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8. I think they are hurting I don't know to what extant
Sun Aug 30, 2020, 08:32 PM
Aug 2020

I still think Biden will win, but it is certainly costing us something with older white voters who are either planning on voting for Biden or leaning that way. These protest are causing them a lot of anxiety and these protest of camping out and protesting 24/7 for months now has pretty much over stayed it's welcome with such voters.

No one can answer this question. Drunken Irishman Aug 2020 #1
Peaceful Protest Positive- Violence, Looting and Destruction of Property is a Negative Stallion Aug 2020 #2
You said it 1st. kacekwl Aug 2020 #7
Day in and day out, peaceful protests become stagnant LeftInTX Aug 2020 #33
Oh noes, the sky is falling! People are protesting! StrictlyRockers Aug 2020 #3
Until recently I don't think it made much difference. RDANGELO Aug 2020 #4
Yes I agree judeling Aug 2020 #10
Are the Democrats helping or hurting the protesters? RiverbendsJoe Aug 2020 #5
The protesting is not hurting bottomofthehill Aug 2020 #6
+1, .... done by Trump supporters and assholes. Conflating the two plays into Trumps narrative uponit7771 Aug 2020 #52
I think they are hurting I don't know to what extant standingtall Aug 2020 #8
You put in more efficiently than I. KentuckyWoman Aug 2020 #12
The ones that have spawned violence edhopper Aug 2020 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author KentuckyWoman Aug 2020 #11
We are teetering on the edge of ... jimlup Aug 2020 #13
Protests that have turned into rioting, looting, violence and shootings Raine Aug 2020 #14
There is no question that the riots at the Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968 helped Nixon still_one Aug 2020 #30
... and are being started by Trump supporters and stupid people. TOO much evidence of this and the uponit7771 Aug 2020 #51
What a screwed up question. GemDigger Aug 2020 #15
I setup a poll to see what people on DU are feeling about the protests, and you imply that I still_one Aug 2020 #22
No, I asked a question. GemDigger Aug 2020 #40
"do I want them to stop protesting"? NO. Is that clear enough for ya? still_one Aug 2020 #41
It is, thank you. GemDigger Aug 2020 #42
Ok, Thanks still_one Aug 2020 #44
Who effing knows anymore? Bettie Aug 2020 #16
I think that is a good analysis of the situation still_one Aug 2020 #31
It galls me to say this, but the protests in Kenosha and Minneapolis are hurting Vogon_Glory Aug 2020 #17
Hate to say it but it's hurting redstateblues Aug 2020 #18
This is the whitest poll I've ever seen. intheflow Aug 2020 #19
I setup a poll to see how people feel on DU about the protests, and you seem to be imply that still_one Aug 2020 #20
Not saying you're racist intheflow Aug 2020 #34
Maybe people should ask black folks in Portland OR. BlueLucy Aug 2020 #36
It's true that Black voices have been shunted to the side. intheflow Aug 2020 #38
Thanks for the clarification.. Systemic racism has been with us since the inception of the country, still_one Aug 2020 #37
The guy who shot the guy yesterday was white. LeftInTX Aug 2020 #24
Yes, the BLM movement has made that very clear, not only that it isn't welcomed, but that they still_one Aug 2020 #29
Are Black people saying they don't want protests, intheflow Aug 2020 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author LeftInTX Aug 2020 #45
I think they want to own the protests LeftInTX Aug 2020 #46
YEP. WhiskeyGrinder Aug 2020 #43
Right ?! This plays Trumps narrative and is another Buttery Males 2.0 !!! uponit7771 Aug 2020 #50
+1000 JonLP24 Aug 2020 #57
No!! LeftInTX Aug 2020 #21
I don't think there is any question that right wing groups, so-called militia types, and still_one Aug 2020 #23
I don't think this guy was right wing... LeftInTX Aug 2020 #26
I understand TX. Whenever the WTO met in Oregon, the anarchists were always there still_one Aug 2020 #28
Yeah in Wisconsin they really don't have anarachists, so whites would be either BLM supporters LeftInTX Aug 2020 #32
But he has nothing to do w/Dems, radius777 Aug 2020 #54
Absolutely..it has nothing to do with Democrats LeftInTX Aug 2020 #58
The actual protestors are ok. The problem is they are being infiltrated by Opportunists JI7 Aug 2020 #25
I agree, but I doubt that is getting much coverage still_one Aug 2020 #27
+1, this !! and instead of the police protecting the protesters they allow the oppurtinist to rip uponit7771 Aug 2020 #49
+1 And black people should be in discussions about appalachiablue Aug 2020 #53
I don't know. I think it gives trump a cover story that our naive media ecstatic Aug 2020 #39
THIS !!!! ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾 This is Buttery Males 2.0 !!! Instead of the left declaring Trump is stoking ... uponit7771 Aug 2020 #48
DAMN !!! Not another "buttery males" topic for everyone to latch on to !! Trump defined the topic uponit7771 Aug 2020 #47
+1. We must reject RW framing. radius777 Aug 2020 #56
Hurting, however.... mentalsolstice Aug 2020 #55
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