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The Lincoln Project [View all] Cousin Dupree Feb 2020 OP
personally I wouldn't focus on the fact that they're Republicans, but focus on their end goal renate Feb 2020 #1
Sure, but they're Republican Classic. That's pre-Tea Party, before the insanity. CaptYossarian Feb 2020 #3
The enemy of my enemy? Tech Feb 2020 #2
It's your money Cirque du So-What Feb 2020 #4
Their purpose is to see that trump doesn't get re-elected. That's my primary purpose too. Cousin Dupree Feb 2020 #5
I trust our side to reach that goal Cirque du So-What Feb 2020 #10
I think it is money well-spent. Big Blue Marble Feb 2020 #6
Funny you should mention the Lincoln Project Cornell Engineer Feb 2020 #7
Thanks. I just donated. Cousin Dupree Feb 2020 #15
TY for the link, but have found the website easier to navigate. Link here! Hekate Feb 2020 #24
Thanks Hekate! OAITW r.2.0 Feb 2020 #27
I dropped them $25 as a one-time donation and may do so again... Hekate Feb 2020 #34
I thnk we need all the help we can get. HarlanPepper Feb 2020 #8
I think it's better to use your donation money for Democrats. scarletwoman Feb 2020 #9
Not sure I agree Cornell Engineer Feb 2020 #11
I suppose it depends on how much money a person has. scarletwoman Feb 2020 #12
I figure Cornell Engineer Feb 2020 #13
Well said. Thanks. I just donated. Cousin Dupree Feb 2020 #14
When I received their standard welcoming email Cornell Engineer Feb 2020 #17
I think you're right about the "acid," & I think it's a variant of RickW's "Everything Trump Touches Hekate Feb 2020 #22
+ struggle4progress Feb 2020 #21
I just watch their ads on Youtube... Fuckin Amazing! In It to Win It Feb 2020 #16
If you have extra money and want to donate I say do it and I see you did! nt UniteFightBack Feb 2020 #18
I Will Say This About THem Me. Feb 2020 #19
Amen Hekate Feb 2020 #20
Excellent point you have there Cornell Engineer Feb 2020 #23
Gunslingers Is A Good Description Me. Feb 2020 #25
Evil isn't sexist Cornell Engineer Feb 2020 #31
And What About Sarah Sanders Me. Feb 2020 #36
My personal theory about their marriage is they are Catholic, but also they have children... Hekate Feb 2020 #35
I posted this a few days ago. It's an anti-McSally ad the Lincoln Project created dflprincess Feb 2020 #26
Wowee! emmaverybo Feb 2020 #29
Last week Rick Wilson indicated on Morning Joe they were coming out with this soon Cornell Engineer Feb 2020 #32
I say go for it. Right now we are absolutely on the same side and these folks are persuasive and emmaverybo Feb 2020 #28
👍 Joinfortmill Feb 2020 #30
Nononononononono. Donate to Democrats, donate to real allies JHB Feb 2020 #33
Nope, no way. They can spend your money to fund Republicans..... KY_EnviroGuy Feb 2020 #37
I saw one of their adds Wabbajack_ Feb 2020 #38
They have no constituency and no power. See: Log Cabin Republicans. NCLefty Feb 2020 #39
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