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20. Mostly I use a tablet (Amazon's Fire HD) but...
Thu Feb 25, 2021, 06:52 PM
Feb 2021

prefer to view DU using the "Desktop" setting so it looks the same as on my laptop (normal).

Depending on time of day and immediate circumstance... JHB Feb 2021 #1
So... intrepidity Feb 2021 #2
It's fine. You might pose your dilemma in a replay to the announcement message... JHB Feb 2021 #6
Eh, that sounds like something a normal person might do intrepidity Feb 2021 #8
That's my answer too. NurseJackie Feb 2021 #24
Yes, I use a tablet or my phone. Haggard Celine Feb 2021 #3
Depends, but I use - OhZone Feb 2021 #4
I use both my phone and desktop SoonerPride Feb 2021 #5
I believe so intrepidity Feb 2021 #11
My computer is so old I hardly ever use it mvd Feb 2021 #7
I use a laptop typically, but iphone or ipad on occasion. But, I don't dare say I'm "normal"... hlthe2b Feb 2021 #9
Heheh, I *knew* there'd be some, perhaps many, who would balk at that intrepidity Feb 2021 #14
I use my iPhone or tablet to browse on DU. Blue Dawn Feb 2021 #10
I use my phone to check DU on the bus commuting to work meadowlander Feb 2021 #12
OMG that'd drive me bonkers intrepidity Feb 2021 #17
I mostly use my computer or iPad.. ananda Feb 2021 #13
I typically only respond when at my PC Sympthsical Feb 2021 #15
Oh yeah, I just posted above about this, ugh nt intrepidity Feb 2021 #19
LOL meadowlander Feb 2021 #22
I only have mobile devices happybird Feb 2021 #16
I'm "normal". Not sure wat that means. I used an iPad. Dream Girl Feb 2021 #18
Mostly I use a tablet (Amazon's Fire HD) but... WePurrsevere Feb 2021 #20
DU doesn't play nice on my phone! LeftInTX Feb 2021 #21
Strictly iPhone soothsayer Feb 2021 #23
I use my laptop, and only spend time on DU when I'm home. MerryBlooms Feb 2021 #25
And then there's the Greatests page... nilram Feb 2021 #26
I Passed ProfessorGAC Feb 2021 #27
Since I don't have a laptop Alliepoo Feb 2021 #28
iPad at home mostly. IPhone at work. underpants Feb 2021 #29
both Dell laptop and pixel android phone. NewHendoLib Feb 2021 #30
Mostly use ipad but if in car (passenger) use phone Tree Lady Feb 2021 #31
iPad Pro. Turin_C3PO Feb 2021 #32
I use my cell phone in in the evening with DU MineralMan Feb 2021 #33
I am abnormal Generic Brad Feb 2021 #34
I only use my tablet. nt Raine Feb 2021 #35
I don't have internet service... electric_blue68 Feb 2021 #36
I use a laptop. I guess it's mobile, sort of. JustABozoOnThisBus Feb 2021 #37
Phone at home and desktop at work (when I can). FlyingPiggy Feb 2021 #38
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