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90. When asked how hard he was holding onto her neck, Bryant stated, "My hands are strong. I don't know"
Tue Jan 28, 2020, 07:43 PM
Jan 2020
Bryant initially told investigators that he did not have sexual intercourse with his accuser, a 19-year-old woman who worked at the hotel where Bryant was staying. When the officers told Bryant that she had taken an exam that yielded physical evidence, such as semen, Bryant admitted to having sexual intercourse with her, but stated that the sex was consensual. When asked about bruises on the accuser's neck, Bryant admitted to "strangling" her during the encounter, stating that he held her "from the back" "around her neck", that strangling during sex was his "thing" and that he had a pattern of strangling a different sex partner (not his wife) during their recurring sexual encounters. When asked how hard he was holding onto her neck, Bryant stated, "My hands are strong. I don't know." Bryant stated that he assumed consent for sex because of the accuser's body language such as her kissing him, putting her hand on his penis, and bending over, but that he did not explicitly ask for her consent during the encounter. Bryant later said that he believed his accuser was capable of saying no because during the encounter he asked her if he could "cum on her face", and she said no.


But BOY he was good at sports!

Wow awesomerwb1 Jan 2020 #1
You didn't answer the question at all Calculating Jan 2020 #3
Kobe confronted it - Kavanaugh still denies it lame54 Jan 2020 #28
Well as long as he confronted it .... Fullduplexxx Jan 2020 #39
You're right - they're EXACTLY the same person lame54 Jan 2020 #40
He denied it until he saw the evidence against him. cwydro Jan 2020 #57
When is it Kavanaugh's turn? lame54 Jan 2020 #77
What does that have to do with it? cwydro Jan 2020 #80
The OP question was... lame54 Jan 2020 #82
When asked how hard he was holding onto her neck, Bryant stated, "My hands are strong. I don't know" NCLefty Jan 2020 #90
Okay, using your name that way is NOT "a personal attack." Get real -- you asked a hot-button... Hekate Jan 2020 #44
There was no personal attack rockfordfile Jan 2020 #87
You see serial rapists and those that are involved in one incident the same? janterry Jan 2020 #2
Yes Calculating Jan 2020 #6
Well, then you should probably janterry Jan 2020 #16
Victims can carry it with them forever. Fullduplexxx Jan 2020 #41
Yes, I do typically believe that rapists/child molesters need to stay locked up Calculating Jan 2020 #46
Some do feel broken forever janterry Jan 2020 #56
Wow. MrsCoffee Jan 2020 #105
Wait. Are you saying one rape is really not that big a deal? Sounds like that's what you are saying. Squinch Jan 2020 #75
"Involved in one incident" jcgoldie Jan 2020 #9
I don't mean to be rude janterry Jan 2020 #14
"Men who have one incident" are rapists jcgoldie Jan 2020 #19
That's the way I speak janterry Jan 2020 #21
Have you worked with the victims? MrsCoffee Jan 2020 #106
"One incident " where they got caught. cwydro Jan 2020 #58
No. You are wrong janterry Jan 2020 #61
The fact that you call a rape an "incident" that the rapist was "involved with" speaks volumes. cwydro Jan 2020 #62
You are being rude janterry Jan 2020 #67
I've no respect for rapists. cwydro Jan 2020 #70
WTF??? "Men who have one incident"??? A man who rapes is a rapist. It doesn't matter whether you Squinch Jan 2020 #76
The difference is, that Kobe is dead. unitedwethrive Jan 2020 #4
"one of the few civilities we have left" Yavin4 Jan 2020 #38
Oh please, how long have you been on DU? cwydro Jan 2020 #59
Sure don't want it to be much longer. unitedwethrive Jan 2020 #101
Umm NewJeffCT Jan 2020 #5
Not to mention, Kobe did amazing things for the WNBA and women's rights. bearsfootball516 Jan 2020 #8
This... though the OP may not be able to see the difference... hlthe2b Jan 2020 #10
Nor did Kobe attack his accuser afterwards and unleash a firestorm of "haters" to drive her hlthe2b Jan 2020 #11
This is a good point. yardwork Jan 2020 #17
Golly... why hasn't the OP replied? tenderfoot Jan 2020 #64
Maybe it's because maxrandb Jan 2020 #104
He also was acquitted of rape at trial. There was a question of whether it was not in fact Blue_true Jan 2020 #86
He was not acquitted. The DA case was dropped because she refused to testify Beringia Jan 2020 #95
I was wrong on acquittal. Blue_true Jan 2020 #98
It never went to trial TexasBushwhacker Jan 2020 #97
