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Tue Nov 24, 2020, 07:22 PM Nov 2020

Oh Please... give me break.. give me a F**king break [View all]

I am screaming at the TV .. can you let Biden set up his cabinet.. he is not going to be Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren AOC or any one else.. He is Joe Biden.. He ran on being Joe Biden.. He got elected as Joe Biden.. for the love of God.. after all the insanity of the last 4 years let Joe Biden bring it back to some kind of normalcy.. reset our priorities.. get us back into our treaties... re-align with our allies.. keep our Obamacare.. (watching Joy Reid and Jason Johnson was already saying who could and could not be in the Biden cabinet).. Jason.. he will use the people that he feels he can trust to get the job done that he Joe Biden ran on.

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Agree leftieNanner Nov 2020 #1
Yes, 80 plus million people voted for Joe Biden and .. CatMor Nov 2020 #2
They do not care about giving you a break Ferrets are Cool Nov 2020 #3
Yup Sherman A1 Nov 2020 #5
you mean I don't really need Trulicity? mdbl Nov 2020 #89
Beschloss just spoke for you and me..... OAITW r.2.0 Nov 2020 #4
I heard him as I was typing the op.. Peacetrain Nov 2020 #7
NO! JoeOtterbein Nov 2020 #18
Sorry Joe....you fight the war today. OAITW r.2.0 Nov 2020 #21
No problem! JoeOtterbein Nov 2020 #22
This message was self-deleted by its author Hekate Nov 2020 #31
Dealing with climate change is no longer just a progressive issue lunatica Nov 2020 #88
+ I agree with Beschloss. I enjoy Joy Reid and Jason Johnson, but they were off base tonight. nt iluvtennis Nov 2020 #36
Jason doesn't want the conditions that led to Trump radius777 Nov 2020 #111
TY for that.. I didn't hear it so I Cha Nov 2020 #54
thank you. efhmc Nov 2020 #6
Indeed. treestar Nov 2020 #8
Right. mzmolly Nov 2020 #9
Well.... spicysista Nov 2020 #10
Well... Peacetrain Nov 2020 #12
Consider listening to the segment minus the screaming. Really listening. spicysista Nov 2020 #15
FWIW, I'm 56 y.o. and white, and totally understand what you're saying! I really don't bullwinkle428 Nov 2020 #20
The MAGA army is relentless. spicysista Nov 2020 #23
MAGA is a swarm of termites who want to destroy the house. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Nov 2020 #94
So, several days ago I sent the video to Rice4VP Nov 2020 #61
Agree completely with Jason, who is not some anti-Dem leftist, radius777 Nov 2020 #108
"listening to various voices means also listening to the voices of the Dem base." spicysista Nov 2020 #110
Good thing he wasn't/isn't one of those. Good Democrats, but trump would have likely beaten them. Hoyt Nov 2020 #11
There's no time for comfort and complacency JGladstone Nov 2020 #13
This! spicysista Nov 2020 #14
Fist bump deserves a hattip in kind then JGladstone Nov 2020 #26
Yep! JoeOtterbein Nov 2020 #17
Thanks Joe JGladstone Nov 2020 #25
Hi Joe! mvd Nov 2020 #33
if the majority had wanted that, they wouldn't have reverted to the same old Skittles Nov 2020 #19
Define majority JGladstone Nov 2020 #24
Thank You!!!! McKim Nov 2020 #34
I wouldn't exactly call it a "conspiracy" but this kind of paints that picture JGladstone Nov 2020 #42
honestly Skittles Nov 2020 #35
Opinions on that vary JGladstone Nov 2020 #39
oh WHATEVER Skittles Nov 2020 #40
lol, Brown kids in cages and they decide not to vote as a form of protest . How fucked up are they ? JI7 Nov 2020 #44
US Imperialism has been blowing up and killing brown people and kids for decades JGladstone Nov 2020 #46
I am a brown person whose ancestors were colonized by the British and I love the British PEople JI7 Nov 2020 #48
You're building little straw scarecrows that have no legs :) JGladstone Nov 2020 #50
You are the one making excuses by bringing up shitty things that happened before as an excuse for JI7 Nov 2020 #52
Post removed Post removed Nov 2020 #58
LOL , Who said anything about being owed votes ? If people are going to behave in Shitty WAys they JI7 Nov 2020 #60
You wrote "failures of the Democratic Party" twice R B Garr Nov 2020 #62
It's a majority of people who voted yes JGladstone Nov 2020 #66
