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16. Cities are the base of the modern Dem party.
Sun Mar 29, 2020, 10:47 PM
Mar 2020

Metropolitan areas (ie, cities and their surrounding suburbs) are the blue areas of the country, also the most diverse.

There's no such thing as a blue city. C_U_L8R Mar 2020 #1
Detroit, Chicago, NY are all considered lib cities by the christofascists. Thomas Hurt Mar 2020 #5
Colorado's urban front range tends to vote blue from Boulder to metro Denver. PatrickforO Mar 2020 #14
Cities are the base of the modern Dem party. radius777 Mar 2020 #16
Maybe my point wasn't well stated. C_U_L8R Mar 2020 #17
Liberals use facts and analyze nuances before coming to conclusions DBoon Mar 2020 #29
Lot of 'non-distancing' republicons will be infected also empedocles Mar 2020 #2
That's their plan to "own the libtards". nt Progressive Jones Mar 2020 #3
Harsh word qwlauren35 Mar 2020 #4
Hate radio is ...hateful by design. Limbaugh and RW radio in general are damaging the country. crickets Mar 2020 #6
The answer doesn't lie in dividing the country maxrandb Mar 2020 #10
Then my apologies - I misunderstood you. crickets Mar 2020 #13
You've got a really good point. If we found legal ways to challenge and PatrickforO Mar 2020 #15
The country is divided because RW chose to divide. radius777 Mar 2020 #19
Absolutley true! ffr Mar 2020 #7
There's a reason they advertise as #1 in NYC maxrandb Mar 2020 #11
Trump has plenty to fear. gordianot Mar 2020 #8
Whoever the military sides with will win and the other side will lose. FiveGoodMen Mar 2020 #25
If there were ever to be a civil war it would be in the military. gordianot Mar 2020 #32
The scary part is Trump is acting like someone Mr.Bill Mar 2020 #9
I blame Limbaugh first, and then the others followed. rusty quoin Mar 2020 #12
Bartcop was a prophet Ellen Forradalom Mar 2020 #18
Oh, man. I miss Bartcop. crickets Mar 2020 #31
feeble syphilitic mind PNW-Dem Mar 2020 #20
Rural America is not safe IronLionZion Mar 2020 #21
Stupid people breed at a faster rate? Brainfodder Mar 2020 #22
Plenty of liberals in so-called "godforsaken shitholes" too. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2020 #23
Don't forget the universities that also broadcast the message of hate & bigotry. CrispyQ Mar 2020 #24
Sarah Palin was the one to really drive it home RhodeIslandOne Mar 2020 #26
Hate radio (rush limbaugh) and Fox "news" are destroying our country. BComplex Mar 2020 #27
The right wing thrives by creating enemies DBoon Mar 2020 #28
Where's certainot in this thread? mr_lebowski Mar 2020 #30
Yup. These clowns who claim to "love America" only love Americans who agree with them. Nitram Mar 2020 #33
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