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24. trump is and always has been
Fri Jan 17, 2020, 10:36 AM
Jan 2020

jealous of true warriors, even those who have had to make the ultimate sacrifice or have had family members do so. He is jealous of and hates vets because they remind him of what a snivelling little coward he is. Trump is a pitiful, pitiful little wannabe dictator. I wonder if he still has that copy of Mein Kampf on his night table by his bed?

"You would totally go bankrupt if you had to run your own business." dewsgirl Jan 2020 #1
I was about to make the same comment. cab67 Jan 2020 #19
GMTA dewsgirl Jan 2020 #21
Plus: government is not a 'business' CousinIT Jan 2020 #20
Isn't that what republicans have always wanted though? SergeStorms Jan 2020 #33
Economic history has shown for years the US economy does much better under Democrats CousinIT Jan 2020 #36
ok trump... handmade34 Jan 2020 #2
Of course he wouldn't go to war. Kingofalldems Jan 2020 #3
Besides,... he broke a toe nail when he stumbled into the coffee table the other night in the dark. magicarpet Jan 2020 #7
You mean covfefe table TheFarseer Jan 2020 #26
He is better described by his more complete life record.... usaf-vet Jan 2020 #32
" ... everybody else got the oil ... " Botany Jan 2020 #4
It's the most honest thing he's ever said. You didn't hear that from the CaptYossarian Jan 2020 #10
For the 1st 6 months after Cheney invaded Iraq we pumped their oil non stop and it ... Botany Jan 2020 #11
Just more evidence that Trump is a mentally unstable. Thomas Hurt Jan 2020 #5
It was at this meeting that Rex Tillerson. . . DinahMoeHum Jan 2020 #6
It seems this corporate/Russian installed dictator can do, say anything he wants, yaesu Jan 2020 #8
Absolutely! Delmette2.0 Jan 2020 #12
Dopes and babies? eyeofnewt Jan 2020 #9
This from Captain Bone Spurs. Nt raccoon Jan 2020 #13
Vlad the invader would be happy to see the US pull out from NATO IronLionZion Jan 2020 #14
Well, if anyone is an absolute authority on bankruptcy, it's what's his name. Firestorm49 Jan 2020 #15
How did the "collective they" let him live this long? NoMoreRepugs Jan 2020 #16
Then why isn't Traitor Trump collecting over $730 million from oil and gas corporations? Farmer-Rick Jan 2020 #17
He picks a fight by using insults duforsure Jan 2020 #18
Once he gets the military to do his bidding guess what he'll do? lunatica Jan 2020 #37
Somebody needs to nut up.... Toorich Jan 2020 #22
I can't believe this draft-dodging, incompetent, coward has the nerve to speak to our generals smirkymonkey Jan 2020 #23
trump is and always has been llashram Jan 2020 #24
It's probably right next to that Purple Heart a veteran gave him lunatica Jan 2020 #38
That is a horrifying read. brer cat Jan 2020 #25
More of Trump's projection dlk Jan 2020 #27
Most generals are graduates of West Point Military Academy or no_hypocrisy Jan 2020 #28
Once again, he describes himself G_j Jan 2020 #29
OMFG!!!! PCIntern Jan 2020 #30
Very Hitler-like... Wounded Bear Jan 2020 #31
This is Trump's style. patphil Jan 2020 #34
Kick dalton99a Jan 2020 #35
A little thought experiment gratuitous Jan 2020 #39
trump's legacy..."We should make money off of everything." spanone Jan 2020 #40
He Is One Sick Pseudo Almost Human colsohlibgal Jan 2020 #41
can you imagine Skittles Jan 2020 #42
not a problem for trump though mnmoderatedem Jan 2020 #43
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