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17. Lol! He looks more like my older brother when...
Sun Jan 10, 2021, 11:38 PM
Jan 2021

... he was living in Colorado years ago and working as an electrical engineer.

He would've never done such a thing, though. He was extremely smart and interested in science, for starters.

Gray-haired old man now.

Needs a couple more hundred pictures on it, no? Iggo Jan 2021 #1
They are releasing these with small batches of photos BlueIdaho Jan 2021 #4
Ah! Good to know. Iggo Jan 2021 #7
The FBI and other LE are going to get DeminPennswoods Jan 2021 #8
What cracks me up, many of these rubes could not be identified if the wore masks. Hoyt Jan 2021 #2
Yes that is the great irony. underpants Jan 2021 #12
One of the zip-tie dudes wore a mask and was still identified Major Nikon Jan 2021 #27
Thanks! Buckeye_Democrat Jan 2021 #3
Hope springs eternal! Nevilledog Jan 2021 #5
I'd really enjoy identifying some of those past coworkers. Buckeye_Democrat Jan 2021 #11
K&R MustLoveBeagles Jan 2021 #6
We benefit so much by them being anti-maskers exboyfil Jan 2021 #9
you think this nonsense is in their genes? Srkdqltr Jan 2021 #10
I think it's more the fact their family trees have no branches. Nevilledog Jan 2021 #13
Yes. My first thought too. Srkdqltr Jan 2021 #19
Countless generations of cousin fucking has got to take its toll eventually Major Nikon Jan 2021 #28
Is facial hair required to be one of these insurrectionists? LonePirate Jan 2021 #14
It seems they must have figured they could shave after the fact... 2naSalit Jan 2021 #21
I just shaved off a beard I'd been growing and grooming for 2 years. I don't Progressive Jones Jan 2021 #22
Duck Dynasty wannabes. Tommymac Jan 2021 #26
No. 2 Looks Suspiciously Like David Letterman Stallion Jan 2021 #15
Lol! He looks more like my older brother when... Buckeye_Democrat Jan 2021 #17
So, Cruz and Hawley have already been IDed? n/t Silent3 Jan 2021 #16
Tick Tock motherfuckers.... Blue Owl Jan 2021 #18
Some will be taken down by TikTok Nevilledog Jan 2021 #20
I don't know about this. It looks to me like they are singling out white people. Midnight Writer Jan 2021 #23
Lol! Buckeye_Democrat Jan 2021 #24
I swear I work with one of those guys vercetti2021 Jan 2021 #25
Check their social media if you can. Dem2theMax Jan 2021 #29
Yeah I'll check vercetti2021 Jan 2021 #30
The guy in the bottom row, second from the right has been arrested. progressoid Jan 2021 #31
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