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3. moral leadership
Sat Mar 20, 2021, 11:25 AM
Mar 2021

begins right here, FIRST. Violence against POC, violence against women must be shown to be fought against here and fought tooth and nail. Yet for voting/human rights to be always challenged and in an unprecedented number of states since the defeat of trump and our gaining a slim majority in House and Senate shows the difficult and challenging work still needed.

We must, as WE fight the abuses of OUR human rights here at home, continue to not accept any fascist movements around the world or at least marginalize those rogue states which cheered EX-prs.trump and his racism and division based on hate of all nonwhite peoples and/or who are not republiKKKans filling his coffers or dying in obedience/faith/knee crawling reverence to him because of Covid-19.

Our rights abuses have waxed and waned for over 400 years in this country. Currently in a state of flux. While we have competent leadership again the hate and division in this country are as palpable as I felt in the 60's fighting for my human-civil-voting rights as a POC.

We are throwing stones at others while living in a glasshouse. Those others saying that we should clean up the broken shards that continue to grievously cut the fabric of our still diversifying culture here are not all wrong in saying so.

And as a vet whose family has HONORABLY and with distinction served in this country's military since the 9th and10th Calvary(coloured) and 24th and 25th Infantry(coloured) stand by every word here. When a vocal and rather large white minority of racists and bigots stops being the murderers of POC, whether African-American, Asian or Hispanic, then we stand above the rest with equality, justice and acceptance for all our citizens. Then other countries of this world can strive to emulate.

Part of rejoining the global community means taking these stands Mike 03 Mar 2021 #1
moral leadership llashram Mar 2021 #3
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ted cruz llashram Mar 2021 #13
+10000 BannonsLiver Mar 2021 #12
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Since there is no country that is clean on human rights ripcord Mar 2021 #8
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you could not llashram Mar 2021 #16
I guess my OP should have been and could have been clearer USAFRetired_Liberal Mar 2021 #10
There is plenty of hypocracy around ripcord Mar 2021 #11
It does treestar Mar 2021 #14
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