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Then he should be removed from office BuffaloJackalope Jan 2020 #1
How? nt/ dware Jan 2020 #50
Isn't malfeasance a crime in VA? BuffaloJackalope Jan 2020 #90
Sheriffs have a wide latitude on what to spend their resources on, dware Jan 2020 #95
Do you agree that officers of the law who refuse to enforce public safety laws should be removed? BuffaloJackalope Jan 2020 #99
I do agree, dware Jan 2020 #101
What's your solution? BuffaloJackalope Jan 2020 #104
Where in the world did you get the idea that I'm an advocate for dware Jan 2020 #105
Right. You just chime in with pro-gun nut talking points at every opportunity. BuffaloJackalope Jan 2020 #108
But I didn't say nothing can be done, dware Jan 2020 #109
But nothing that the NRA doesn't advocate BuffaloJackalope Jan 2020 #110
At this point it seems that all you want to do is argue, dware Jan 2020 #111
You replied to me, pal. BuffaloJackalope Jan 2020 #114
I'm not bugging out, dware Jan 2020 #116
You lost, so you're bugging out. BuffaloJackalope Jan 2020 #117
If that's what you want to believe, dware Jan 2020 #119
You can prove me wrong by offering an actual solution, BuffaloJackalope Jan 2020 #125
just wait til the first gunshot victim of that county gets a lawyer.... samnsara Jan 2020 #126
This! The lawsuits should be staggering. SlogginThroughIt Jan 2020 #136
Well, if he wasn't throwing all of his resources trying to apprehend DWB. madinmaryland Jan 2020 #112
Is that what he's doing? dware Jan 2020 #113
What does DWB stand for? WVJoe Jan 2020 #134
Driving while black, dware Jan 2020 #135
Sheriffs are politicians. I'm guessing his is a rural county. Hassler Jan 2020 #2
It is, and a wingnut one obamanut2012 Jan 2020 #53
It is a wingnut place, and one of the most beautiful places on Earth. LastDemocratInSC Jan 2020 #87
Is he a Supreme Court justice in his spare time? lpbk2713 Jan 2020 #3
Then why would anyone have to take an oath dumbcat Jan 2020 #6
He is law enforcement XRubicon Jan 2020 #16
There is discretion at almost every level of justice aikoaiko Jan 2020 #32
Interesting XRubicon Jan 2020 #33
too many wrong choices can lead to unemployment aikoaiko Jan 2020 #35
How will he know what the law means? dumbcat Jan 2020 #37
lol XRubicon Jan 2020 #38
No that's not the way the law works treestar Jan 2020 #124
It's not doing what you want dumbcat Jan 2020 #138
If the question was never decided treestar Jan 2020 #141
Lots of things are not decided dumbcat Jan 2020 #143
Some court will treestar Jan 2020 #144
He should be fired immediately. onecaliberal Jan 2020 #4
ABSOLUTELY!! bluestarone Jan 2020 #5
How does one immediately fire an elected official? Kaleva Jan 2020 #9
So what do you think should happen? Kingofalldems Jan 2020 #10
One can try and educate the voters in that county so they elect a sheriff who believes in ... Kaleva Jan 2020 #15
I would suggest taking away all state funding for his office safeinOhio Jan 2020 #19
Holy crap! No one can. onecaliberal Jan 2020 #12
He can be recalled in a special election or defeated in the next election Kaleva Jan 2020 #17
He's a four term incumbent who won reelection as an indpendent by less than 100 votes onenote Jan 2020 #20
So it's likely his replacement would hold the same views as he does. Kaleva Jan 2020 #22
I think its certain. onenote Jan 2020 #27
Regardless, he needs to be out Blue_Tires Jan 2020 #72
So, unless he's voted out of office, unlikely, dware Jan 2020 #73
When I figure it out, I'll tell you Blue_Tires Jan 2020 #93
Interesting XRubicon Jan 2020 #21
Looks like the Florida Senate placed the sheriff on suspension. Kaleva Jan 2020 #23
Thank goodness. onecaliberal Jan 2020 #25
The governor removed him by executive order XRubicon Jan 2020 #28
Florida Constitution allows it. Kaleva Jan 2020 #31
I looked but couldn't find anything that clearly addressed the question onenote Jan 2020 #58
Probably only for malfeasance or criminal acts, dware Jan 2020 #60
The only way he can be fired is if he's voted out. nt dware Jan 2020 #51
He can't be fired, he is elected obamanut2012 Jan 2020 #54
This F.I.* is obviously a constitutional expert. COLGATE4 Jan 2020 #7
then he needs fired demtenjeep Jan 2020 #8
You mean voted out next election jimfields33 Jan 2020 #11
I thought the legislature was just CONTEMPLATING new laws. maxsolomon Jan 2020 #13
Q: When do progressives become law-and-order martinets? Straw Man Jan 2020 #14
The 7 round provision of the NY SAFE Act was struck down in 2013. n/t sl8 Jan 2020 #34
Not exactly. The seven-round law is still on the books. Straw Man Jan 2020 #122
Interesting, thanks. It gets even murkier, though: sl8 Jan 2020 #123
Yes. it does. Straw Man Jan 2020 #145
LOCK HIM UP. spanone Jan 2020 #18
For???? AncientGeezer Jan 2020 #91
Another republican law enforcement official refusing to enforce the law, MerryBlooms Jan 2020 #24
It was pointed out in another post that the Sheriff ran as an Independent. Kaleva Jan 2020 #42
You really think he's not a republican? MerryBlooms Jan 2020 #46
As an Independent, he's been running against, and defeating, Repubs since 2007 Kaleva Jan 2020 #47
