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61. Maybe Trump sees himself as basically being James Bond.
Tue Jan 28, 2020, 03:44 AM
Jan 2020

*but in a traitorous way

That could be the secret source of energy that keeps him going every day. And his cover is he's just this dumb, buffoonish, loud, insulting blowhard from Queens. Maybe it's brilliant. I don't know.. :p

we know that. they know that. they don't care. NRaleighLiberal Jan 2020 #1
He's not an agent. grumpyduck Jan 2020 #2
In other words.... Xolodno Jan 2020 #3
Either this, or he's the most phenomenal actor in history. Grokenstein Jan 2020 #21
he's a dittohead. they've been using talk radio for at least a decade and the collusion was right certainot Jan 2020 #55
It's grooming. Arthur_Frain Jan 2020 #59
wait till they find out the aversion of uncertainty/fear is caused by diverting certainot Jan 2020 #62
Yes, just a useful idiot. warmfeet Jan 2020 #47
Money. Russian backed loans to bail his ass out. But he owes them big time. (?) YOHABLO Jan 2020 #49
ding ding ding...it is the loans from Russian money! at140 Jan 2020 #51
Just give him bdamomma Jan 2020 #64
Hmmm. I think a trust the former CIA chief's opinion more. triron Jan 2020 #7
Right? PJMcK Jan 2020 #46
Agree with this DeminPennswoods Jan 2020 #15
The former CIA Moscow Station Agent knows the difference Pachamama Jan 2020 #31
His narcissism can be exploited JonLP24 Jan 2020 #57
And he can't keep a secret for 5 minutes. nt leftyladyfrommo Jan 2020 #63
Absolutely. dalton99a Jan 2020 #4
I would also put Pompeo on the list. nt DURHAM D Jan 2020 #5
Hey Pompeo, you're not in Kansas anymore. calimary Jan 2020 #20
This will get darn interesting . Wellstone ruled Jan 2020 #6
He's too dumb and too much of a loose cannon to be an agent. The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2020 #8
+1 crickets Jan 2020 #10
This. MontanaMama Jan 2020 #23
I agree. They own him and use him for their purposes. patphil Jan 2020 #50
If the shoe fits. Kid Berwyn Jan 2020 #9
An ASSet, I'd say sandensea Jan 2020 #11
DAMN YOU!!!!!! I'll be having nightmares all night thinking about that image. groundloop Jan 2020 #12
Well, just think of what Melania has to put up with! sandensea Jan 2020 #13
She could well be an asset, too DeminPennswoods Jan 2020 #16
I think it's downright likely she's his handler ... (nt) mr_lebowski Jan 2020 #27
You're probably right sandensea Jan 2020 #29
She's his handler. dewsgirl Jan 2020 #34
I felt a bit for her until the I don't care thing marlakay Jan 2020 #32
Hugh Jass!!! Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jan 2020 #14
Hugh Janus MontanaMama Jan 2020 #24
Car Talk allusion? teamster633 Jan 2020 #33
Can't be an asset without the ass Generic Brad Jan 2020 #44
That big fat ass bdamomma Jan 2020 #65
I have always thought this... as have some others... yuiyoshida Jan 2020 #17
Trump is truly loyal to nothing stopdiggin Jan 2020 #18
Putting money into Trump was the best investment Putin ever made. keithbvadu2 Jan 2020 #19
Could be. moondust Jan 2020 #22
Useful idiot so indebted to oligarchs that the end wnylib Jan 2020 #25
A distinction without a difference, as the saying goes ... agreed (nt) mr_lebowski Jan 2020 #28
Treason, and the republican party is good with it. MerryBlooms Jan 2020 #26
Post removed Post removed Jan 2020 #30
K&R UTUSN Jan 2020 #35
Knew this had to come out eventually! n/t PandoraAwakened Jan 2020 #36
tRump is a Russian asset. The evidence says so beyond dispute. He Enoki33 Jan 2020 #37
kick for exposure... Stuart G Jan 2020 #38
Russia has been Trump's meal ticket for decades elias7 Jan 2020 #39
Kick Hekate Jan 2020 #40
Russian agent? Maybe, fifty8bar Jan 2020 #41
Russian Ass Kitchari Jan 2020 #42
Here's how this works matt819 Jan 2020 #43
I think everyone is missing the point sab390 Jan 2020 #45
You are correct bdamomma Jan 2020 #66
IF he is, it is entirely by accident...he isn't smart enough to do it on purpose. nt Ferrets are Cool Jan 2020 #48
One really doesn't have to be smart to enable the money flows that this crowd wants. ancianita Jan 2020 #58
Yup Botany Jan 2020 #52
we knew that on DU since early 2017. AlexSFCA Jan 2020 #53
Yes. I said this several months ago on this site and someone underthematrix Jan 2020 #54
Hidden History of the Trump's first trip to Moscow LessAspin Jan 2020 #56
Mowatt-Larssen has a creep edge; just a cursory search turns up a piece attributed to ancianita Jan 2020 #60
Boy, right at throwing water on this. Wow. triron Jan 2020 #68
This guy wanders through global arenas we need to know about. He's no friend of Americans ancianita Jan 2020 #69
Maybe Trump sees himself as basically being James Bond. NCLefty Jan 2020 #61
Smersh Spionam Kid Berwyn Jan 2020 #67
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