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7. the nature of the curve
Tue Apr 28, 2020, 07:25 PM
Apr 2020

says we will have more deaths after the peak than before it. it's not a bell and it has a fat right tail.

so even if there are no 2nd waves we likely are less than halfway to out deaths total.

K and R dewsgirl Apr 2020 #1
not even close Skittles Apr 2020 #2
SILLY questions, how many STATES do we have, elleng Apr 2020 #3
Fall may be worse. redstatebluegirl Apr 2020 #4
I don't think fall will be worse because people will be social distancing until a vaccine comes out Quixote1818 Apr 2020 #10
The science doesn't agree but I am used redstatebluegirl Apr 2020 #11
You misunderstood my point. I don't think we will get close to full herd immunity ever Quixote1818 Apr 2020 #13
You make excellent points. Blue_true Apr 2020 #20
Also, the virus is not morphing rapidly at all and most scientists agree that if someone has had it Quixote1818 Apr 2020 #24
For this form of coronavirus, you're probably correct - Ms. Toad Apr 2020 #28
I trust your judgment on this kind of thing. Do you see a fall wave being as as bad as this wave? Quixote1818 Apr 2020 #32
I'm better on short term (days to a month or two) than long term - Ms. Toad Apr 2020 #34
"I have no idea" is the only credible answer HarlanPepper Apr 2020 #5
Agreed. Talitha Apr 2020 #12
There are a lot of "experts." HarlanPepper Apr 2020 #14
Maybe the current rate might drop for awhile but we are a long way from being done. captain queeg Apr 2020 #6
the nature of the curve BGBD Apr 2020 #7
I can't see how.. stillcool Apr 2020 #8
We need people wearing masks until we have a proven vaccine or Blue_true Apr 2020 #21
Probably not but if a couple of good drugs come out that fight it off, then maybe. nt Quixote1818 Apr 2020 #9
There are thousands of people dying daily. kacekwl Apr 2020 #15
Had to say I don't know mvd Apr 2020 #16
The worst of the 1918 Pandemic came in the second wave. Blue_true Apr 2020 #17
That was mainly because it mutated into a much more dangerous strain. I totally agree on the masks Quixote1818 Apr 2020 #19
Covid19 mutated into the European strain. Blue_true Apr 2020 #25
From everything I have read coronaviruses are pretty stable compared to flu viruses Quixote1818 Apr 2020 #27
also when the first wave flattened out, several large cities held big parades yellowdogintexas Apr 2020 #30
Yes and I don't see even red states doing that this fall. But we will have the regular flu at the Quixote1818 Apr 2020 #33
Is that a joke? Depending on how hard it hits JCMach1 Apr 2020 #18
Dead? My, I hope not. I hope the forceful action that Governor Cuomo took today becomes Blue_true Apr 2020 #26
The Texas Gov. Opens things tomorrow... Dallas had it's highest JCMach1 Apr 2020 #29
oh I think you are quite right. yellowdogintexas Apr 2020 #31
How could the worst be behind us? Fiendish Thingy Apr 2020 #22
It's a mistake to pretend to know the future struggle4progress Apr 2020 #23
Trump is saying this and the media is repeating it. milestogo Apr 2020 #35
I wish we knew. We don't. Maru Kitteh Apr 2020 #36
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