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9. Abortion is one thing, it's all the other issues that are frightening like expanded police powers,
Sat Sep 26, 2020, 10:33 AM
Sep 2020

degrading individual rights, tort reform, corporations running amok, the environment. If Dems take all 3 branches they must do something with SCOTUS and the Senate. Add seats and states. I am sick and tired of the backward, fanatical religious right dictating how I live. Dems must be bold, they must crush the right and try to deal with the right-wing media monopoly and make Liz Warren the new Trust Buster to go after social media and tech giants. Last, the must reorganize the Federal courts to dilute the damage Tump and NcConnell has done. It's a lot and they may have only 2 years to do it if they take the Senate but do it they must.

Things: Botany Sep 2020 #1
This message was self-deleted by its author Mossfern Sep 2020 #10
Clarence Thomas tenisfin Sep 2020 #11
"The Supreme Court which had the admiration of the citizens has degenerated into apartisan cesspool. olegramps Sep 2020 #17
"The destruction that the Republican Party has visited on our nation is so deep and comprehensive .. Botany Sep 2020 #20
It would appear that voters who think both parties are the same NoMoreRepugs Sep 2020 #2
I wonder if Barrett will have to consult with her "head" before she makes a decision? Frustratedlady Sep 2020 #3
Has the US always been full of wacko cults, and I just had no time to notice? Lonestarblue Sep 2020 #8
"Stepford Judge..." ewagner Sep 2020 #13
You hit it on the nose. Let's adopt Stepford Judge as her title. Frustratedlady Sep 2020 #18
The answer to your headline is 'yes'. Volaris Sep 2020 #22
The top row of the "heads" in that cult are all men. erronis Sep 2020 #12
I swear I read where once a woman has been in the group and gained favor from the men, Frustratedlady Sep 2020 #16
Yup - I think this is still a joke for him. Gets his jollies (and rubles from Putin) off our demise. erronis Sep 2020 #19
Hey, if the husband is the "head" lonely bird Sep 2020 #14
His 3 nominees--2 white guys and a Karen. Buckeyeblue Sep 2020 #4
Perfect fit... GeorgeGist Sep 2020 #5
Pack the fucker.... paleotn Sep 2020 #6
THIS. EOM. TruckFump Sep 2020 #7
Yes. Expand the court to 23. SoonerPride Sep 2020 #24
Abortion is one thing, it's all the other issues that are frightening like expanded police powers, Pepsidog Sep 2020 #9
Yep, it is the Trump court. dalton99a Sep 2020 #15
trump always has the best supreme court picks orleans Sep 2020 #21
So the judicial and executive branches are all but gone. live love laugh Sep 2020 #23
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