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22. This is a pattern. Here's three more recent examples of the same thing!:
Wed Jan 29, 2020, 12:52 AM
Jan 2020

See the same kind of mid-sentence jump at 56 seconds in:


BOTH times he realizes he's going down and says, "Look" to recover.

And this time (second video, at 4 seconds):

Same problem, different recovery.

GAH.. Another one with the original recovery:

He's messed up. Something is wrong with him.
Lol bmpbmp Jan 2020 #1
OMG I heard GIGGLING from faux ruse! nt UniteFightBack Jan 2020 #2
he has become pathetic and should be pitied.....;) samnsara Jan 2020 #3
Any other person, yes, but not the leader of my country, efhmc Jan 2020 #7
I agree Orrex Jan 2020 #13
And I would pity him PatSeg Jan 2020 #17
Awesome dalton99a Jan 2020 #4
Meanwhile NJCher Jan 2020 #28
Marlo Thomas "That Girl" wanna be BigmanPigman Jan 2020 #5
I'm not sure that is a woman. captain queeg Jan 2020 #8
I'm not sure that's her hair. NBachers Jan 2020 #11
That's Ted Nugent in drag. klook Jan 2020 #16
What does that mean? It is obviously a woman obamanut2012 Jan 2020 #35
I think it's Peggy Bundy Kaleva Jan 2020 #14
And she has a lovely Trump tan too! PatSeg Jan 2020 #18
Please stroke out vercetti2021 Jan 2020 #6
I've been wishing for it daily since at least mid 2016 Orrex Jan 2020 #12
I pray for this daily. smirkymonkey Jan 2020 #23
I love the Faux News host laughing at him on a hot mic DesertRat Jan 2020 #9
"crimina blub blub blub LOOK..." Orrex Jan 2020 #10
I wonder if he's having TIA's. Raven Jan 2020 #15
He should have a few more Orrex Jan 2020 #21
First clip: Aussie105 Jan 2020 #19
Those screw ups ought to scare the sh*t out of his audience. Grammy23 Jan 2020 #20
This is a pattern. Here's three more recent examples of the same thing!: NCLefty Jan 2020 #22
Thanks for putting those clips together NJCher Jan 2020 #29
Is it too early to start taking bets as to how long he's going to last? smirkymonkey Jan 2020 #24
LOL! "He's circling the drain." Great expression. Never heard it put that way before! skylucy Jan 2020 #27
Kick burrowowl Jan 2020 #25
I see that he's trying to pander to accordion players now. nt Buns_of_Fire Jan 2020 #26
K&R yortsed snacilbuper Jan 2020 #30
Just like the Emperor's new clothes. Everybody knows he's mentally incompetent, raccoon Jan 2020 #31
Rudyard Kipling Kid Berwyn Jan 2020 #32
I'd love to know what trump said or did after they cut away from him. Nt raccoon Jan 2020 #33
Were the people behind him reading his teleprompter or do they have this shit memorized? dem4decades Jan 2020 #34
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