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4. One thing we all need to remember about media buys...
Mon Sep 17, 2012, 02:28 AM
Sep 2012

There is a finite number of spots available.

Granted that number may be rather large, but it is still finite.

After a while, the messaging in the media reaches a point of diminishing returns, an overload of messaging that will turn some voters off and may actually cause some to move away from a candidate that they view as too shallow or too negative.

At the end of the day, it is going to be the people in neighborhoods convincing their neighbors to vote for their candidate

I believe that the Obama team has the best message and the better ground forces in the swing states. Especially if you compare th Obama campaign with the McCain campaign.

Remember this as well, McCain was liked by the voters. He has a special place on the national scene and is viewed as a "moderate" when it comes to Republicans.

Romney is the rich know it all who every body would like to be far away from. He is far from being likable and runs th risk of coming off as a bully.

So, I am pretty cautiously confident that we will prevail. Now if only we can take better control of the Senate and continue to show real leadership in that august chamber and take down some of th loud mouth newbies in the House we might be able start turning the economy around and let Obama get on with his agenda...

Tell it OBD...this can't be repeated often enough! Surya Gayatri Sep 2012 #1
We're gonna need... pinboy3niner Sep 2012 #2
Why the hell does Romney even get 206? America is the land of stupid??? nt nanabugg Sep 2012 #3
From the tag of pinboy3niner in post #2 above you: Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2012 #6
One thing we all need to remember about media buys... WCGreen Sep 2012 #4
My concern is what is not in the media buys. The pulpit has more influence year around than media. freshwest Sep 2012 #5
I'm as optimistic as can be, but I too am aware of all the possibilities..... AverageJoe90 Sep 2012 #11
+2 pinboy3niner Sep 2012 #12
We, of course, expect all of that and in the end, we expect a rout tavalon Sep 2012 #7
Our team needs to learn a very short but very important word and all of the ways to use it. Lie tavalon Sep 2012 #8
Would you believe......... left on green only Sep 2012 #15
I would tavalon Sep 2012 #16
You mean apart from the stupid stuff they hve done since Jan.2009? graham4anything Sep 2012 #9
If you can't beat 'em, give 'em money see if they will join you! Heather MC Sep 2012 #10
They'll spend their resources The Wizard Sep 2012 #13
Don't get complacent, but also don't overestimate them. NYC Liberal Sep 2012 #14
Encouraging signs for Dems ailsagirl Sep 2012 #18
Rove is adult supervision? Really? Frustratedlady Sep 2012 #17
I should have put "Satanic Supervision." My bad! OmahaBlueDog Sep 2012 #20
I agree DonCoquixote Sep 2012 #19
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