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34. in my book
Thu May 20, 2021, 03:18 PM
May 2021

it's White America First. MTG is an apt representative for all RepubliKKKan simpletons in this time and place in America. The complete thing with trump and what he agitated in republikkkans is nasty wound painful and festering in that Party. Hope they can find their souls and conscience again.

This time in America is unsettling and a shameful embarrassment. If we heal, we will show the world what will be a true Democracy, just and equal. If not..

MTGreene nails it! [View all] Generic Other May 2021 OP
Well, Marjorie, if the shoe fits . . . . Arkansas Granny May 2021 #1
Beat me to it! LOL... Moostache May 2021 #4
She got it wrong again. MAGAx are not "horrible." They are "deplorable." nt joetheman May 2021 #30
Words matter. Arkansas Granny May 2021 #65
+ 1 nt pazzyanne May 2021 #50
I dunno... maybe stop doing horrible shit TDale313 May 2021 #2
Wonder if anyone will call Marj as a witness during the myriad of trials? Wasn't one of her best Vinca May 2021 #3
The tweeting was done by one of Colorado's three idiots, bang bang qbert. niyad May 2021 #41
K&R, but what does she mean "look like ... " ?! uponit7771 May 2021 #5
I think she meant they will be exposed as horrible people csziggy May 2021 #8
👍🏾 uponit7771 May 2021 #10
The truth hurts doesn't it? lunatica May 2021 #6
Wow. Hell is truly frozen. ananda May 2021 #7
Oh, so it WASN'T Antifa or BLM. Qutzupalotl May 2021 #9
Good point! Nt spooky3 May 2021 #13
Yep, Greene stupidly shot that lie all to hell... Prof. Toru Tanaka May 2021 #49
Shhhh. Everyone just be quiet when MTG is talking... SKKY May 2021 #11
Horrible -- rhymes with Deplorable Blue Owl May 2021 #12
". . . as if . . ." ? Journeyman May 2021 #14
So Major League Traitor Greene doesn't want Antifa exposed? PurgedVoter May 2021 #15
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck IronLionZion May 2021 #16
Yes my dear Marjorie kacekwl May 2021 #17
Well, if the jackboot fits... 3catwoman3 May 2021 #18
I don't need a commission to tell me they are horrible people. Lonestarblue May 2021 #19
But she has no trouble badmouthing BLM or antifa protesters. sinkingfeeling May 2021 #20
Please Ingersollman May 2021 #21
She's an example of living in a Trump fantasy. BradBo May 2021 #22
Mirrors can be such terrible things, huh, Empty? Maeve May 2021 #23
Why, Marge! Are you saying that what they did on 1/6 was, um... horrible? Is this an epiphany? n/t TygrBright May 2021 #24
Marjorie, Marjorie, Marjorie... lonely bird May 2021 #25
Ya think? bluescribbler May 2021 #26
Effin' Deplorables malaise May 2021 #27
does she ever wash her hair? CatWoman May 2021 #28
To busy running her mouth. sheshe2 May 2021 #42
Great she is right for once, they are horrible people and we know it RANDYWILDMAN May 2021 #29
Best laugh I've had all day and lovvved reading the comments. Biophilic May 2021 #31
Congratulations on your 1,000th post! niyad May 2021 #46
Thanks, niyad. I'm so thankful I found DU last year. What a year it has been. Biophilic May 2021 #60
We are glad that you found us, too. This place has been keeping what little is left of my niyad May 2021 #66
It certainly kept me sane last year and I'm pretty sure I would have lost it Biophilic May 2021 #71
DU is indeed home for many of us. niyad May 2021 #73
that quote is so funny because it's absolutely true! nt orleans May 2021 #32
'Shes right for once..' couldnt agree more. Volaris May 2021 #33
in my book llashram May 2021 #34
Stupid is as stupid does. Pepsidog May 2021 #35
"Paint them as if they're horrible people..." Buns_of_Fire May 2021 #36
QBacca! Kali May 2021 #68
Hey emp ty, if the foe shits spanone May 2021 #37
she just put kevin MQUACK IN THE TRASH BIN . Kevin under oath time !!! monkeyman1 May 2021 #38
Migraine 3 Names is raving traitor. kairos12 May 2021 #39
If the shoe fits... Johonny May 2021 #40
They brought their own paint (cameras) lame54 May 2021 #43
Well Margie, if the truth hurts MontanaMama May 2021 #44
Well maybe Rebl2 May 2021 #45
They are horrible people Marthe48 May 2021 #47
Her next statement was "Did I say that out-loud?". Yes you did. IDIOT! n/t aggiesal May 2021 #48
So let me get this right. They don't want a commission to prove who was at fault. usaf-vet May 2021 #51
What the hell kind of reality do these people live in? AngryOldDem May 2021 #52
I already view them as horrible people. CaptainTruth May 2021 #53
Sorry, Empty Greene -misanthroptimist May 2021 #54
No, it won't be used to demoralize. It will be a light like a disinfectant. SleeplessinSoCal May 2021 #55
In other news: cockroach says the flashlight is too bright. nt Maine-i-ac May 2021 #56
She'll be getting some feedback on that. JohnnyRingo May 2021 #57
She's NOT right. Trump supporters already look terrible berni_mccoy May 2021 #58
If the foo shits, wear it Mr. Ected May 2021 #59
Goddess Forbid That Anyone Should Study Any Historical Event . . . Collimator May 2021 #61
They ARE horrible people. N/T PatrickforB May 2021 #62
So it's as much a MIRROR as it is a commission peppertree May 2021 #63
Not "Paint" Bettie May 2021 #64
A good woman always knows her limitations Shermann May 2021 #67
Yeah, telling the truth will make them look like horrible people. nt Ilsa May 2021 #69
They ARE horrible people I_UndergroundPanther May 2021 #70
This was the best response in that Twitter thread Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 2021 #72
Unless you are a horrible person...? kentuck May 2021 #74
She Sure Nailed This colsohlibgal May 2021 #75
"Paint them as horrible people"? They took selfies! Marcuse May 2021 #76
That's the only thing that Traitor Green has done or said that Roisin Ni Fiachra May 2021 #77
A broken clock is right twice a day; a brain-dead MAGAt maybe once a year. nt eppur_se_muova May 2021 #78
Empty Greene Knows That She and Those Like Her Will Be Revealed MineralMan May 2021 #79
YA THINK?! amb123 May 2021 #80
Hey, hey, Marjie Tay... dchill May 2021 #81
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