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19. The country is divided because RW chose to divide.
Sun Mar 29, 2020, 11:13 PM
Mar 2020

As you stated, the blue metro areas are the engines of production in this world - yet we're severely underrepresented in this system, ie the Electoral College, the Senate, etc.

Rural whites control the game, why this country is so backward, as blue votes matter far less than red votes due to the way the system is structured.

Blue America has the population, the energy, the purchasing power - we can easily boycott Red America and put the hurt on them until they stop their bullshit. We could easily get our food/goods from Mexico and Canada or from blue states/areas. Fuck'em. They wanted to play hardball well it's time to play hardball.

There's no such thing as a blue city. C_U_L8R Mar 2020 #1
Detroit, Chicago, NY are all considered lib cities by the christofascists. Thomas Hurt Mar 2020 #5
Colorado's urban front range tends to vote blue from Boulder to metro Denver. PatrickforO Mar 2020 #14
Cities are the base of the modern Dem party. radius777 Mar 2020 #16
Maybe my point wasn't well stated. C_U_L8R Mar 2020 #17
Liberals use facts and analyze nuances before coming to conclusions DBoon Mar 2020 #29
Lot of 'non-distancing' republicons will be infected also empedocles Mar 2020 #2
That's their plan to "own the libtards". nt Progressive Jones Mar 2020 #3
Harsh word qwlauren35 Mar 2020 #4
Hate radio is ...hateful by design. Limbaugh and RW radio in general are damaging the country. crickets Mar 2020 #6
The answer doesn't lie in dividing the country maxrandb Mar 2020 #10
Then my apologies - I misunderstood you. crickets Mar 2020 #13
You've got a really good point. If we found legal ways to challenge and PatrickforO Mar 2020 #15
The country is divided because RW chose to divide. radius777 Mar 2020 #19
Absolutley true! ffr Mar 2020 #7
There's a reason they advertise as #1 in NYC maxrandb Mar 2020 #11
Trump has plenty to fear. gordianot Mar 2020 #8
Whoever the military sides with will win and the other side will lose. FiveGoodMen Mar 2020 #25
If there were ever to be a civil war it would be in the military. gordianot Mar 2020 #32
The scary part is Trump is acting like someone Mr.Bill Mar 2020 #9
I blame Limbaugh first, and then the others followed. rusty quoin Mar 2020 #12
Bartcop was a prophet Ellen Forradalom Mar 2020 #18
Oh, man. I miss Bartcop. crickets Mar 2020 #31
feeble syphilitic mind PNW-Dem Mar 2020 #20
Rural America is not safe IronLionZion Mar 2020 #21
Stupid people breed at a faster rate? Brainfodder Mar 2020 #22
Plenty of liberals in so-called "godforsaken shitholes" too. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2020 #23
Don't forget the universities that also broadcast the message of hate & bigotry. CrispyQ Mar 2020 #24
Sarah Palin was the one to really drive it home RhodeIslandOne Mar 2020 #26
Hate radio (rush limbaugh) and Fox "news" are destroying our country. BComplex Mar 2020 #27
The right wing thrives by creating enemies DBoon Mar 2020 #28
Where's certainot in this thread? mr_lebowski Mar 2020 #30
Yup. These clowns who claim to "love America" only love Americans who agree with them. Nitram Mar 2020 #33
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