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41. Democrats when we moved to this country in 1957, but
Wed Aug 25, 2021, 11:07 AM
Aug 2021

they drifted rightward. By the time they died, during the Dubya years, they supported Dubya "because he favors Israel."

My parents live in a GOP town, they've always been registered GOP Johonny Aug 2021 #1
Yes, very politically aware relayerbob Aug 2021 #2
Yes. Alabama. House of Roberts Aug 2021 #3
Dad tricked Mom into marrying him by saying he supported Stevenson. no_hypocrisy Aug 2021 #4
Pretty sure my Mom was a "closeted Democrat" at least at the polls behind the curtain. hlthe2b Aug 2021 #5
My parents were Republicans early in life and into middle age... CaliforniaPeggy Aug 2021 #6
Same with me ... when they were younger they were Republicans because their perception was Hugh_Lebowski Aug 2021 #22
They were Republicans - and I don't understand it....... MyOwnPeace Aug 2021 #7
My father was purple. These days, they would be Tetrachloride Aug 2021 #8
Basically both were Democrats. My mother voted for Tom Dewey Tomconroy Aug 2021 #9
I put other because they'd go back and forth from Kennedy to Nixon to Carter to JoanofArgh Aug 2021 #10
My parents were Eisenhower Republicans. rsdsharp Aug 2021 #11
My parents definitely had liberal views and values.. luvs2sing Aug 2021 #12
My father told my mother that if she voted Democratic Harker Aug 2021 #13
Mine were Republicans Deuxcents Aug 2021 #14
My parents were Democrats but actually conservatives csziggy Aug 2021 #15
Don't really know. Dad was hen-pecked and per her: Backseat Driver Aug 2021 #16
Portraits of Franklin Roosevelt & John Kennedy hung on a wall dmr Aug 2021 #17
My parents were Kennedy Democrats mcar Aug 2021 #18
"Democrats" had a whole nother meaning in Mississippi in the 60s. nolabear Aug 2021 #19
My mother was an FDR Democrat nevergiveup Aug 2021 #20
mixed marriage ananda Aug 2021 #21
Communists, for awhile. My parents were first gen Americans, born 1919 & 1922. Martin Eden Aug 2021 #23
What a great family story, Martin Hekate Aug 2021 #31
+1 My parents and grandparents were Canadian socialists - CCF/NDP Another Jackalope Aug 2021 #43
My dad, like his father and his grandfather before him drmeow Aug 2021 #24
My parents were Eisenhower republicans, frogmarch Aug 2021 #25
Greens. Well, Dad went Young Repub to Indy to Green. GPV Aug 2021 #26
Both were Rs but Cairycat Aug 2021 #27
Both of my parents bdamomma Aug 2021 #28
Hard to know about my dad, but my mother's experiences & ethos shaped me profoundly... Hekate Aug 2021 #29
My mom was definitely a liberal MissMillie Aug 2021 #30
Latvian immigrants. Republican because of Yalta. tavernier Aug 2021 #32
We were "Connecticut " republicans Girl powers Aug 2021 #33
My parents never discussed politics with me. marie999 Aug 2021 #34
In my father's "box-o-stuff" that he kept on his dresser... NurseJackie Aug 2021 #35
Great Depression FDR Democrats. KY_EnviroGuy Aug 2021 #36
My mom grew up in a R home. Niagara Aug 2021 #37
My parents were Democrats. I was the closest to Republican in the family 😂 In It to Win It Aug 2021 #38
My mother is an unreconstructed Kennedy-style liberal. Aristus Aug 2021 #39
Dad is a UAW Dem Johnny2X2X Aug 2021 #40
Democrats when we moved to this country in 1957, but DavidDvorkin Aug 2021 #41
My Dad was a liberal Republican who actually voted for Bill Clinton and changed his party Demsrule86 Aug 2021 #42
I came of age when there was no moonscape Aug 2021 #44
Mixed Mad_Machine76 Aug 2021 #45
Yes. Most my family are Democrats. Drunken Irishman Aug 2021 #46
My mother was a Democrat until Reagan Polybius Aug 2021 #47
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