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15. I wrote this on fb today
Wed Mar 18, 2020, 06:24 PM
Mar 2020

I’ve been thinking about the changes this time might bring

Maybe we learn that we don’t need so many things

Maybe we learn it’s important to make the things we need close by

Maybe we learn to take care of each other and our earth

Maybe we cook and garden more, and get out to experience nature

I hope we take to heart how important it is to have health care and a functioning government
It will if we can rid of despots like Trump, Putin DonaldsRump Mar 2020 #1
I was just thinking the same thing. MuseRider Mar 2020 #2
and i. was just thinking about a sudden massive drop in not only CO2 emissions certainot Mar 2020 #47
Profound malaise Mar 2020 #3
a beautiful statement badseedboy Mar 2020 #4
Earth has its ways of cleaning itself. pwb Mar 2020 #5
The Gaia Theory. Did a paper on that over 20 years ago. Ya don't fuck with mother nature... Native Mar 2020 #6
Glad to read that I'm not the only one who has had this thought Farmgirl1961 Mar 2020 #20
I doubt it. These plagues have come along many times through the centuries. oldsoftie Mar 2020 #44
I had that thought in the car the other day, driving through not-rush-hour traffic. forgotmylogin Mar 2020 #39
The atmosphere has been poisoned for billions of years Loki Liesmith Mar 2020 #7
History shows again and again 2naSalit Mar 2020 #8
Wouldn't it be ironic if this Godzilla virus was what saves this planet and us? lunatica Mar 2020 #9
i remember seeing satellite images of Wuhan dweller Mar 2020 #10
Recommended. guillaumeb Mar 2020 #11
Dolphins in Venice canals drmeow Mar 2020 #12
Your post made me go look lunatica Mar 2020 #13
found some video drmeow Mar 2020 #16
That's wonderful! lunatica Mar 2020 #18
wow bdamomma Mar 2020 #28
One of many"silver linings" that will pop up long and short term. BigmanPigman Mar 2020 #14
I wrote this on fb today stopwastingmymoney Mar 2020 #15
That's great. lunatica Mar 2020 #17
+1 good thoughts lunasun Mar 2020 #23
This "breather" will result in two thing bucolic_frolic Mar 2020 #19
They are reporting today you can see the bottom of the venice canal for the 1st time in forever Soph0571 Mar 2020 #21
I have been thinking about this since yesterday. ananda Mar 2020 #22
Mother Earth is fighting back the only way she knows how. Joe Nation Mar 2020 #24
She's a master of biological warfare for sure! lunatica Mar 2020 #30
...since 9/11. Iggo Mar 2020 #25
Mother Earth will always survive, but will we? Miigwech Mar 2020 #26
our environment bdamomma Mar 2020 #27
It's easy to forget that the great majority of people who get it lunatica Mar 2020 #29
I hope scientists are tracking the CO2 in the atmosphere and any changes.nt applegrove Mar 2020 #31
Every scientist I knew and gave reimbursements to will lunatica Mar 2020 #32
Great. applegrove Mar 2020 #33
The scientific community will definitely be writing oodles... NNadir Mar 2020 #37
Thanks. applegrove Mar 2020 #41
Pandemics, like wars, speed things up. . . . Journeyman Mar 2020 #34
We'll have a better idea how strong the aerosol masking effect is... k2qb3 Mar 2020 #35
Transformative indeed, if we learn from it lunatica Mar 2020 #43
Kick burrowowl Mar 2020 #36
I hope that when this is over Nonhlanhla Mar 2020 #38
Fine post friend, but you might wish to fix its title's typo Pluvious Mar 2020 #40
Thank you! lunatica Mar 2020 #42
My pleasure :) Pluvious Mar 2020 #45
So long proud patriot Mar 2020 #46
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