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He's full of it. Attempted Bribery is Bribery. cureautismnow Nov 2019 #1
Matt Schlapp OliverQ Nov 2019 #2
Matt Schlapp brucefan Nov 2019 #3
i hate Matt Schlapp ... hate hate hate him hate him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trueblue2007 Nov 2019 #25
Schlapp made no sense at all C_U_L8R Nov 2019 #4
As soon as his piggy face appeared on my TV The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2019 #5
Ugh! smirkymonkey Nov 2019 #14
HA! That fuckface is a GOP asshole. BigmanPigman Nov 2019 #6
I don't get why Melber gives these fools any airtime Blaukraut Nov 2019 #7
If Melber would call him out on his lies, the truth 42bambi Nov 2019 #26
Dear media: If you talk to Republicans with no pushback on their lies, you help them lie. BuffaloJackalope Nov 2019 #8
Matt Schlapp is the scum of the earth. badhair77 Nov 2019 #9
And I'm being kind. badhair77 Nov 2019 #11
Fascists don't like Democracy Kid Berwyn Nov 2019 #17
The "spontaneous" protest. They seem nice. Yeah, be best, guys. badhair77 Nov 2019 #20
They helped shut down the recount. Kid Berwyn Nov 2019 #22
And I will scorn them forever. badhair77 Nov 2019 #23
Ari lets them talk gibraltar72 Nov 2019 #10
Most of the time that's a good way to expose the liars. 42bambi Nov 2019 #28
SCHLAPP?!?!? Founding member of the Brooks Brothers Riot? Moostache Nov 2019 #12
aka a fucking moron malaise Nov 2019 #13
MSNBC watchers don't need to listen to this quatch bullshit Soviet-Trumpspeak Mr. Ected Nov 2019 #15
Schlapp is a dickbag. n/t NCLefty Nov 2019 #16
Doesn't matter whether or not it's successful or not Proud Liberal Dem Nov 2019 #18
Why isn't anyone calling this by its correct name?? "SOLICITATION of a bribe" Alithea Nov 2019 #19
Maybe all those people know what they're talking about. (nt) ehrnst Nov 2019 #21
Maybe, but it looks like a constitutional scholar says the same as me Alithea Nov 2019 #30
Can you tell me where in all those that they say "everyone is wrong" to call it bribery? ehrnst Nov 2019 #31
They refer to the bribery count as "solicitation of bribery" n/t Alithea Nov 2019 #32
No, that's not saying all those others are "wrong," to call it attempted bribery. ehrnst Nov 2019 #34
Whatever Alithea Nov 2019 #35
Another non-answer. ehrnst Nov 2019 #36
Or even more accurately, extortion Cosmocat Nov 2019 #33
fuck schlapp spanone Nov 2019 #24
I'm really surprised MSNBC have schlapphead back on. He's an enabler. OnDoutside Nov 2019 #27
Matt Schlapp has the distinction of being the only Republican whose name tells you Atticus Nov 2019 #29
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