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Thu Apr 30, 2020, 01:51 PM Apr 2020

I am sorry, but the Reade story is changing and growing by the minute and I do not buy it [View all]

for a second.

As a survivor of sexual assault.. after 27 years, you know what happened or did not happen.. it does not grow and change with the wind.

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Research all of Trump's BittyJenkins Apr 2020 #1
Trump saw his failing poll numbers and is freaking the fuck out C_U_L8R Apr 2020 #2
That is exactly what I have been saying. My story has not changed in 40 years! Maraya1969 Apr 2020 #3
Biden needs to address it NOW. milestogo Apr 2020 #4
He already denied it I-am-sancho Apr 2020 #5
Bingo! marble falls Apr 2020 #9
You are right still_one Apr 2020 #12
I agree subana Apr 2020 #41
Welcome to DU wryter2000 Apr 2020 #49
What is he supposed to do? Walleye Apr 2020 #6
He is going to address it tomorrow on Morning Joe PatSeg Apr 2020 #45
He is? Where'd you hear that? Too early for West Coast! nolabear Apr 2020 #52
On MSNBC and on DU PatSeg Apr 2020 #53
Thanks. I'm seeing more about it now. nolabear Apr 2020 #54
You're welcome PatSeg Apr 2020 #55
I don't give it any thought. Think Benghazi or e mails? pwb Apr 2020 #7
This is one of those things... stillcool Apr 2020 #10
Do your own thing. pwb Apr 2020 #11
You don't praise your assaulter's quest against violence against women Hav Apr 2020 #8
Bingo still_one Apr 2020 #13
exactly!! subana Apr 2020 #43
Your story may not have changed as you've told it to others over the years. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 2020 #14
How common is it to go Hav Apr 2020 #15
Pushing fingers into a genital area is a pretty common consensual activity as well as a not WhiskeyGrinder Apr 2020 #16
Sure, victims may tell their stories in parts Hav Apr 2020 #17
Why bring Bernie into it? WhiskeyGrinder Apr 2020 #18
Because that is around the time her story changed Hav Apr 2020 #20
No, I'm just making the point that her story was one thing until it was another, which is not WhiskeyGrinder Apr 2020 #22
Could it be possible that she read her father's book, and picked up storylines from it ? OnDoutside Apr 2020 #51
Lets get real here...most are promoting the story in the hopes that somehow it will hurt Biden Demsrule86 Apr 2020 #27
And many are are embracing rhetoric that hurts all victims in an effort to support Biden. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 2020 #33
Tara and her supporters are the ones hurting all victims. BlueLucy Apr 2020 #36
By pushing lies hurts real victims. rockfordfile Apr 2020 #58
sure but she didn't do that qazplm135 Apr 2020 #19
. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 2020 #21
You really think a woman would say a man who raped her is good on Violence against Women? Do you Demsrule86 Apr 2020 #26
I'm not defending her. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 2020 #34
That's not true rockfordfile Apr 2020 #59
Exactly PatSeg Apr 2020 #46
have you tried a case? qazplm135 Apr 2020 #30
When this happened, we all wore panty hose. Old Terp Apr 2020 #37
Except she is not a victim. Drahthaardogs Apr 2020 #56
true rockfordfile Apr 2020 #60
She also praised Biden on this very issue...violence against women. Demsrule86 Apr 2020 #28
I am the victim of assault and remember every detail. My story has never changed...that is what Demsrule86 Apr 2020 #23
My experience as well. salin Apr 2020 #44
From USA Today. The author goes through her story piece by piece. AJT Apr 2020 #24
i refuse to even read about it... samnsara Apr 2020 #25
Stop convicting people over mere allegations zak247 Apr 2020 #29
Seem that only Democratic politician Kaiserguy Apr 2020 #31
And ever since the #MeToo movement took off, PatSeg Apr 2020 #48
You speak elequently for me as well. pazzyanne Apr 2020 #32
Unlike with trump's many accusers, it doesn't ring true. mwb970 Apr 2020 #35
I am a sexual assault survivor. BlueLucy Apr 2020 #38
I'm not sorry. This woman thinks she's a lying bitch. we can do it Apr 2020 #39
I believe Joe videohead5 Apr 2020 #40
I agree. bluescribbler Apr 2020 #42
Honestly, is there anyone here that really thinks this accusation against Biden hadEnuf Apr 2020 #47
This. Just this. TygrBright Apr 2020 #50
Ths story has far too many holes and changes to be credible Gothmog Apr 2020 #57
Great statement by Joe Gothmog May 2020 #61
Unfortunately, all they need is for it to be the lead story Bettie May 2020 #62
She's a liar. Happy Hoosier May 2020 #63
Mika went through a recap of all the ins and outs of this Tara Reade/Joe Biden matter. Gothmog May 2020 #64
Finally.. glad Mika caught up with what all the rest of us were seeing Peacetrain May 2020 #65
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