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Depending on time of day and immediate circumstance... JHB Feb 2021 #1
So... intrepidity Feb 2021 #2
It's fine. You might pose your dilemma in a replay to the announcement message... JHB Feb 2021 #6
Eh, that sounds like something a normal person might do intrepidity Feb 2021 #8
That's my answer too. NurseJackie Feb 2021 #24
Yes, I use a tablet or my phone. Haggard Celine Feb 2021 #3
Depends, but I use - OhZone Feb 2021 #4
I use both my phone and desktop SoonerPride Feb 2021 #5
I believe so intrepidity Feb 2021 #11
My computer is so old I hardly ever use it mvd Feb 2021 #7
I use a laptop typically, but iphone or ipad on occasion. But, I don't dare say I'm "normal"... hlthe2b Feb 2021 #9
Heheh, I *knew* there'd be some, perhaps many, who would balk at that intrepidity Feb 2021 #14
I use my iPhone or tablet to browse on DU. Blue Dawn Feb 2021 #10
I use my phone to check DU on the bus commuting to work meadowlander Feb 2021 #12
OMG that'd drive me bonkers intrepidity Feb 2021 #17
I mostly use my computer or iPad.. ananda Feb 2021 #13
I typically only respond when at my PC Sympthsical Feb 2021 #15
Oh yeah, I just posted above about this, ugh nt intrepidity Feb 2021 #19
LOL meadowlander Feb 2021 #22
I only have mobile devices happybird Feb 2021 #16
I'm "normal". Not sure wat that means. I used an iPad. Dream Girl Feb 2021 #18
Mostly I use a tablet (Amazon's Fire HD) but... WePurrsevere Feb 2021 #20
DU doesn't play nice on my phone! LeftInTX Feb 2021 #21
Strictly iPhone soothsayer Feb 2021 #23
I use my laptop, and only spend time on DU when I'm home. MerryBlooms Feb 2021 #25
And then there's the Greatests page... nilram Feb 2021 #26
I Passed ProfessorGAC Feb 2021 #27
Since I don't have a laptop Alliepoo Feb 2021 #28
iPad at home mostly. IPhone at work. underpants Feb 2021 #29
both Dell laptop and pixel android phone. NewHendoLib Feb 2021 #30
Mostly use ipad but if in car (passenger) use phone Tree Lady Feb 2021 #31
iPad Pro. Turin_C3PO Feb 2021 #32
I use my cell phone in in the evening with DU MineralMan Feb 2021 #33
I am abnormal Generic Brad Feb 2021 #34
I only use my tablet. nt Raine Feb 2021 #35
I don't have internet service... electric_blue68 Feb 2021 #36
I use a laptop. I guess it's mobile, sort of. JustABozoOnThisBus Feb 2021 #37
Phone at home and desktop at work (when I can). FlyingPiggy Feb 2021 #38
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