Yes, the largest turnout in history is not a failure. R B Garr Nov 2020 #68
Ok...organizing then is a better term :) JGladstone Nov 2020 #73
Welcome to DU Hekate Nov 2020 #80
Tick-tock. NurseJackie Nov 2020 #91
Indeed Hekate Nov 2020 #92
Ding! NurseJackie Nov 2020 #96
How bitter! treestar Nov 2020 #107
"non voting" is Lazy & Self Centered.. letting everyone Cha Nov 2020 #56
Post removed Post removed Nov 2020 #63
It's been warming up to Fascism for the Cha Nov 2020 #64
Hey...I'm not sorry to see the asshole and his clan go by any stretch JGladstone Nov 2020 #70
most populism is bigotry against other groups. That's why you dismiss my comments on immigration JI7 Nov 2020 #65
I'm willing to guess my stance on immigration is to the left of you and most Democrats JGladstone Nov 2020 #67
Racism Happens in Non Capitalist Societies also. The problem is Racism JI7 Nov 2020 #69
Sounds like we differ on the origins of racism quite a bit I think JGladstone Nov 2020 #71
It's not a matter opinion. There is racism is non capitalist societies also . Racism is a problem in JI7 Nov 2020 #72
... lapucelle Nov 2020 #95
Ineffective protest treestar Nov 2020 #106
That's simply not true. In 2016, 2012, 2008, etc. a higher % of people didn't vote and they... George II Nov 2020 #87
More than half of those who voted did so for Biden. THAT is a majority! George II Nov 2020 #90
Provide evidence BainsBane Nov 2020 #104
We've had a pizza delivery BainsBane Nov 2020 #109
I agree with this and the OP ecstatic Nov 2020 #38
Electoral politics is only part of the picture though JGladstone Nov 2020 #41
They are actually nothing more than Slogans these days used mostly by wannabe REvolutionaries JI7 Nov 2020 #49
Ah...I see JGladstone Nov 2020 #53
What Class Struggle ? Non College White People Cheering on bigotry is because of class struggle ? JI7 Nov 2020 #55
What does that have to do BainsBane Nov 2020 #105
I'm shocked, absolutely shocked, that politics are happening here! JoeOtterbein Nov 2020 #16
Agreed. The reason Democrats have lost FAR more elections than they should have is because of TrollBuster9090 Nov 2020 #27
+1000! crimycarny Nov 2020 #30
Also 3: Polybius Nov 2020 #32
Yep IsItJustMe Nov 2020 #45
Well said Dem2 Nov 2020 #47
"Oh, I don't think this is what so-and-so would have done." BobTheSubgenius Nov 2020 #28
Peacetrain, a couple of hours ago I almost started screaming at my computer for the same reason... Hekate Nov 2020 #29
You are not alone dear Hekate.. Peacetrain Nov 2020 #75
Question Doremus Nov 2020 #85
K&R betsuni Nov 2020 #37
LOL IsItJustMe Nov 2020 #43
Ha ha ha. Next you'll quote Will Rogers. Ha ha. Ha. But you know what? This is why we LOSE. Hekate Nov 2020 #79
TY Peactrain! Biden has a Huge Coalition Cha Nov 2020 #51
Cha I have just seen this play before! Peacetrain Nov 2020 #74
Yeah, I saw it, too.. & left Cha Nov 2020 #97
I hope it'll be better Hekate Nov 2020 #99
Exactly, Hekate.. I came back Cha Nov 2020 #102
Well, throw the Bernie/AOC supporters a bone, if you still want them in your coalition TristanIsolde Nov 2020 #78
They ran for president as Democrats. They lost. They did what was right & supported the winner.... Hekate Nov 2020 #93
Yeah, this refrain made me turn off the news today and Rice4VP Nov 2020 #57
Amen! I've been noticing that flawed logic, as well. R B Garr Nov 2020 #59
This will not be a "Bernie-light" or a "Warren-light" administration. The voters chose Joe over all... NurseJackie Nov 2020 #81
Exactly, this rehashing of completely defeated talking points just to maintain R B Garr Nov 2020 #82
Well Said, RB! Cha Nov 2020 #103
Thanks Cha! R B Garr Nov 2020 #112
Thanks.. I hope you did, too! Cha Nov 2020 #113
It's all psychological warfare. Baitball Blogger Nov 2020 #76
It's all psychological warfare. Baitball Blogger Nov 2020 #77
Yeah, pundits got to pundit. Joinfortmill Nov 2020 #83
KR NT ProudProgressiveNow Nov 2020 #84
Joe is just what our country needs right now. warmfeet Nov 2020 #86
Total Agreement marieo1 Nov 2020 #98
Biden said when campaigning that he would be the most progressive president in history. miffelplix Nov 2020 #100
You're wrong TheFarseer Nov 2020 #101
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