No, you're right, my bad. I apologize. Not enforcing common sense gun laws... MerryBlooms Jan 2020 #77
He doesn't see them(the proposed laws) as you do....the people that elected him.... AncientGeezer Jan 2020 #92
I had assumed he was a Repub also until I read the post saying he ran as an independent. Kaleva Jan 2020 #97
These officials at every level refusing MerryBlooms Jan 2020 #118
So if someone gets killed by a gun? bluestarone Jan 2020 #26
Would sheriffs who uphold the law also get sued when someone is killed by a gun? Kaleva Jan 2020 #44
Well i figure his own statement hangs him! bluestarone Jan 2020 #45
Not the sheriff, the county. SlogginThroughIt Jan 2020 #137
county sheriffs have more real power than federal officials. Kurt V. Jan 2020 #29
our states AG ( I belive thats who it was) said if Sheriff doesnt enforce and someone gets shot.. samnsara Jan 2020 #30
So this LEO won't enforce certain LAWS because he disagrees with those laws. VOX Jan 2020 #36
Being limited to purchasing one hand gun a month? Generic Brad Jan 2020 #39
You go to a gun show ScratchCat Jan 2020 #52
Another scenario atreides1 Jan 2020 #83
It is against the law to WVJoe Jan 2020 #88
Both laws that require evidence of intent and offer a defense of plausible deniability ... marble falls Jan 2020 #94
Well I guess you won't be needing that badge anymore 2naSalit Jan 2020 #40
He cannot "retire from the force" -- he is elected obamanut2012 Jan 2020 #56
Retirement mean many things... 2naSalit Jan 2020 #66
That would be karmic justice. Nt raccoon Jan 2020 #61
If he refuses to enforce the laws, guillaumeb Jan 2020 #41
That would require him losing an election and his voters agree with him AncientGeezer Jan 2020 #48
He very well might know his voters. eom guillaumeb Jan 2020 #96
Since when is constitutional interpretation part of a sheriff's job description? ooky Jan 2020 #43
"Another right wing asshole abusing his office." FiveGoodMen Jan 2020 #102
And the South rose again again again again again again again again again... NCLefty Jan 2020 #49
Fire the sumbitch Blues Heron Jan 2020 #55
He's elected (as has been pointed out several times above) onenote Jan 2020 #57
As has been pointed time and time again, dware Jan 2020 #59
he can be fired! Blues Heron Jan 2020 #65
The only way he can be fired is if he's voted out of office dware Jan 2020 #67
They should fire him yesterday Blues Heron Jan 2020 #74
Wonder how he feels about immigration laws? All those clowns that create sanctuary jmg257 Jan 2020 #79
Apparently the voters don't want to fire him. dware Jan 2020 #98
Code of Virginia 24.2-233 struggle4progress Jan 2020 #62
There's the rub, dware Jan 2020 #64
This is not a heavy lift Cosmocat Jan 2020 #70
How do you know that the Dems in his county don't agree dware Jan 2020 #71
10% - roughly 20% of the dems in the county Cosmocat Jan 2020 #80
+! Only 586 signatures needed struggle4progress Jan 2020 #78
Yep - thanks for doing the math Cosmocat Jan 2020 #81
He got 2943 voters in the November election. His opponent got 2,904. He won by only 39 votes. struggle4progress Jan 2020 #75
His opponent was a Republican who undoubtedly agrees with his position onenote Jan 2020 #129
State of the Commonwealth 2020 Survey Report struggle4progress Jan 2020 #142
So many Sheriffs from different states refusing to enforce gun laws dustyscamp Jan 2020 #63
Cops aren't supposed to be activists. dubyadiprecession Jan 2020 #68
Again, dware Jan 2020 #69
You keep saying this. SlogginThroughIt Jan 2020 #139
So he supports sanctuary cities? LonePirate Jan 2020 #76
Great & obvious point of course - likely 2A sanctuary - which is a thing now. nt jmg257 Jan 2020 #82
Are there any in his county? Kaleva Jan 2020 #107
We applauded sheriffs who refused to enforce marijuana laws (nt) Recursion Jan 2020 #84
Shhhhh... tazkcmo Jan 2020 #106
This is interesting. atreides1 Jan 2020 #85
Wow police ignored a bunch of RWNJs wearing masks and went straight for a nonprotestor wearinga mask dustyscamp Jan 2020 #86
Guessing Sheriff Goober SoCalNative Jan 2020 #89
Refusing to enforce the law automatically disqualifies him. n/t cynatnite Jan 2020 #100
Not according to the voters in his county. nt dware Jan 2020 #103
And yet, Fla_Democrat Jan 2020 #115
That's not his choice... NiteOwl1 Jan 2020 #120
What he's saying that he will not do his job and protect the citizens rockfordfile Jan 2020 #121
City Council should remove him from office. lark Jan 2020 #127
First of all, he is a County Sheriff. And he's elected onenote Jan 2020 #128
Guess the rules everywhere are different, didn't think about that. lark Jan 2020 #130
In Virginia, counties and cities are separate. You live in one or the other, not both. onenote Jan 2020 #132
Under what authority..he's a County officer? AncientGeezer Jan 2020 #131
Wow, so scary.... Bettie Jan 2020 #133
You're Fired for Misfeasance, Sir. MineralMan Jan 2020 #140
Sheriffs are elected officials. Straw Man Feb 2020 #146
And I am a voter. I can vote to fire any elected official. MineralMan Feb 2020 #147
Actually, no you can't. Straw Man Feb 2020 #148
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