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11. he can not be convicted by a jury
Mon Feb 22, 2021, 10:27 AM
Feb 2021

and will appeal any unfriendly opinions forever.

if he is still alive (how can he survive that diet and no exercise?) he will be nominated by the repubs and will probably win the election. his next vp will be a loyalist, probably a family member (his daughter in law will be senator and ivanka probably governor by then.)

I think Rver Feb 2021 #1
Yes and No genxlib Feb 2021 #2
Тяцмр'S not leaving money for ANYONE. Otherwise I think ... Whiskeytide Feb 2021 #4
Agree! As long as he doesn't declare he's not subject to FEC laws Thekaspervote Feb 2021 #22
He has to raise money somehow. n/t 3c273a Feb 2021 #3
No consequences for any of the sh*t he did, 45% of repubs would join his party. Best grift ever. Pobeka Feb 2021 #5
From prison? Maybe. marble falls Feb 2021 #6
I believe he will run 100%. kairos12 Feb 2021 #7
I doubt it. Turin_C3PO Feb 2021 #12
Won't run because he can't win. Biden will be too popular. Butterflylady Feb 2021 #16
You need another option JT45242 Feb 2021 #8
He will need a 3.5 year campaign. I don't think that he is physically up for that. Chainfire Feb 2021 #9
I can't see him being physically capable of it . JI7 Feb 2021 #10
he can not be convicted by a jury rampartc Feb 2021 #11
Why can't he be convicted by a jury? Turin_C3PO Feb 2021 #28
i hope you are right rampartc Feb 2021 #30
I'm sure it's possible Turin_C3PO Feb 2021 #31
Yes Dave in VA Feb 2021 #13
No way. betsuni Feb 2021 #14
I think he'll be pushing up flowers by then...so no. NewHendoLib Feb 2021 #15
He seemingly will, and then he won't Tom Rinaldo Feb 2021 #17
100% he will Johnny2X2X Feb 2021 #18
Fascists love chaos & tRump will be their chaos candidate, again yaesu Feb 2021 #19
I'll go with Mary Trump's opinion. Turin_C3PO Feb 2021 #20
I think he will go as far as possible to claim the frontrunner title, collect as much $$ as possible hlthe2b Feb 2021 #21
It'd be nice if he did us all a favor and fell out of a window at MAGA-Lardo. Talitha Feb 2021 #23
His ego won't let him do anything else but run andym Feb 2021 #24
I was just about to post "His ego won't allow him to risk losing again" Mike 03 Feb 2021 #25
He is a fervent follower of Norman Vincent Peale's positive thinking--a crazed optimist andym Feb 2021 #27
It's time to stop the obsession with this ex-president. DU is guilty. CNN is guilty. theneworiginal Feb 2021 #26
There will probably be a stock market correction between now and then andym Feb 2021 #29
I'll pass Johonny Feb 2021 #32
uh, he's already running. Voltaire2 Feb 2021 #33
I say no. He will play like to bilk the stupids. But will pull out and play king maker for someone SoonerPride Feb 2021 #34
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