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Mike 03

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14. Russia also loves--and will promote--any migrant crisis in a western democracy:
Tue Mar 16, 2021, 09:31 AM
Mar 2021
Cui bono? is a key question that’s been asked by more than few Europe-watchers in recent months as migrants have helped shift EU politics decisively to the right. It’s difficult to avoid noticing that many of the far-right parties reaping the whirlwind now across the EU have positive views of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. The EU’s rising right admires the Kremlin for its unapologetic emphasis on traditional values, state sovereignty and zero tolerance for jihadism. Anti-immigrant rallies in Germany have featured protestors brandishing Russian flags prominently, as well as German ones.

This extends beyond mere sympathy. France’s FN has accepted millions of dollars in funding from the Kremlin, while Germany’s AfD seems to have benefitted from Russian largesse as well. It’s therefore not surprising that the leaders of those parties have warm, praising things to say about Mr. Putin and his regime, viewing Russia as a bulwark of conservatism and an ally against migrant invasion.


YEP !! I thought the same that MAGA Cultist were creating the mess. The MSM is repeating FAUX News uponit7771 Mar 2021 #1
Bigger picture Pantagruel Mar 2021 #2
Then wouldn't whole families try to immigrate? Why unaccompanied minors only? FSogol Mar 2021 #5
Whole families do Pantagruel Mar 2021 #18
Is your personal theory based on any actual evidence? brooklynite Mar 2021 #3
Other than evangelical churches in my area are extra- Q-nutty and recruit heavily from Latino FSogol Mar 2021 #4
Lol WhiskeyGrinder Mar 2021 #6
Or perhaps they believe that the new administration will be more lenient Jose Garcia Mar 2021 #7
Nobody has to tell them. The fact is they have a better chance with Democrats in office of being JI7 Mar 2021 #8
Here - Dear Mr Secretary of State - see #2 keithbvadu2's links malaise Mar 2021 #9
Thank you. n/t FSogol Mar 2021 #13
I wasn't aware of the church links before, but this makes sense. jmbar2 Mar 2021 #17
Years ago, workers on our campus told me that they were leaving malaise Mar 2021 #21
WOW !!! uponit7771 Mar 2021 #19
Part of it is an annual migration for agricultural jobs jmbar2 Mar 2021 #10
+1 rampartc Mar 2021 #11
Unaccompanied minors? FSogol Mar 2021 #12
Low level jobs in hotels as well n/t malaise Mar 2021 #15
Russia also loves--and will promote--any migrant crisis in a western democracy: Mike 03 Mar 2021 #14
The fact is that things haven't changed that much Johnny2X2X Mar 2021 #16
Many parents send their children north Elessar Zappa Mar 2021 #20
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