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Mike 03

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12. You might appreciate this book:
Wed Mar 17, 2021, 03:02 PM
Mar 2021

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The Anatomy of Violence: The Biological Roots of Crime
by Adrian Raine (Author) Format: Kindle Edition


Dr. Raine's argument is basically in agreement with you and he provides a lot of explanation and evidence that is is a deeply biological, sexual behavior.

I might, somewhat agree, and I'm not even sure that most behavioral biologists, forensic psychiatrists or neuropsychiatrists would find your position all that controversial. That viewpoint that "rape is about power, not sex" was something I grew up hearing whenever the topic of rape came up--like an automatic response--and I have always wondered about its origin and it indeed left me with questions when I began to research criminal behavior and motivations in the 90s for some writing projects. It does get confusing when you are looking at the behavior of, say, sexually motivated serial killers because in a strange way it often does have to do with their relationships with their mothers, and it then does seem to circle back to being about power and (even moreso) control. But looking back at the biological roots of rape, at least according to behavioral scientists, it seems to have to do with a drive to reproduce the genes.

When we talk about a 'crime of opportunity', as you point out, it does lead to obvious questions: If it is about power and not sex, why is the perpetrator choosing to express his power sexually? It's not like there aren't dozens of other ways to express power and control. That is always why I had questions as a young person about the cliche'd response that rape is about power, not sex. It went against what I perceived to be common sense and it seemed like people were trying to avoid talking about sexual violence for what it is by tossing it in a bin with any other types of deeply interpersonal violence despite the fact those behaviors vary widely. I remember once asking someone who told me this, "Okay, but why rape?" and that person had no answer. I stopped asking and just began repeating what I was taught: "Rape is about power, not sex," but I have always wondered about it and turned to books by scientists and psychologists for deeper and more thoughtful answers.

As controversial as the issue is, it's not a hill I want to die on, but that is my two cents. I'll keep up with the latest scientific thinking on this.

One conclusion I've gradually come to is that maybe society has reached an unspoken consensus that it is important for us as to assert and believe this whether it is true or not because it serves some important function or larger purpose to culture and civilization.

