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33. LADY ANN is as big a celebrity wanna-be as Palin. In her dreams
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 12:19 PM
Oct 2012

she has her own un-reality show where the unpaid poor kids from Brigham Young clean all her houses, feed her grapes, and tell her how beautiful and compassionate she is as they call her "Your Highness".

Chickenshit. TwilightGardener Oct 2012 #1
My thoughts exactly. CakeGrrl Oct 2012 #6
A Rmoney presidency scares me.. mountain grammy Oct 2012 #52
This, exactly. Indpndnt Oct 2012 #76
It would appear that Bishop Mitt Romney is afraid of strong women. Ikonoklast Oct 2012 #50
Bingo! (nt) Tumbulu Oct 2012 #51
Ding! Ding! Ding! Raster Oct 2012 #65
will have to watch if Letterman comments on this LOL! medeak Oct 2012 #74
Rmoney is an asshole coward. Zoeisright Oct 2012 #2
Too scared for The View ladies. Lex Oct 2012 #3
But he will start a pre-emptive War in a second. formercia Oct 2012 #9
He'll stand up to Ahmadinejad and Putin Ruby the Liberal Oct 2012 #4
The Mitt Dangerfield Show aletier_v Oct 2012 #7
... Faux pas Oct 2012 #16
"..four are sharp-tongued and not conservative.” formercia Oct 2012 #5
They're not Ann. They're not there to kiss his ass and worry about TwilightGardener Oct 2012 #8
Might rake him over good like that Radditz woman did to little Paul Kolesar Oct 2012 #21
I guess they couldn't agree on an MOU Dem2TheCore Oct 2012 #10
Admitting that his BS won't stand up to scrutiny -- "sharp tongued" ! KurtNYC Oct 2012 #11
Ohhh, he can sense hostile territory. Baitball Blogger Oct 2012 #12
What Romney is really saying is, "Those women just don't know their place.... OldDem2012 Oct 2012 #13
That's for girls Rmoney says Politicalboi Oct 2012 #14
LOL! Kadie Oct 2012 #15
Ann will still try to act like 'one of the girls'. louis-t Oct 2012 #17
Mittens is also too scared to go on David Letterman's show. Lex Oct 2012 #18
He's too scared to go on Nickelodeon. FSogol Oct 2012 #23
He's also terrified of books and young girls: Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2012 #46
Dave still calling him "Mitch"? Robb Oct 2012 #86
lol! He's afraid of them. HappyMe Oct 2012 #19
Coward and liar kimbutgar Oct 2012 #20
I think he's worried about losing the debate Gin Oct 2012 #22
Too cowardly to face Whoopi after she destroyed him on twitter ecstatic Oct 2012 #24
If he isn't going to show up old guy Oct 2012 #25
Easy--it's to convince women viewer/voters of the "softer" side of Mittens, TwilightGardener Oct 2012 #27
LADY ANN is as big a celebrity wanna-be as Palin. In her dreams summerschild Oct 2012 #33
A regilar policy wonk libodem Oct 2012 #63
bawk bawk! Enrique Oct 2012 #26
Coward and Chicken graham4anything Oct 2012 #28
He'll issue a statement later: "I longed in many respects to be on The View... pinboy3niner Oct 2012 #29
In all seriousness, thank God Mitt never joined the military. TwilightGardener Oct 2012 #34
I don't see him fitting in well with my platoon in Vietnam pinboy3niner Oct 2012 #35
He most likely would have suffered the same fate as "Niedermeyer" from "Animal House"! bullwinkle428 Oct 2012 #44
Mitt probably would have gotten someone killed. formercia Oct 2012 #61
Willard Sugarcoated Oct 2012 #30
"Sharp tongued" iow, uppity? jsmirman Oct 2012 #31
Stepford Elisabeth will bond with Stepford Ann wtmusic Oct 2012 #48
and talk about how "HARD" life is an attractive rich white woman. nt progressivebydesign Oct 2012 #59
Conservatives didn't build their own media for nothing maxsolomon Oct 2012 #32
This message was self-deleted by its author Mike Daniels Oct 2012 #36
Romney can continue to criticize the President Imalittleteapot Oct 2012 #37
Did he cancel on them to meet with Bibi Netanyahoo? Erose999 Oct 2012 #38
Willard is going AWOL from facing the sisters. What a typical Republican chickenhawk. Berlum Oct 2012 #39
Only one is conservative? KamaAina Oct 2012 #40
Wants to lead the free world, but is a-scared of Joy Behar. Chorophyll Oct 2012 #41
Darn. I was so looking forward to seeing him in drag. KamaAina Oct 2012 #42
Be very afraid of non-submissive non-compliant non-mormon women, Mr. Romney. . nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2012 #43
The worst kind of warmonger is a fearful warmonger. defacto7 Oct 2012 #45
He don't seem to have a lot of faith in... Hubert Flottz Oct 2012 #47
I guess the View don't have a "Freedom of Speech Zone" Hubert Flottz Oct 2012 #49
One of my twitter followers maryellen99 Oct 2012 #53
5 minutes with Rachel - that's all I ask toby jo Oct 2012 #54
last minute cancellation, Mitt got cold feet. Mrs. Romney is a boring show! Invite Mrs. Obama. Sunlei Oct 2012 #55
Ann will be her usual bubbly self... progressivebydesign Oct 2012 #58
Better yet - let Michelle "debate" Ann Romney on The View!!! That would be priceless. George II Oct 2012 #70
"the ladies" wow. Who runs his PR, Floyd the Barber? nt progressivebydesign Oct 2012 #56
Coward... he feels the less media attention the better budkin Oct 2012 #57
He stopped short of libodem Oct 2012 #60
What a weenie. Afraid of a few women? Watch him cave to North Korea, LOL. catbyte Oct 2012 #62
North Korea, nothing. Wednesdays Oct 2012 #81
So he confirms that the secret tape contained his true feelings aint_no_life_nowhere Oct 2012 #64
Since both campaigns seem to have a problem with Candy Crowley... Buns_of_Fire Oct 2012 #66
Ooooo Oooooo! I vote for that! summerschild Oct 2012 #71
This makes sense for him. He usually regrets it when he opens his mouth. gollygee Oct 2012 #67
Mrs. Romney is very excited to join "the ladies"???? George II Oct 2012 #68
Well remember: She Loves WIMMMENNN!! Marie Marie Oct 2012 #73
How's Mitt going to face down the Iranians CanonRay Oct 2012 #69
Too hot for Mitt. He'll stand up against China but scared of a handful of ladies. nc4bo Oct 2012 #72
He's terrified that Bohunk68 Oct 2012 #75
Back in my high school days we would call him a Candy Ass n/t doc03 Oct 2012 #77
We so desperately need some Roosevelts, Kennedys, and yes, Rockefellers. maddiemom Oct 2012 #78
I guess he heard they were going open up a can of Whoopie on him. Whovian Oct 2012 #79
That's what a terrorist does. Great Caesars Ghost Oct 2012 #80
No problem. He can appear retroactively. BlueStreak Oct 2012 #82
ProSense, you nailed it with the word "coward" David Zephyr Oct 2012 #83
Punk ass'd Mitt Romney, no redeeming characteristics uponit7771 Oct 2012 #84
Spineless coward! flyguyjake Oct 2012 #85
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