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49. All this while the new version of the world shrugs, moves on.
Fri Dec 11, 2020, 07:27 PM
Dec 2020

Zakaria's latest book lays out a few points about how China's Belt and Road Project has invested over $120 billion in Africa and Americas, and how the TPP's successor trade pact is in force, covering 495 million people and representing 15% of the world economy.

We're in the throes of the art of the steal, and will have to decide to let our cybernet and business globalism carry us; and Democrats take away the Republican small business owners by shoveling $$ toward them, who so far represent 44% of the GDP; Congress will have to shore up the entire judiciary with enforcement laws, then prosecute (if only Letitia James or Sally Yates could be the new AG).

This drama and mess cleaning make my head hurt.

What is the difference Sucha NastyWoman Dec 2020 #1
I found a number of definitions and discussions. jalan48 Dec 2020 #4
Neo New Arne Dec 2020 #5
Certainly not Father Figure True Blue American Dec 2020 #13
Father figure drmeow Dec 2020 #28
I do not know why True Blue American Dec 2020 #30
Neo cleaned up and modernized after that unpleasant WWII business nt localroger Dec 2020 #12
neo equals second attempt at ruling the world ?? demigoddess Dec 2020 #20
Actually pretty much nt0 localroger Dec 2020 #45
they don't click their heels when the sig hiel and they don't finely taylored gray uniforms. nt Javaman Dec 2020 #16
And the propaganda is much more polished Yeehah Dec 2020 #19
No difference. Same fascism, different era. Using "neo" just obscures who they really are. ancianita Dec 2020 #21
Right. Same type of people, different era with different conditions Hortensis Dec 2020 #36
Amen. ancianita Dec 2020 #37
Seriously, they're all you say, but fascists, including religious fascists, Hortensis Dec 2020 #43
EVERYTHING you say, too! ancianita Dec 2020 #46
Agree. Your fifth column reminds me of Germany's wealthy who Hortensis Dec 2020 #48
All this while the new version of the world shrugs, moves on. ancianita Dec 2020 #49
:) What a mess. Seriously. Even while the planet is undergoing Hortensis Dec 2020 #50
... ancianita Dec 2020 #51
Anything that has the prefix neo before it means it a new resurgence. lunatica Dec 2020 #31
There is no "neo" to it. It's just facism. plain and simple. overleft Dec 2020 #2
You read my mind...quit doing that!!! Karadeniz Dec 2020 #17
Exactly. You are correct. Media who use "neo" are bullshitters. ancianita Dec 2020 #22
It just means the latest version of an old ideology. lunatica Dec 2020 #33
Technically. At issue for me is that it suits media to call it 'neo because it's now in their face. ancianita Dec 2020 #41
I agree lunatica Dec 2020 #44
... ancianita Dec 2020 #47
That would be the Coroner, Mossfern Dec 2020 #3
Thank you. Orrex Dec 2020 #42
If you can't get The Wizard of Oz right ..... Mossfern Dec 2020 #52
It just so happens that I played the Munchkin Mayor senior year of high school Orrex Dec 2020 #53
Kick and Rec Mike 03 Dec 2020 #6
Or, as we were taught, l'etat c'est moi. Guess that concept needs to be dusted off nowadays. Karadeniz Dec 2020 #18
Beware what is coming andym Dec 2020 #7
Exactly. Mike 03 Dec 2020 #8
Agree leighbythesea2 Dec 2020 #25
Let's put that in perspective from our side Thekaspervote Dec 2020 #11
I'm hoping that these folks have some consequences leftieNanner Dec 2020 #15
More perspective ancianita Dec 2020 #23
Another extremely important factor lunatica Dec 2020 #35
Regarding mocking and derision concretebluetwo Dec 2020 #9
You said it best! OMGWTF Dec 2020 #32
You said it best! OMGWTF Dec 2020 #34
Who could ever forget Ronald Reagan's irrational, "government is the problem"? dlk Dec 2020 #38
I think sometimes the Trump era is more like an old time "company town" that went national bucolic_frolic Dec 2020 #10
Forget 'Neo fascism', it's just good 'ol boy fascism, My Pet Orangutan Dec 2020 #14
The only fascism box he hasn't checked bigtime Dec 2020 #24
I'm sure he dreams about it though lunatica Dec 2020 #39
The GOP has no party platform of principles, policies, beliefs, values, ideology, morality, or goals keithbvadu2 Dec 2020 #26
KnR Hekate Dec 2020 #27
Sounds right. Looks like fascism to me. Never thought I'd see it here. WWII vet dad would be livid. Evolve Dammit Dec 2020 #29
Good article.. I read it twice. Thanks for posting. mountain grammy Dec 2020 #40
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