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Fiendish Thingy

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22. How could the worst be behind us?
Tue Apr 28, 2020, 09:04 PM
Apr 2020

A generous estimate would be 7-8% of the population has been infected (rejecting the bogus Stanford study), so we’re way far off from any semblance of herd immunity. The death rate may be restrained if people stay home, but the risks won’t diminish anytime soon.

K and R dewsgirl Apr 2020 #1
not even close Skittles Apr 2020 #2
SILLY questions, how many STATES do we have, elleng Apr 2020 #3
Fall may be worse. redstatebluegirl Apr 2020 #4
I don't think fall will be worse because people will be social distancing until a vaccine comes out Quixote1818 Apr 2020 #10
The science doesn't agree but I am used redstatebluegirl Apr 2020 #11
You misunderstood my point. I don't think we will get close to full herd immunity ever Quixote1818 Apr 2020 #13
You make excellent points. Blue_true Apr 2020 #20
Also, the virus is not morphing rapidly at all and most scientists agree that if someone has had it Quixote1818 Apr 2020 #24
For this form of coronavirus, you're probably correct - Ms. Toad Apr 2020 #28
I trust your judgment on this kind of thing. Do you see a fall wave being as as bad as this wave? Quixote1818 Apr 2020 #32
I'm better on short term (days to a month or two) than long term - Ms. Toad Apr 2020 #34
"I have no idea" is the only credible answer HarlanPepper Apr 2020 #5
Agreed. Talitha Apr 2020 #12
There are a lot of "experts." HarlanPepper Apr 2020 #14
Maybe the current rate might drop for awhile but we are a long way from being done. captain queeg Apr 2020 #6
the nature of the curve BGBD Apr 2020 #7
I can't see how.. stillcool Apr 2020 #8
We need people wearing masks until we have a proven vaccine or Blue_true Apr 2020 #21
Probably not but if a couple of good drugs come out that fight it off, then maybe. nt Quixote1818 Apr 2020 #9
There are thousands of people dying daily. kacekwl Apr 2020 #15
Had to say I don't know mvd Apr 2020 #16
The worst of the 1918 Pandemic came in the second wave. Blue_true Apr 2020 #17
That was mainly because it mutated into a much more dangerous strain. I totally agree on the masks Quixote1818 Apr 2020 #19
Covid19 mutated into the European strain. Blue_true Apr 2020 #25
From everything I have read coronaviruses are pretty stable compared to flu viruses Quixote1818 Apr 2020 #27
also when the first wave flattened out, several large cities held big parades yellowdogintexas Apr 2020 #30
Yes and I don't see even red states doing that this fall. But we will have the regular flu at the Quixote1818 Apr 2020 #33
Is that a joke? Depending on how hard it hits JCMach1 Apr 2020 #18
Dead? My, I hope not. I hope the forceful action that Governor Cuomo took today becomes Blue_true Apr 2020 #26
The Texas Gov. Opens things tomorrow... Dallas had it's highest JCMach1 Apr 2020 #29
oh I think you are quite right. yellowdogintexas Apr 2020 #31
How could the worst be behind us? Fiendish Thingy Apr 2020 #22
It's a mistake to pretend to know the future struggle4progress Apr 2020 #23
Trump is saying this and the media is repeating it. milestogo Apr 2020 #35
I wish we knew. We don't. Maru Kitteh Apr 2020 #36
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