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Tammy Duckworth has arrived. Bayard Aug 2020 #1
Why would Duckworth be flying in from South Bend, IN? StarfishSaver Aug 2020 #7
There's another private flight from Chicago qazplm135 Aug 2020 #9
That wasn't mentioned in the post/tweet StarfishSaver Aug 2020 #14
Ok and I'm telling you now qazplm135 Aug 2020 #29
Because no one is looking there Renew Deal Aug 2020 #30
I don't think it mean anything StarfishSaver Aug 2020 #34
Only in a very narrow way. I wouldn't read too much into it. Renew Deal Aug 2020 #40
I hope it is...love her. She is perfect. Demsrule86 Aug 2020 #42
I love Tammy Duckworth, too, and "O, the joy!" I just googled "Duckworth born in Thailand" LaMouffette Aug 2020 #53
I don't think you can be on the ticket as VP unless you are qualified for the Top Job leftieNanner Aug 2020 #58
me too. n/t MBS Aug 2020 #62
That settles it. Sneederbunk Aug 2020 #2
The Flying Nun rumored to be Biden's Veep? Funtatlaguy Aug 2020 #3
So.... genxlib Aug 2020 #4
Probably Mike Pence idziak4ever1234 Aug 2020 #5
That's what I thought redstateblues Aug 2020 #51
I'd be very happy if it's Duckworth Beaverhausen Aug 2020 #6
probably just Buttigieg being there qazplm135 Aug 2020 #8
My thoughts as well Dream Girl Aug 2020 #15
Yes, I think you're right PatSeg Aug 2020 #39
This n/t FreeState Aug 2020 #64
It's Mayor Pete!!! Isn't he from SBend Indiana? Budi Aug 2020 #10
it would be a monumental mistake. drray23 Aug 2020 #16
I'm good with all of Joe's decisions, it's his White House afterall. Budi Aug 2020 #22
Seriously? StarfishSaver Aug 2020 #26
Well, since you put it that way... Budi Aug 2020 #33
It's his choice. Forcing him to pick a VP that he might not want is a slap in his face, and ours. Autumn Aug 2020 #32
Biden was the one who committed to picking a women, so he's not being forced. Merlot Aug 2020 #35
And he might have changed his mind. His VP, his choice. Autumn Aug 2020 #36
No one's "forcing" him to do anything StarfishSaver Aug 2020 #37
I want Rice myself but I don't care if he doesn't pick a woman, since he knows Autumn Aug 2020 #43
I agree. Plus Mayor Pete has the police issues with Black people in South Bend Blue_true Aug 2020 #54
Could be Buttigieg! Totally Tunsie Aug 2020 #11
Lol. My immediate thoughts as well. Joe's just messin with us, now. Budi Aug 2020 #17
So he went with Mayor Pete? BannonsLiver Aug 2020 #12
A man from Nantucket? brokephibroke Aug 2020 #18
Is there room in the cabinet for a hermit named Dave? Dagstead Bumwood Aug 2020 #38
well none of Biden's presumed vps arw from there. drray23 Aug 2020 #13
Private flight from Chicago qazplm135 Aug 2020 #31
I recall one one of the Pod Save America discussions, Music Man Aug 2020 #44
Probably nothing, but here's the speculation... Drunken Irishman Aug 2020 #19
Or, it could be someone needed to go from South Bend to Wilmington, Delaware and chartered a plane StarfishSaver Aug 2020 #21
The flight is now on its way to Baltimore. Drunken Irishman Aug 2020 #23
That would be my guess. TreasonousBastard Aug 2020 #55
That would be my guess. TreasonousBastard Aug 2020 #56
This flight is now on its way to Baltimore. Drunken Irishman Aug 2020 #20
They're just going to Baltimore to throw us off.. Budi Aug 2020 #27
Notre Dame just had move in weekend... Mad cow Aug 2020 #24
Pete B is teaching a class at Notre Dame... yup. Budi Aug 2020 #28
Touchdown Jesus is going to be the VP. Going after the religious vote. dem4decades Aug 2020 #25
Score! Totally Tunsie Aug 2020 #50
Going to put a wig on Mayor Pete. Music Man Aug 2020 #41
This message was self-deleted by its author morillon Aug 2020 #45
here's a crazy idea: jg10003 Aug 2020 #46
I am afraid you are going out on a limb there. Sneederbunk Aug 2020 #48
I remember in 2008 treestar Aug 2020 #47
A mere diversion as someone arrives in a U-Haul van. Sneederbunk Aug 2020 #49
Mayor Pete for Secretary of State! LaMouffette Aug 2020 #52
So was a storm on the plane? Is the storm code for a person? Very confusing. GusFring Aug 2020 #57
I worked at that airport Delarage Aug 2020 #59
Just some ideas MoonlitKnight Aug 2020 #60
I thought he already announced Peter Doocy. Midnight Writer Aug 2020 #61
IMO the VP announcement will include some of the major former candidates NYC Liberal Aug 2020 #63
So, is any of this true about Joe meeting Pete, or just another wild rumor? Baclava Aug 2020 #65
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