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Yes, but 245 years later it's no longer a new experiment. Turbineguy May 2020 #1
Actually, the figure was probably higher for loyalists in North America in the 1770's. NNadir May 2020 #2
I'm not so sure I would have supported the revolution. LuvNewcastle May 2020 #3
Your point is well taken. Slavery was definitely an issue. It's in the Declaration. NNadir May 2020 #6
You're certainly right about America's influence LuvNewcastle May 2020 #10
One of the worst replies I have ever seen on here. Celerity May 2020 #22
So you are saying that America was NOT the influence of many anti colonizational movements? SQUEE May 2020 #24
I am saying the reality on balance has been slathered in the blood of innocents, with the actual Celerity May 2020 #25
Whatever works for you. SQUEE May 2020 #27
So you'e okay with the concept of taxation without representation? whathehell May 2020 #11
We have taxation without representation here. LuvNewcastle May 2020 #13
Oh please. whathehell May 2020 #14
Their taxes weren't that bad. LuvNewcastle May 2020 #16
I'm sorry, but that's simply not true. whathehell May 2020 #19
Their taxes weren't that bad? shockey80 May 2020 #21
It was also a big deal when you did not, whathehell May 2020 #37
The King still had undemocratic authority in England edhopper May 2020 #23
Yes I know.. whathehell May 2020 #28
So the idea that paying taxes edhopper May 2020 #29
No. The king's powers were limited by Parliament whathehell May 2020 #33
The king didn't have complete authority -- Parliament held the purse strings. whathehell May 2020 #30
True edhopper May 2020 #31
The issue of whether GB could be called a "democracy' at the time whathehell May 2020 #34
And i am saying it wasn't really democratic representation in GB either. edhopper May 2020 #35
And again, I am saying that the colonists of that time were not whathehell May 2020 #36
Well edhopper May 2020 #38
Huh? whathehell May 2020 #39
Kind of condescending edhopper May 2020 #40
Sorry, whathehell May 2020 #41
Some of my relatives were loyalists. roamer65 May 2020 #4
"They should have stayed there" whathehell May 2020 #7
Nope. roamer65 May 2020 #17
Riiiiight whathehell May 2020 #18
That's where my Loyalist ancestors shanti May 2020 #32
I've always thought that Republicans would have been on the side of the British... somaticexperiencing May 2020 #5
Of course they would. Grins May 2020 #8
Not sure TheFarseer May 2020 #20
20% were patriots. 20% were loyalists Ex Lurker May 2020 #9
No, it was more like 35 to 40 percent were patriots. whathehell May 2020 #12
Revolution 2golddogs May 2020 #15
The American Revolution has been my favorite subject to read about. shockey80 May 2020 #26
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