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Ms. Toad

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22. Yeah, it's hilarious to watch a polio survivor grappling with the lifelong remnants of the disease
Sun Sep 20, 2020, 09:34 AM
Sep 2020

He survived.

Can't wait for all the videos of COVID survivors gasping for breath, or having heart attacks. Attacks reserved, of course, for members of political parties we hate, since we're the party that cares, at least when it is convenient to do so.

We should be better than this.

X 10,000,000 Enterstageleft Sep 2020 #1
WTF , Looks like he tripped before he actually got to the part where one JI7 Sep 2020 #2
It would be unfortunate if something bad happened to the turtle Blue Owl Sep 2020 #3
"Help!...I've fallen and I can't get up!" sop Sep 2020 #4
Only if he fell on his back.... Nexus2 Sep 2020 #17
Mitch fall down go OOF! LMAO Solly Mack Sep 2020 #5
This one's fake but it's still funny Maraya1969 Sep 2020 #6
Bet he had bifocals on. Nt woodsprite Sep 2020 #7
Is that real? I sure hope so. dmr Sep 2020 #8
I hope Mitch is OK. Midnight Writer Sep 2020 #9
That makes one of us. PTWB Sep 2020 #11
He looks more natural on all fours. betsuni Sep 2020 #10
As much as I detest, despise, loathe, outright hate him, madamesilverspurs Sep 2020 #12
As an MSer with spinal cord damage. I applaud and agree with this post! LiberalLoner Sep 2020 #18
You are right, but it's really hard to feel compassion for someone whose whole career enough Sep 2020 #20
I am surprised how many DUers think this is funny. nt USALiberal Sep 2020 #21
Agree re a 78 year old falling, but I can laugh at the metaphor of his political career malaise Sep 2020 #25
Too bad he didn't land on his back. I don't think his neck is strong enough dem4decades Sep 2020 #13
That's what I was thinking. Dem2theMax Sep 2020 #14
K&R smirkymonkey Sep 2020 #15
The platform NJCher Sep 2020 #16
The lack of people helping him is telling RBGForever Sep 2020 #19
Yeah, it's hilarious to watch a polio survivor grappling with the lifelong remnants of the disease Ms. Toad Sep 2020 #22
I knew what this was before I clicked on this thread!! Roland99 Sep 2020 #23
Stay Calm, Carry On, and Lay Off the Bourbon Talitha Sep 2020 #24
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