov 2019 #45
The Washington Post says it was 41%. Mariana Nov 2019 #61
I think that the early boomers are hypocrits. Blue_true Nov 2019 #59
And genX screams back ismnotwasm Nov 2019 #47
My daughter said "Okay Boomer" to me last week. Codeine Nov 2019 #56
And there we have it misanthrope Nov 2019 #71
Did she use it as a negative related to age, even though she did not know what it meant? braddy Nov 2019 #76
Perhaps vaguely? Codeine Nov 2019 #90
No one talks about Gen X and we prefer it that way, because we are Gen X. phleshdef Nov 2019 #65
Hahaha.. bout time republican boomers got a comeuppance. I_UndergroundPanther Nov 2019 #52
The early boomers were hippies only to get laid. Blue_true Nov 2019 #60
This boomer loves it! Nt hack89 Nov 2019 #53
+1 SunSeeker Nov 2019 #75
I got the impression that her reply was kinda sorta like the "what ever" response mitch96 Nov 2019 #55
Ich bin ein Boomer, but I approve of this message like a Millennial. VOX Nov 2019 #68
She didn't say this gratuitously, for the sake of kicking boomers. Mariana Nov 2019 #72
None of that means anything if we have left our grandchildren with an unlivable planet. SunSeeker Nov 2019 #80
Any popcorn left? KentuckyWoman Nov 2019 #69
Post removed Post removed Nov 2019 #78
Who TOLD you that and why are you repeating something so bigoted? Hortensis Nov 2019 #83
I hate generation-division treestar Nov 2019 #84
What do you think she should have said Mariana Nov 2019 #87
Neither should have done it treestar Nov 2019 #89
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