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61. It's hard to imagine all that. I saw a truck in Dallas with a "piss on liberals" sticker though. :p
Fri Jan 17, 2020, 05:16 AM
Jan 2020

Of course, I always think about that Trump bomber's van when I see a car with stickers now.

He's doing 20 for mailing pipe bombs to prominent Democrats:


You have no idea what hell it is... [View all] Freedomofspeech Jan 2020 OP
I am so sorry, please spend more time with us here on DU. You are among friends here. FM123 Jan 2020 #1
This is my only salvation... Freedomofspeech Jan 2020 #2
Sending you greetings FOS! leftieNanner Jan 2020 #3
Thanks but it will not happen... Freedomofspeech Jan 2020 #7
I have a General Sherman tee shirt safeinOhio Jan 2020 #4
I LOVE it! PoindexterOglethorpe Jan 2020 #29
I live in a big red state. MontanaMama Jan 2020 #5
I live in a similar area in southern Illinois so, yes, I can imagine. Hang in there. nt Atticus Jan 2020 #6
You could live in Matt Gaetz, I am only here for 8 more months, but dewsgirl Jan 2020 #8
Well, we have that moron Toomey... Freedomofspeech Jan 2020 #10
We have Jeffery Beaugard Sessions back with us now dixiegrrrrl Jan 2020 #42
UGH! Reschenthaler is an embarrassment, and I cringed every time he spoke PA Democrat Jan 2020 #58
I am so sorry... handmade34 Jan 2020 #9
We need lots more Dems in red areas mahina Jan 2020 #11
We have a lot of Dems here... Freedomofspeech Jan 2020 #13
I second that hug PandoraAwakened Jan 2020 #12
Agree. I moved to Colorado in 1984 mountain grammy Jan 2020 #35
Just gotta say bluestarone Jan 2020 #14
Mine, too. Freedomofspeech Jan 2020 #15
You have my respect ismnotwasm Jan 2020 #16
So sorry iamateacher Jan 2020 #17
I live there too mcar Jan 2020 #18
that's what I don't understand why a retired old folk mshasta Jan 2020 #23
It's a psychosis mcar Jan 2020 #25
I feel a lot better since I moved from Greensburg to Pittsburgh. johnp3907 Jan 2020 #19
is going to be ok, every cult has a moment of greatness mshasta Jan 2020 #20
Greetings from liberal Western Washington. Aristus Jan 2020 #21
You got that right! BBG Jan 2020 #37
Resist Red Mountain Jan 2020 #22
You're living in a shithole county Martin Eden Jan 2020 #24
Sorry to hear that Clash City Rocker Jan 2020 #26
Sending you peace and calm!💫✨✨💫 MLAA Jan 2020 #27
I DO have an idea.... Ferrets are Cool Jan 2020 #28
Same here. GaYellowDawg Jan 2020 #36
I can't even imagine it. Hoping the best for you. nt Guy Whitey Corngood Jan 2020 #30
Be a model of tolerance and peace bucolic_frolic Jan 2020 #31
I live in New Mexico, PoindexterOglethorpe Jan 2020 #32
Think how much Turin_C3PO Jan 2020 #45
I think the underlying problem PoindexterOglethorpe Jan 2020 #46
Underscoring the effect of RW investment in media and the lack of a counterweight to that. JHB Jan 2020 #33
BBG checking in... BBG Jan 2020 #34
Many places in America are filled with Maga trash dustyscamp Jan 2020 #38
You are absolutely right about Scaife. He ruined Westmoreland County. blue neen Jan 2020 #39
It really is awful... Freedomofspeech Jan 2020 #40
I see it in the rural mid-west also. progressoid Jan 2020 #41
I know all too well liberaltrucker Jan 2020 #43
Yep...Butler County is not so great, either. Freedomofspeech Jan 2020 #44
I just traveled to rural Florida Dukkha Jan 2020 #47
There is a whole Trump house near Latrobe, PA.. Freedomofspeech Jan 2020 #48
WTF is wrong with these "Americans"! Dukkha Jan 2020 #50
Waving hello spinbaby Jan 2020 #49
HA I shouldn't laugh but what a sociology glimpse of magat life. Jesus stuff with trump signs Sickos lunasun Jan 2020 #59
Pity no, empathy yes saidsimplesimon Jan 2020 #51
I feel for you KT2000 Jan 2020 #52
They've always been there, now they wear hats..... getagrip_already Jan 2020 #53
I know how you feel I am in Ohio an hour from Pittsburgh doc03 Jan 2020 #54
These people are being taken advantage of, definitely spinbaby Jan 2020 #63
I was in Wheeling when Trump had one of his doc03 Jan 2020 #65
Hugs from bright red Oklahoma! redstatebluegirl Jan 2020 #55
I have an inklimg The Genealogist Jan 2020 #56
As it says at the entrace: Newest Reality Jan 2020 #57
+1000. n/t PandoraAwakened Jan 2020 #60
It's hard to imagine all that. I saw a truck in Dallas with a "piss on liberals" sticker though. :p NCLefty Jan 2020 #61
I live just across the border in WV. a la izquierda Jan 2020 #62
Lucky you. Freedomofspeech Jan 2020 #64
Dear Freedom -- I really do sympathize with you! Tracer Jan 2020 #67
In 2016 before the election... Freedomofspeech Jan 2020 #68
My father was raised in West Virginia marlakay Jan 2020 #66
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