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20. I'll go with Mary Trump's opinion.
Mon Feb 22, 2021, 10:48 AM
Feb 2021

She says he won’t run because his ego couldn’t take another loss. Sounds right to me.

I think Rver Feb 2021 #1
Yes and No genxlib Feb 2021 #2
Тяцмр'S not leaving money for ANYONE. Otherwise I think ... Whiskeytide Feb 2021 #4
Agree! As long as he doesn't declare he's not subject to FEC laws Thekaspervote Feb 2021 #22
He has to raise money somehow. n/t 3c273a Feb 2021 #3
No consequences for any of the sh*t he did, 45% of repubs would join his party. Best grift ever. Pobeka Feb 2021 #5
From prison? Maybe. marble falls Feb 2021 #6
I believe he will run 100%. kairos12 Feb 2021 #7
I doubt it. Turin_C3PO Feb 2021 #12
Won't run because he can't win. Biden will be too popular. Butterflylady Feb 2021 #16
You need another option JT45242 Feb 2021 #8
He will need a 3.5 year campaign. I don't think that he is physically up for that. Chainfire Feb 2021 #9
I can't see him being physically capable of it . JI7 Feb 2021 #10
he can not be convicted by a jury rampartc Feb 2021 #11
Why can't he be convicted by a jury? Turin_C3PO Feb 2021 #28
i hope you are right rampartc Feb 2021 #30
I'm sure it's possible Turin_C3PO Feb 2021 #31
Yes Dave in VA Feb 2021 #13
No way. betsuni Feb 2021 #14
I think he'll be pushing up flowers by then...so no. NewHendoLib Feb 2021 #15
He seemingly will, and then he won't Tom Rinaldo Feb 2021 #17
100% he will Johnny2X2X Feb 2021 #18
Fascists love chaos & tRump will be their chaos candidate, again yaesu Feb 2021 #19
I'll go with Mary Trump's opinion. Turin_C3PO Feb 2021 #20
I think he will go as far as possible to claim the frontrunner title, collect as much $$ as possible hlthe2b Feb 2021 #21
It'd be nice if he did us all a favor and fell out of a window at MAGA-Lardo. Talitha Feb 2021 #23
His ego won't let him do anything else but run andym Feb 2021 #24
I was just about to post "His ego won't allow him to risk losing again" Mike 03 Feb 2021 #25
He is a fervent follower of Norman Vincent Peale's positive thinking--a crazed optimist andym Feb 2021 #27
It's time to stop the obsession with this ex-president. DU is guilty. CNN is guilty. theneworiginal Feb 2021 #26
There will probably be a stock market correction between now and then andym Feb 2021 #29
I'll pass Johonny Feb 2021 #32
uh, he's already running. Voltaire2 Feb 2021 #33
I say no. He will play like to bilk the stupids. But will pull out and play king maker for someone SoonerPride Feb 2021 #34
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