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Mike 03

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7. Point taken. People couldn't understand why a guy "with so much going for him" would
Wed Mar 17, 2021, 04:57 PM
Mar 2021

do the things Bundy did. Also Bundy was a shameless self-promoter to the bitter end who loved being the center of attention and the FBI tried to use that to get him to reveal the location of the bodies of more of his victims.

There were also some really cynical people who loved the idea that Bundy was blaming pornography for turning him into a serial killer and they talked about him a lot.

I sometimes defend the media in these circumstances because they are asked by the FBI to flatter or string along uncaptured killers for various reasons to get them to slip up, feel overconfident or keep communicating with either the media or the lead investigators.

But your point is dead right. I am very worried about a number of different types of rising crime, especially the mass shooters and crimes that may be happening today that we don't yet know about. It just feels very unsettled right now, with a lot of angry people who have just had their online social communities ruptured (Q people and right wing fanatics) and just lost a major election. The more isolated those people become the more worried I get.

+1 LiberalLoner Mar 2021 #1
Sadly, I fear you are quite correct. He was "tempted" at three different establishments? Must niyad Mar 2021 #2
I don't know if anyone else feels this way senseandsensibility Mar 2021 #21
Yup. This is why I posted earlier among other reasons why that press conference pissed me off tulipsandroses Mar 2021 #3
I'm not buying the claim either, that it's not racial. wnylib Mar 2021 #9
The offensive term " yellow fever" comes to mind tulipsandroses Mar 2021 #18
These incidents are on my mind too. Mike 03 Mar 2021 #4
You're right about the different types of killers senseandsensibility Mar 2021 #5
Point taken. People couldn't understand why a guy "with so much going for him" would Mike 03 Mar 2021 #7
All good points. senseandsensibility Mar 2021 #16
He was handsome and could speak in complete sentences. soldierant Mar 2021 #25
Advanced characteristics for a knuckle dragger. TigressDem Mar 2021 #35
"Understanding" the fucked-up motive (and modus operandi) is not sympathizing. maxsolomon Mar 2021 #6
True, but society has a fascination for these morbid deeds which makes killers feel the "FAME" of it TigressDem Mar 2021 #36
We know the Why and the How. maxsolomon Mar 2021 #39
HOW we stop it. First as we are now - SHINE THE LIGHT on it so it is CLEARLY WHAT IT IS. TigressDem Mar 2021 #48
In this case, yes, it is racism and hate that motivated. maxsolomon Mar 2021 #49
Well, then door #3 it is. TigressDem Mar 2021 #50
Most men who view women with dread and loathing don't do anything about it Warpy Mar 2021 #8
The statement that it was about women and not racial came from the killer. Why should we believe iluvtennis Mar 2021 #10
His personal delusions and blinders are about HIM not the laws that he broke. TigressDem Mar 2021 #37
+ agree. iluvtennis Mar 2021 #43
In my view forensic psychology receives far too little scrutiny in major crime coverage and outcomes bucolic_frolic Mar 2021 #11
The religious, Republican/Nazi, and white will lie about every crime they commit. Kill Asian women, johnthewoodworker Mar 2021 #12
"The religious" and 'Republican/Nazis" and "white"?..Huh? whathehell Mar 2021 #24
He was a religious puppet! LittleGirl Mar 2021 #13
and the GA police spokesman said he had a really bad day. It's MURDER, FCS nt Evolve Dammit Mar 2021 #23
Absolutely! nt LittleGirl Mar 2021 #42
South Korean media are reporting this alleged statement by the shooter at the Gold Spa soryang Mar 2021 #14
This morning I saw on twitter senseandsensibility Mar 2021 #17
I saw that too soryang Mar 2021 #27
Atlanta is a big city, gab13by13 Mar 2021 #15
No coincidence in my opinion. It was planned. nt iluvtennis Mar 2021 #44
I read and watch a lot of true crime lillypaddle Mar 2021 #19
Absolutely. senseandsensibility Mar 2021 #20
The media have made names of some mass murderers household names. Aussie105 Mar 2021 #22
Things used to be different ripcord Mar 2021 #28
Since when does the police Corgigal Mar 2021 #26
That's exactly it. senseandsensibility Mar 2021 #31
Worked in LEO 911 for several years. Corgigal Mar 2021 #32
Yup. Since when do you take the word of a murderer. You know who was having a bad day? tulipsandroses Mar 2021 #34
Great OP malaise Mar 2021 #29
Thanks. senseandsensibility Mar 2021 #30
We do what we can malaise Mar 2021 #45
We need a way to identify I_UndergroundPanther Mar 2021 #33
The white male patriarchy discounts and minimizes women, especially women of color dlk Mar 2021 #38
I think that's the sad truth. senseandsensibility Mar 2021 #41
The backlash against women's equality is very real dlk Mar 2021 #47
The patriarcal, white, male, RW, religious misogyny connection will get completely JCMach1 Mar 2021 #40
It's at least partly because of the behavioral science used in ... Whiskeytide Mar 2021 #46
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