Explain to me exactly what happened with Kobe, what he did after and since. nolabear Jan 2020 #7
Kavanaugh has been a spoiled rotten piece of garbage his entire life. oasis Jan 2020 #12
I have several friends who were raped and they are asking the same question. Quixote1818 Jan 2020 #13
Thats correct. There were a couple of holes in Solomon Jan 2020 #29
Wrong. She never admitted it was consensual. kcr Jan 2020 #103
From what I read at the time, she had Semena from TWO other men either in her Blue_true Jan 2020 #88
I would not have compared him to Kavanaugh cyclonefence Jan 2020 #15
Tiger woods is a serial adulterer who hasnt been accused of rape jcgoldie Jan 2020 #22
This is a reasonable and fair question. yardwork Jan 2020 #18
Wow. Just wow evertonfc Jan 2020 #20
All I know is his being glorified has been hurtful to my friends who have Quixote1818 Jan 2020 #24
This Calculating Jan 2020 #43
Did I miss somewhere that Kobe Bryant was "convicted" of rape? maxrandb Jan 2020 #52
Excellent post Rorey Jan 2020 #78
Thank you for your post. Totally agree. Vivienne235729 Jan 2020 #102
He admitted to having sex with a woman without her consent. jmg257 Jan 2020 #55
There is room for growth in every person's life. People would not mfcorey1 Jan 2020 #23
Well, Kobe can't hurt anyone anymore. That's better than Boofer Boy at the moment. RockRaven Jan 2020 #25
It is part of Kobe's history. The good, bad and ugly. Bananaluver Jan 2020 #26
It's easy to NEVER forgive others GitRDun Jan 2020 #27
Not "better", but a different situation. Show some respect for his devastated, grieving family Siwsan Jan 2020 #30
Kobe never aspired to the top Court where he would make decisions affecting us all. Midnight Writer Jan 2020 #31
Jeez, this is nothing like Kavanaugh. Kobe was arrested and criminally charged. R B Garr Jan 2020 #32
She had choke marks and vaginal lacerations Beringia Jan 2020 #35
The article is from 2016. Did you follow the case R B Garr Jan 2020 #99
A WaPo reporter was put on leave for tweeting about this Beringia Jan 2020 #33
The blowback on that has been nasty RhodeIslandOne Jan 2020 #63
For one thing, moondust Jan 2020 #34
Differences mainstreetonce Jan 2020 #36
Oh, but he turned his life around and became a great dad and family man. Fullduplexxx Jan 2020 #37
That you even have to ask this question----- I'll leave it there. nt Atticus Jan 2020 #42
Nothing, except he was a sports star obamanut2012 Jan 2020 #45
Right Calculating Jan 2020 #47
The US replaced nobility with celebrity. LanternWaste Jan 2020 #48
What I didn't understand is what Kobe said after Polybius Jan 2020 #49
I think it was initially consensual Calculating Jan 2020 #50
Oh wow, that makes much more sense Polybius Jan 2020 #51
Even if it started out consensual, when one participant says no or stop, Blue_true Jan 2020 #89
google it / NT . stonecutter357 Jan 2020 #53
WOW! ploppy Jan 2020 #54
We support drunks, thieves, abusers, murderers, liars, cheaters, all sorts of people. cbdo2007 Jan 2020 #68
I am not lonely ploppy Jan 2020 #69
I'm not looking for perfect people Calculating Jan 2020 #73
You mean someone repented and acquitted of rape right? Why don't you know this already? tia uponit7771 Jan 2020 #93
someone's having fun today. tenderfoot Jan 2020 #60
Kobe wasn't on the Supreme Court LeftInTX Jan 2020 #65
It seems that anything made public prior to #meToo.... RhodeIslandOne Jan 2020 #66
He was good at sportsball Bettie Jan 2020 #71
I didn't even have a clue who Kobe Bryant was DFW Jan 2020 #72
I imagine my response will also be controversial. The difference between Kobe and Brett underthematrix Jan 2020 #74
There are significant differences between the two of them. Ms. Toad Jan 2020 #79
I disagree on the point about not forgiving anyone that commits rape or sexual assault tulipsandroses Jan 2020 #81
What is "attempted" rape? Bluesaph Jan 2020 #83
Were you a witness to what happened in Kobe's room? OneBro Jan 2020 #84
You wrote a very well thoughtout post. Blue_true Jan 2020 #91
Evidence that called credibility into question. Blue_true Jan 2020 #85
Kobe's case was dropped, why don't you know this gating factor already? tia (edited) uponit7771 Jan 2020 #92
I thought the case was dismissed when the victim said she wouldn't cooperate pre-trial n/t. carpetbagger Jan 2020 #94
Not acquitted, dropped when she refused to testify Beringia Jan 2020 #96
Well, he's dead now. Hopefully your desire for vengeance has ecstatic Jan 2020 #100
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