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2. after 4 years
Mon May 10, 2021, 11:18 AM
May 2021

of trump and treasonous GQPers attempting to overthrow democracy, now senators from our own Party want to keep the POTUS begging for their vote. In these times, ALL HANDS ON DECK!!! Keep firing until overrun and dead or the battleship sunk. Our POTUS begging them for their support. This the 'horse trading' until they get what their republikkkan constituients want, bipartisan my ass. They want Manchin to do Republikkkan bidding. And other republikkkan led Democrats holding up progress to do the same. Republikkkans SPIT IN OUR FACE 4 long years. We should be passing every bill needed to help the American people without this BS.

Just an opinion. Hopefully, there is a plan to outmaneuver the GQPers...

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