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7. GOP measures for success include
Fri Feb 26, 2021, 11:16 AM
Feb 2021

- treason and giving foreign enemies what they want
- lying everyday
- tweets from the president to call people names and threaten opponents and allies alike
- lying about covid deaths
- increasing numbers of covid deaths
- lying about the benefit of face masks and social distancing
- threatening blue states, lying to red states
- giving money to the ultrarich
- taking health care away from Americans
- yelling at states that are hit by disasters - instead of providing Federal aide - like texas just got

by these measures the gop would declare that Biden has failed.

superior PR. make the claim even if its false nt msongs Feb 2021 #1
He's done in 36 days way more than idiot trump did in four years. brush Feb 2021 #2
What a penance it must be for them Turbineguy Feb 2021 #3
Should have finished 4th grade. moondust Feb 2021 #4
Whatever happened to the GOP grand Healthcare plan and the sinkingfeeling Feb 2021 #5
They'll be presented and made known in 2 weeks. They're coming.... sprinkleeninow Feb 2021 #15
Opening Schools safely Claire Oh Nette Feb 2021 #6
GOP measures for success include samsingh Feb 2021 #7
Joe's 61% approval rating says otherwise onetexan Feb 2021 #8
"If Trump was still in the White House RVN VET71 Feb 2021 #9
Oh IS THAT what the jewish space lasers are for... Volaris Feb 2021 #16
Yep, that and opening up land for highways. RVN VET71 Mar 2021 #19
It is working! All of my family members are AA and democrats.Two days ago my mom helpisontheway Feb 2021 #10
Ah and that must mean he is really doing a great job! PatSeg Feb 2021 #11
Let's face it, math and truth are not the Republicans' strong suits. Brother Mythos Feb 2021 #12
I think they are actually doing it to skirt the rules on Twitter. cstanleytech Feb 2021 #13
They're going to run this messaging regardless of what Biden accomplishes peggysue2 Feb 2021 #14
The GOP sucks and they're full of fecal matter. Nt raccoon Mar 2021 #17
Republican math DFW Mar 2021 #18
It's only been a failure for the QOP. GoCubsGo Mar 2021 #20
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