Research finds that childhood trauma and lack of empathy are two of the most reliable predictors of WhiskeyGrinder Mar 2021 #1
It's difficult to tell whether legalizing sex work would reduce rapes. WhiskeyGrinder Mar 2021 #2
Here is why your argument doesn't work: Bettie Mar 2021 #3
Yes, and that's what an incel is. They feel they are entitled JI7 Mar 2021 #10
You have shown me that power is one motivator of rape. Jeebo Mar 2021 #25
So women who are victims of rape should just be happy Bettie Mar 2021 #35
Apparently the woman should feel SORRY for the rapist because he was just so 'horny." hlthe2b Mar 2021 #38
Right? Bettie Mar 2021 #43
I am proud of those like you who are speaking out from their own experience. hlthe2b Mar 2021 #45
No, of course that's not what I'm saying. Jeebo Mar 2021 #39
I don't know about that Mossfern Mar 2021 #49
Jesus. I'm so sorry. LiberalLoner Mar 2021 #68
Oh, Mossfern... hlthe2b Mar 2021 #73
This is not a new premise. Law enforcement specializing in sexual assault have maintained hlthe2b Mar 2021 #4
Do those studies absolutely exclude sex as another motivator of rape? Jeebo Mar 2021 #27
I believe a signficant proportion never even complete the sex act or maintain an erection and thus hlthe2b Mar 2021 #28
I do not "equate rape to sexual desire" Jeebo Mar 2021 #36
Then why does chemical castration fail in most cases? hlthe2b Mar 2021 #37
I am not claiming any such thing. Jeebo Mar 2021 #41
Rape is not stolen sex, you say? REALLY? Good gawd. hlthe2b Mar 2021 #51
That is the exact opposite of what I said. Jeebo Mar 2021 #61
No. It has no effect on reading responses. If you are ashamed as you SHOULD be, then hlthe2b Mar 2021 #64
If I were in the Senate, I would be a Democrat. Jeebo Mar 2021 #67
I understand fully that you are trying to normalize and thus defend rape hlthe2b Mar 2021 #69
No offense, but... MoonchildCA Mar 2021 #71
... demmiblue Mar 2021 #5
I think views are changing Mosby Mar 2021 #16
Sexual gratification possible only through violence or force over another is truly exerting POWER hlthe2b Mar 2021 #29
I am not trying to normalize or justify rape. Jeebo Mar 2021 #46
That is EXACTLY what you are doing hlthe2b Mar 2021 #48
I'm not "trying to diminish the crime of rape" -- I'm trying to EXPLAIN it. Jeebo Mar 2021 #54
You are trying to "explain" it by normalizing it to mere sexual desire. hlthe2b Mar 2021 #57
Trying to identify motivating factors is not "normalizing" it. Jeebo Mar 2021 #65
Trying desperately to find an uncontrollable motivation, does, indeed normalize the behavior and hlthe2b Mar 2021 #66
Again, you are reading something into my words that IS NOT THERE. Jeebo Mar 2021 #74
Good. I credit you for doing so. hlthe2b Mar 2021 #75
I won't argue a well-constructed point of view. Aristus Mar 2021 #6
Exactly. A horny person can self gratify, and not rape. In my mind, as a woman who was LiberalLoner Mar 2021 #11
This must be a difficult topic for you to discuss. Aristus Mar 2021 #13
Thank you. I really appreciate the kind words. 🌹 LiberalLoner Mar 2021 #14
I have a bumper sticker that reads "Mean People Suck" Jeebo Mar 2021 #30
Thank you. My key chain says "mean people suck." I spend my time now with very few LiberalLoner Mar 2021 #55
Thank you for speaking up, LiberalLoner. hlthe2b Mar 2021 #32
❤️🌹 LiberalLoner Mar 2021 #56
++++ hlthe2b Mar 2021 #31
Whatever the alleged reason, Elessar Zappa Mar 2021 #7
I don't see why it has to be either/or wryter2000 Mar 2021 #8
I see your point...but I don't share it. Moostache Mar 2021 #9
"Contrary to your assertion, sex IS STOLEN in rape" Jeebo Mar 2021 #18
There was an attempt to chemically castrate sex offenders in previous decades. It did not hlthe2b Mar 2021 #34
I don't know anything about chemical castration. Jeebo Mar 2021 #50
Obviously, there is quite a lot you are not informed about. So that makes this thread hlthe2b Mar 2021 #52
You might appreciate this book: Mike 03 Mar 2021 #12
Rape is about power was and is still an important assertion aikoaiko Mar 2021 #15
Oh boy. No comment because there would be no point. Treefrog Mar 2021 #17
Not to throw another variable in.... Delarage Mar 2021 #19
Gender is not a statistically relevant variable. Rape is still about power. Caliman73 Mar 2021 #23
I think it also has to do with the fact that when teen boys dsc Mar 2021 #26
True. Boys have been socialized to "score" with women. Caliman73 Mar 2021 #63
Power over another can be manifest by coercion and not only through violence. hlthe2b Mar 2021 #40
I totally agree with your position. Thanks for writing, as we need to.. LAS14 Mar 2021 #20
Rape is about power and that power is manifested by the forceful, unwanted, taking of sex. Caliman73 Mar 2021 #21
Just no. Squinch Mar 2021 #22
This message was self-deleted by its author ExTex Mar 2021 #24
Equating power only with social dynamics is ridiculous. Race or even gender does not prevent hlthe2b Mar 2021 #42
You don't need sex to live, so the comparison to a starving man stealing food isn't a good one fishwax Mar 2021 #33
+1 thank you for explaining this so well. LiberalLoner Mar 2021 #59
It is about power romana Mar 2021 #44
I think there are a bunch of reasons. leftyladyfrommo Mar 2021 #47
Sigh. Rape is violence. Period leftstreet Mar 2021 #53
Either scenario you describe is still about power Lars39 Mar 2021 #58
"Sex often is a powerful drive, and if there is no outlet for it, it can drive somebody nuts." IcyPeas Mar 2021 #60
I agree 100%. I still remember my adolescence. Caliman73 Mar 2021 #70
If his right hand functions, it's not about sex. JohnnyRingo Mar 2021 #62
I agree that this original post should be deleted. It is more harmful than helpful. LiberalLoner Mar 2021 #72
Okay. Jeebo Mar 2021 #76
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