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I wish some wealthy CEO would pay to edit it and play clip nationally to go after the worst. hlthe2b Jan 2021 #1
I had to turn the sound down lapfog_1 Jan 2021 #2
They always repeat 6am hour at 8 am... Sedona Jan 2021 #3
Not always. Depends on how much news they have. Earthshine2 Jan 2021 #4
Today? dem4decades Jan 2021 #5
I never know in advance if Joe is worth it after 8. I usually switch to CNN at 8:00. Earthshine2 Jan 2021 #7
Joe Scarborough is pissed off.... quickesst Jan 2021 #6
Preach it, Joe!!! oswaldactedalone Jan 2021 #8
I laughed out loud when he asked Rev if he could get a witness. dem4decades Jan 2021 #12
Bravo superpatriotman Jan 2021 #9
Righteous rant from Joe Scum this morning malaise Jan 2021 #10
Fuck him. AZ8theist Jan 2021 #15
LOL, ok! nt USALiberal Jan 2021 #16
Well you know I call him JoeScum but this was a righteous rant malaise Jan 2021 #17
Thanks for a link to this! crickets Jan 2021 #26
You're always welcome malaise Jan 2021 #28
Agree. 33taw Jan 2021 #18
Did you know that he has addressed that on HIS SHOW! CTyankee Jan 2021 #21
Epic rant. I just watched the replay. PA Democrat Jan 2021 #11
Me too. Now I want a cigarette. n/t monmouth4 Jan 2021 #13
Trump Terrorists. Call them by their name. mnhtnbb Jan 2021 #14
It should be fun watching the DVR later today. Elwood P Dowd Jan 2021 #19
I'll take it but, I still don't trust him. If he wasn't married to Mika Hotler Jan 2021 #20
Mika's dad had discussed this with him. He went on Morning Joe to "debate" him. CTyankee Jan 2021 #22
This is called a "come to Jesus" moment. roamer65 Jan 2021 #23
I was good. pwb Jan 2021 #24
Not a rant on "conservatives" a rant on Republicans. Caliman73 Jan 2021 #25
Excellent points to remember. Well said. nt crickets Jan 2021 #27
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